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Lloyd Walton joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome former Marquette & Milwaukee Bucks standout and now career counselor for the NBA Players Association, Lloyd Walton, to our Special Advisory Board!


Lloyd grew up in Chicago Heights and played one year at Bloom High School, then transferred to Mount Carmel. He played one season at Moberly (Mo.) Area Community College, then played three years at Marquette. Lloyd helped lead the Warriors to the 1974 NCAA championship game, which they lost to North Carolina State. Walton led Marquette to a No. 2 ranking in 1976, falling to No. 1 Indiana 65-56 in a regional final.

He was a third-round draft pick of the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1976 NBA draft and played four years with Milwaukee and one with the Kansas City Kings.

Since retiring as a player, he has served in various volunteer and professional capacities related to prep, collegiate and professional basketball, including: Assistant Coach under Ric Majerus at Marquette University, a Regional Collegiate Scout for the New York Knicks, Assistant Coach for the LaCrosse Bobcats of the Continental League, and an Assistant Coach at the NBA Pre-Draft. He has also held several positions in the public sector, including Bureau Chief for the Illinois Department of Human Services and Director of The James Jordan Boys & Girls Club & Family Life Center in Chicago. Lloyd is currently a Career Counselor for the National Basketball Players Association, and a motivational speaker. In 2009 he created LifelongWinners, a personal development model for athletes. Mr. Walton is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in organizational leadership.

Maura Attardi joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is very excited to welcome one of the nation's leading experts on Financial Education, Leadership and Personal Development, Maura Attardi, to our Special Advisory Board!


Maura Attardi serves as the Director of Education and Community Relations with Money Management International (MMI), a non- profit organization dedicated to “improving lives through financial education”. She travels throughout the various communities educating consumers on topics such as budgeting, credit reports and scores, using credit wisely, building savings, and first time home buyer education. In her tenure with MMI, Maura has conducted over 600 programs, reaching almost 16,000 consumers with information on financial education. She continues to specialize in the education of professional athletes on the importance of sound money management skills as they begin their professional careers. Her continued collaboration with the National Football League and World Wrestling Entertainment has resulted in the education of over 1,600 current and former professional athletes. She actively serves as a member on the Community Advisors Council for the United Way of Atlantic County, New Jersey and the Program Coordinating Committee for the Pleasantville Housing Authority, New Jersey. She is also a contributor on financial wellness for the NFLPE’s Women’s Resource Initiative. In addition, she is certified by the Credit Data Industry Association on the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

A former Division I Women’s Soccer Player and captain at Villanova University, she achieved success both on the playing field and in the classroom receiving honors as a three-year consecutive All Big East selection, a Regional All-American, an Academic All-American, and also being named to the Big East Academic All-Star Team. Maura holds a BA degree in English from Villanova University and a MA degree in Education from Seton Hall University. She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and three children. 


Follow Maura/MMI on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@moneymanagement

Robert Faulkens joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome Assistant Commissioner for the Indiana High School Athletic Association, Robert Faulkens, to our Special Advisory Board.

Robert's experience as a student-athlete, coach, teacher, principal and assistant commissioner will be invaluable to Blueprint for Success. We look forward to Robert's guidance and feedback!


Robert Faulkens joined the Indiana High School Athletic Association as an Assistant Commissioner on January 10, 2011 and administers the sports of football, wrestling and boys and girls track and field.

Formerly the principal at Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School in Indianapolis, Faulkens had served as a member of the IHSAA Board of Directors since January 2009. He had spent 23 years in high school education including the last four as principal at Crispus Attucks, which guides students interested in the medical and allied health professions. While at the school, he helped re-start its athletics program after it served as a junior high school from 1986 through 2006.

Prior to his arrival at Crispus Attucks, Faulkens was an assistant principal at MSD of Pike Township (1999-2006) and Lawrence North High School (1994-99). He also taught geography, world history and U.S. history at Ben Davis High School (1993-94) and South Wayne Junior High School (1989-93). There he coached football, basketball, track and baseball and also provided leadership within a pair of area youth sports organizations.

Faulkens was a three-sport athlete at the prep and collegiate levels playing football, basketball and baseball. He graduated from South Bend’s LaSalle High School in 1980 and earned a B.A. degree in economics from Earlham College in Richmond in 1984. He went on to earn a M.S. degree in education from Butler University in 1995 and is currently working on a dissertation to complete a doctorate degree in urban education at Indiana State University.


Faulkens and his wife, Phyllis Armstrong, have two children, Tessa and Nigel. They reside in Indianapolis.

Bailey O'Brien joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome motivational speaker, former D1 student-athlete and 2x cancer survivor, Bailey O'Brien, to our Special Advisory Board!


Bailey O'Brien had just entered college at Boston University when she was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 17. Surgeries and treatments ensued, and with a clean bill of health, she was free to return to life as a student-athlete. Gearing up for her senior year, however, Bailey was rediagnosed with melanoma, and became terminally ill as her diagnosis worsened that winter.

With 7 tumors in her neck, lung and spine, and nothing to lose, Bailey took the biggest leap of faith of her life, pursuing controversial treatments in Tijuana, Mexico. In just a matter of weeks, she was miraculously healed, and her life was changed forever.

With a second chance at life, Bailey has a whole new perspective, and she’s inspiring others around the world with it.  She now pursues her passion of delivering speeches to motivate and encourage others to be their best, overcome all obstacles, and take full advantage of the greatest gift of all – life.


Follow Bailey on Twitter at https://twitter.com/baileyobrien330

Bailey's Website - http://www.baileyobrien.com

Bailey's Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/baileyobrien330?ref=br_tf


Marcus Howard joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome a true advocate for helping leaders achieve their OWN level of success, Marcus Howard, to our Special Advisory Board!


Marcus Howard is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of the Antermology Institute; an institute that helps people get clarity, confidence, and commitment to focusing on their life's purpose. He uses the science of Psychology,Antermology, and his FOCUS Framework to unleash untapped potential and help individuals bridge the gap between who they are now and who they want to be.

Marcus' journey of personal leadership began after he saw that relying on third party institutions like college or an employer to increase his financial education and cash flow would lead to more struggling.While attending Georgetown University, Marcus noticed that educational institutions excelled at teaching and even in helping their students land jobs but fell short in giving their students a solid education in how to build a solid financial foundation. Marcus' first book, Financial Antermology 101, was created to help individuals establish a solid financial foundation so they can focus on living their life's purpose.

In his upcoming book, Bi-Os: Hack Your Brain's Internal Operating System & Unleash Your Potential, Marcus breaks down the science of habitual success into simple and effective steps with real-life examples that inspire.After reading this book, you'll be ready to achieve on your most sought after goals without getting bogged down by what were once thought to be your biggest challenges. 


Follow Marcus on Twitter at https://twitter.com/marcushowardhq

Website - http://www.marcushowardhq.com


Paul Carrick Brunson joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is extremely honored to welcome internationally recognized and world-renowned matchmaker and relationship/life coach, Paul Carrick Brunson, to our Special Advisory Board!

Just as Oprah Winfrey said, “Paul is much more than a matchmaker, he’s a life coach”. We are thrilled to have Paul as part of Blueprint for Success and to be able to expose millions of student-athletes nationwide to all that is Paul Carrick Brunson. There is no doubt that Paul impacts every person that he comes in contact with. Our hope is that our platform provides Paul exposure to a different demographic and a new way to inspire, empower and mentor!


More info on Paul in the News Section!


Follow Paul on Twitter at https://twitter.com/PaulCBrunson

Paul's Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/PaulCBrunson

Paul's Website - http://www.paulcbrunson.com

Follow Paul on Instagram - http://instagram.com/paulcbrunson

Ernie Stevens Jr. joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success has the great honor of welcoming the Chairman and national spokesman for the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), Ernie Stevens Jr., to our Special Advisory Board!

Ernie has dedicated his life to the advocacy of Native American rights, gaming, business development, education, youth development and government. He is one of the most respected & loved leaders in this country and works tirelessly everyday to improve the lives of Native-Americans nationwide. 

We look forward to working with Ernie to bring Blueprint for Success to Native-American student-athletes nationwide! Our mission is to not only create more Native-American student-athletes but also to provide them comprehensive development that will impact their life skills, preparation, college opportunities and overall wellness! With Ernie's support, we will change the game for millions of Native-American student-athletes all across the county!


More on Ernie in the News section!


National Indian Gaming Association - http://www.indiangaming.com

Nike N7 - http://www.n7fund.com

Center for Native American Youth - http://www.cnay.org

Native-American Basketball Invitational (NABI) - http://www.nabifoundation.org

Dana Napier joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome a man that had an extremely successful career as a former VP Casino Operations and VP Marketing in the Nevada/Michigan Casino Gaming Entertainment Industry and in the Private Sector as a Paid Lobbyist, Dana Napier, to our Special Advisory Board! 

We're thrilled to have Dana as part of Blueprint for Success. His vast experience in all sectors, tremendous knowledge and creativity as well as his passion for sports and commitment to mentoring young people will be tremendous assets to the program and student-athletes nationwide!


Dana attended college at the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a degree in Business Administration and the College of Southern Nevada with a degree in Casino Administration. Dana has been and is a member of various organizations including the International Board of Directors of Hispanic Meeting Planners, 100 Black Men and has been previously named as an Honorary Secretary of State of the Sate of Texas.

Dana enjoys all sports, mentoring young people, reading and spending time on his Ranch in Central Texas.

Dr. Marvin Thompson joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is excited to welcome the President & CEO of EmpowerED, LLC, Dr. Marvin Thompson, to our Special Advisory Board!

When people described Dr. Thompson they use words like forward-thinking, proactive, passionate, visionary, difference-maker and mentor! We look forward to Dr. Thompson's guidance and feedback on everything from curriculum design to partnerships!


More on Dr. Thompson in the News section!


Follow Dr. Thompson on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Empower_ED

EmpowerED Website - http://www.empower-ed.org

Rob Hill Sr. joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success has the great honor of welcoming world-renowned and highly sought-after author, entreprenuer, motivational speaker and philanthropist, Rob Hill Sr., to our Special Advisory Board!

Rob inspires me personally DAILY and we look forward to providing him a unique platform through Blueprint for Success to reach/impact over 50 million student-athletes, parents, coaches, athletic directors and pro/Olympic athletes! I know that Rob will inspire and empower millions of student-athletes to live with passion, purpose and principle, just as he has already done with so many young people across the country!

More Info on Rob in the News section!


Follow Rob on Twitter at https://twitter.com/RobHillSr

Rob's Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/robhillsr

Rob's Website - http://www.robhillsr.com

Andrea Cernich joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome former consultant for the Aspen Institute's Sports & Society Program, VP of Marketing & Sponsorships for the Women's Sports Foundation and Director of Strategic Partnerships for the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, Andrea Cernich, to our Special Advisory Board!

Andrea has tremendous knowledge and vast experience in sports-based youth development as well as marketing, program development & management, media relations and thought leadership (in both the non-profit and public/for-profit organizations). Her guidance will be invaluable to the launch, implementation and overall development of Blueprint for Success. We're thrilled to have her involved!


More about Andrea in the News section!




Ed Tseng joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome Mental Performance Consultant, Pro of the Year USTA 2005, Author & Speaker, Ed Tseng, to our Special Advisory Board!

We look forward to working with Ed to help millions of student-athletes improve  focus, build confidence, increase motivation, perform under pressure, learn relaxation/stress reduction, overcome adversity and much more. 

It an honor to have a world-renowned mental performance consultant, award-winning coach, and best-selling author like Ed as part of Blueprint for Success. Student-athletes of all sports will be better in every aspect of their lives because of Ed and his currciulum, blogs, videos, podcasts, webcasts!


More on Ed in our News Section!


Follow Ed on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ed_tseng

Ed Tseng - http://www.edtseng.com





Jean-Claude Brizard joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome the President of UpSpring Education Group and the former Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools, Superintendent of Schools for the Rochester, NY School District and Regional Superintendent in the Borough of Brooklyn, Jean-Claude Brizard, to our Special Advisory Board!

Jean-Claude is a tremendous leader that has worked passionately for decades to improve student achievement, graduation rates and college & career readiness. He is a brilliant visionary that has left every school and every district he has worked in significantly better!

We look forward to Jean-Claude's guidance and feedback. His involvement makes Blueprint for Success better and we're truly blessed to have him as a very important part of the program!


More on Jean-Claude in the News section!


Follow Jean-Claude on Twitter at https://twitter.com/caty712


Jonas Chartock joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is extremely blessed to welcome the CEO of Leading Educators, Jonas Chartock, to our Special Advisory Board!

Jonas is truly one of the greatest minds in education. He has tremendous knowledge regarding techer development and education leadership as well policies, challenges and issues. 

We look forward to working closely with Jonas on fine-tuning our curriculum, resources and tools to best serve student-athletes nationwide. 


More info on Jonas in the News section!


Follow Jonas on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jonaschartock

Leading Educators - http://www.leadingeducators.org


Dr. John Deasy joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome the Superintendent for the Los Angeles United School District, Dr. John Deasy, to our Special Advisory Board!

For decades Dr. Deasy has worked to provide all youth an education that prepares them for success. His goal has always been for all youth to achieve, ALL, not some, but ALL! Besides dealing with budget crisis, legislation and negotiation, Dr. Deasy has worked tirelessly as an education advocate, speaker, consultant and author. 

His brilliant leadership and work with a diverse student population will be a tremendous asset to Blueprint for Success as we set out to serve LAUSD student-athletes and student-athletes nationwide in a way they've never been served before!


More Info on Dr. Deasy in the News Section!


Follow Dr. Deasy on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DrDeasyLAUSD

LAUSD - http://home.lausd.net/index.jsp

Marc Philpart joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is blessed to welcome Associate Director leading Black Male Achievement initiatives at PolicyLink and co-director at the Institute for Black Male Achievement, Marc Philpart, to our Special Advisory Board!

Marc is a passionate organizer, advocate and servant of the people. Blueprint for Success looks forward to working closely with Marc to greatly impact Black Male Achievement nationwide through our unique services, resources and tools!


More on Marc in the News section!


Follow Marc on Twitter at https://twitter.com/mphilpart

PolicyLink - http://www.policylink.org


Michael A. Graves joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome one of the nation's most knowledgeable & respected figures in the areas of business development, brand management and philanthropy, former EVP/Chief Marketing Officer at Black Enterprise Magazine (BE) and Founding Member/Managing Partner of Graves Advisory Group LLC (Graves Advisory), Michael A. Graves, to our Special Advisory Board!

Michael has been a dedicated mentor to young African-American men and women for almost 3 decades and we look forward to providing him a unique platform to indirectly mentor millions of student-athletes nationwide!


More info on Michael in the News Section!


The Graves Advisory Group - http://www.gravesadvisorygroup.com

Dain Blanton joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome Olympic Gold Medalist (Beach Volleyball 2000), Sports Broadcaster NBA Los Angeles Clippers / Beach Volleyball and Motivational Speaker, Dain Blanton, to our Athlete Advisory Board!

Dain is a true role model for student-athletes of all sports. We look forward to providing Dain a unique platform to inspire, motivate and create opportunities for the next generation!


More about Dain in the News Section!


Follow Dain on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Dainger1

Dain's Getting to Gold Website - http://www.getting-to-gold.org

Dain's Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dain-Blanton-Info/130175113687479?ref=br_tf


Michael Fulmore joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is excited to welcome the author of "UNLEASHING YOUR AMBITION", founder of Fulmore Foundation and entrepreneur, Michael Fulmore, to our Special Advisory Board!

Michael has incredible talent & passion for motivating and inspiring people to realize how limitless they truly are. We look forward to sharing Michael and his books, videos, newsletters, products, services and appearances with student-athletes, parents and coaches nationwide!


More on Michael in the News Section!


Follow Michael on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MichaelFulmore

Michael Fulmore - http://www.michaelfulmore.com

Michael's Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/MichaelFulmoreFans

John Holdsclaw IV joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome the Director of Policy & Development at Capital Impact Partners, John Holdsclaw IV, to our Special Advisory Board!

John's vision, diverse background and philanthropic heart/mind will be tremendous assets to Blueprint for Success and student-athletes nationwide!


More info on John in the News Section!


Follow John on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jholdsclaw


Leigh Klein joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome the CEO of the world’s leading basketball instructional brand - Five-Star Basketball Camp, Leigh Klein, to our Special Advisory Board!

Leigh is one of the greatest resources and most passionate & respected leaders in all of grassroots sports. We're honored to have Leigh on board and we look forward to his guidance and collaboration!


More on Leigh in the News Section!


Follow Leigh on Twitter at https://twitter.com/leighalanklein

Five-Star Basketball - http://fivestarbasketball.com

Otha Thornton joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success has the great honor of welcoming the president of the National PTA (and in fact the first African-American male to ever lead the organization), Otha Thornton, to our Special Advisory Board!

The overall purpose of PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. Blueprint for Success shares that mission and looks forward to working closely with Otha and the National PTA to promote the overall wellness and educational success of student-athletes nationwide!


More on Otha in the News Section


Follow Otha on Twitter at https://twitter.com/OthaThornton

Follow the National PTA on Twitter at https://twitter.com/NationalPTA

National PTA - http://www.pta.org

Burton Warrington joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is blessed to welcome the President and CEO of Prairie Bands, LLC holding company owned by the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, Burton Warrington, to our Special Advisory Board!

One area of great emphasis for Blueprint for Success is to serve and impact Native-American & Aboriginal student-athletes in the US and Canada. With Burton's guidance and support we feel that we can provide very needed and necessary services that have been missing. We hope to create more Native-American/Aboriginal student-athletes and then increase their life skills, preparation, development, college opportunities and overall wellness!


More info on Burton in the News Section!



D.A. Abrams joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome Author, Passionate Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at the United States Tennis Association (USTA), Certified Association Executive (CAE), Social Entrepreneur and Forward Thinking Leader, D.A. Abrams, to our Special Advisory!

Blueprint for Success's  "Dreamchasers" is a diversity in sports intiative designed to exposure minority student-athletes to the endless possibilities of all sports, especially sports where minority participation is traditionally low. D.A. has worked tirelessly in the areas of minority outreach and improving the diversity within the great sport of tennis. He has greatly impacted minority participation in tennis nationwide and continues to work towards having the USTA reflect the demographics of America at all levels, in all locations across all disciplines. 


Read more about D.A. in the News section!


Follow D.A. on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DAAbrams1

D.A.'s Blog - http://davidanthonyabrams.com

Cali Estes joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome prominent and highly sought-after Therapist, Life Coach and Wellness Coach, Cali Estes, to our Special Advisory Board!

Cali's vast experience and tremendous knowledge will be invaluable to Blueprint for Success as we aim to assist student-athletes nationwide in learning and growing from their personal life challenges!


More on Cali in the News Section!


Follow Cali on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TheAddictionsCo

Cali's Website - http://www.theaddictionscoach.com

Troy Spry joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success has the great privilege of welcoming Certified life, relationship coach & REALITY EXPERT! Contributor for http://BlackAndMarriedWithKids.com http://DatingAdvice.com , & http://PaulCBrunson.Com , Troy Spry, to our Special Advisory Board!

We look forward to working closely with Troy to help mold student-athletes into better people, which in turn will create better communities. 


More on Troy in the News Section!


Follow Troy on Twitter at https://twitter.com/XKLUSIVE5

Troy's Website - http://www.xklusivethoughts.com

Kevin Carroll joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is blessed to welcome author, speaker and agent for social change (a.k.a. the Katalyst), Kevin Carroll, to our Special Advisory Board!

We're honored to have Kevin as part of Blueprint for Success and look forward to supporting his life's mission of inspiring businesses, organizations and individuals - from CEOs and employees of Fortune 500 companies to schoolchildren - to embrace their spirit of play and creativity to maximize their human potential and sustain more meaningful business and personal growth!

More on Kevin in the News Section!


Follow Kevin on Twitter at https://twitter.com/kckatalyst

Kevin 's YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/katalystconsultancy

Kevin's Site/Blog - http://kevincarrollkatalyst.com

Ross Szabo joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is excited to welcome mental health advocate, author and consultant, Ross Szabo, to our Special Advisory Board!

We look forward to working with Ross to incorporate his preventative mental health curriculum and book (Behind Happy Faces: Taking Charge of Your Mental Health) into Blueprint for Success. Through our work with Ross we hope to bring awareness & education to mental health issues within the student-athlete community nationwide. We want to eliminate eliminate stigmas and create a platform for open dialog, outreach and education!


Read more about Ross in the News section!


Follow Ross on Twitter at https://twitter.com/RossESzabo

Behind Happy Faces - http://behindhappyfacesbook.com/behindhappyfaces/


James Parker joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to the Director of Sports for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), James Parker, to our Special Advisory Board!

What James has done for AAU in terms of sponsorship, technology, events, marketing and overall brand awareness is truly remarkable! We look forward to working closely with James to best serve student-athletes and their families nationwide!

More Info on James in the News Section!


Follow James on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MrAAUDirector

AAU Sports - http://www.aausports.org


Eric Davis joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome innovative multicultural sociology educator and speaker, Eric Davis, to our Special Advisory Board!

Otherwise known as "Professor E", Eric has experience working as an academic advisor for the University of Washington athletic department as well as teaching/speaking on sociology as it pertains to multiculturalism, sports and pop culture!

Read more about Eric in the News Section!

Follow Eric on Twitter at https://twitter.com/rap101

Dr. Frank Ashley joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome a man whose extensive experience in education spans more than 30 years across both K-12 and higher education, the Senior Vice President of Membership and Higher Education Engagement for The College Board, Dr. Frank Ashley, to our Special Advisory Board!

Dr. Ashley is committed to expanding access and equity in education for all students, a mission that Blueprint for Success shares. We look forward to working closely with Dr. Ashley and The College Board to increase both college readiness and college opportunity!


Read more about Dr. Ashley in the News section!


The College Board - http://www.collegeboard.org


Shawn Dove joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome a man that has dedicated his life to youth development, mentoring, education and community building, the Campaign Manager of Open Society Foundations Campaign for Black Male Achievement, Shawn Dove, to our Special Advisory Board!

Greatly impacting Black Male Achievement and the life skills, preparation, development, college opportunities and overall wellness of other young men & women of color is extremely high priority for Blueprint for Success! Shawn's guidance, passion, creativity, knowledge and experience will be tremendous assets to the program and millions of student-athletes nationwide!


Read more about Shawn in the News Section!


Follow Shawn on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DoveSoars

Open Society Foundations/Black Male Achievement - http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/topics/black-male-achievement


Brian Cuban joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome successful lawyer, activist and TV host as well as the best-selling author of “Shattered Image: My Triumph Over Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Brian Cuban, to our Special Advisory Board!

Mental Health/Healthy Body Image/Eating Disorder Prevention & Education/Bullying Prevention are all very important components of Blueprint for Success and Brian will be a tremendous resource for Blueprint for Success and millions of student-athletes, parents and coaches nationwide!

More Info on Brian in the News Section!


Follow Brian on Twitter at https://twitter.com/bcuban

Brian's Website - http://www.briancuban.com

Connect with Brian on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bcuban

Brian's YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/bcuban

Lincoln Stephens joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome Executive Director/Co-Founder of the Marcus Graham Project, Lincoln Stephens, to our Special Advisory Board!

The Marcus Graham Project's (MGP) mission is to identify, expose, mentor and train ethnically diverse men and women in all aspects of the media industry, including advertising, entertainment and marketing.

More Info on Lincoln in the News Section!

Follow Lincoln on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LincolnSteffens

MGP Website - http://marcusgrahamproject.org

Monique AJ Smith joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is blessed to welcome Monique A.J. Smith to our Special Advisory Board! Monique is a former NCAA committee member as well as the former Associate Athletic Director of Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA). She is the founder of Seeds of Empowerment, a consulting firm that conducts Leadership Development Workshops for Professionals and Students, University NCAA Compliance Workshops, University Title IX Workshops,Personal Finance Workshops for Women, Youth Leadership Development Workshops!


More on Monique in the News section


Seeds of Empowerment - http://seedsofempowerment.info

Bob Beaudine joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success has the great honor of welcoming a man that Sports Illustrated onced named "The Most Influential Man in Sports You've Never Heard Of", President and CEO of the nation's leading executive search firm in professional sports and entertainment (Eastman & Beaudine), bestselling author (The Power of WHO!) and highly in-demand speaker on networking/leadership/business/life, Bob Beaudine, to our Special Advisory Board!


More Info on Bob in the News section!


Follow Bob on Twitter at https://twitter.com/YouGotWho

Power of WHO! - http://www.powerofwho.com/index.html



Melissa Ann Hopely joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is excited to welcome well-accomplished international motivational speaker, mental health, anti-bullying and suicide prevention advocate and author to “The People You Meet in Real Life”, Melissa Ann Hopely, to our Special Advisory Board!

More on Melissa in the News section!


Follow Melissa on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MelissaHopely

Website - http://www.melissahopely.com

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/MelissaAnnHopely

Eric Smith joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome passionate, well-respected and highly sought after NCAA, NFL and NBA financial literacy speaker/educator, Eric Smith, to our Special Advisory Board!

Please visit the News section for Eric's full bio

Follow Eric on Twitter at https://twitter.com/EksgroupEric

Eric's website - http://www.thefinancialliteracycoach.com


Emily Grey Goldman joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome a college admissions consultant and career counseling with almost a decade of experience working with both high school students as well as at several colleges & universities. A member of the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), Emily Grey Goldman, to our Special Advisory Board!

Please visit the News section for Emily's full bio!

Grey Guidance Website: www.greyguidance.com

Follow Emily on Twitter: https://twitter.com/greyguidance

Dr. Mitch Abrams joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success humbly welcomes licensed sport psychologist and author Dr. Mitch Abrams to our Special Advisory Board! Dr. Abrams specializes in anger management (he actually created and developed the first comprehensive anger management program for athletes to address this topic) as well dating violence/sexual assault prevention and the identification & treatment of trauma and mental health issues in athlete populations. 

Please visit the News Section for full bio

Follow Dr. Abrams on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MitchAbramsPsyD

Website - http://www.drmitchabrams.com

Jarmere Jenkins joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome our very first professional tennis player to our Athlete Advisory Board. We are thrilled to welcome rising star Jarmere Jenkins to Blueprint for Success. Jarmere capped off an amazing collegiate career at the University of Virginia with an epic senior year highlighted by ITA National Player of the Year, ITA Singles and Doubles All-American, NCAA Tournament MVP and ACC Male Athlete of the Year!

Please visit the news section for Jarmere's full bio

Follow Jarmere on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JarmereJenkins

Tanya Knight joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success humbly welcomes acclaimed author of "Who Says you Can't Go To College? and respected education expert/mentor/coach, Tanya Knight, to our Special Advisory Board!


The acclaimed author of Who Says You Can’t Go To College?, education expert Tanya Knight is recognized as “America’s Education Coach” and uses her flagship organization, Tanya Knight International, to aid students of all ages through the higher education process. Obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing and Management from Columbia College, Tanya realized she had a passion for education. With her ambition as her guide, she went on to complete her MBA in Leadership from Grand Canyon University, and is currently completing a Doctorate in Education Leadership, with a focus on Retention, from the same institution. Besides being a regular contributor for Edutopia.org, Education.com, Jacksonville.com, Yahoo.com, Hopeforwomenmag.com and The College World Reporter Magazine, Tanya was named one of “17 Distance Learning Experts Worth Knowing About” by The Knowledge Maven. With a passion for success and a love for others, Tanya Knight is not only an expert in her education—but a source of inspiration for her students. As an expert in student retention and college recruitment and admissions, Tanya leads a variety of unique workshops, presentations, private coaching sessions and tele-courses that will guide you through the entire educational experience—from admission through success upon graduation. Tanya is a product of hard work and dedication, and understands the obstacles students need to overcome to reach their full potential. She specializes in working with struggling academic students and “adult learners”—parents, soldiers, teachers, executives and working professionals in pursuit of higher education. Tanya actively fights to raise awareness about the importance of education, and her website, www.tanyaknight.com has become a one-stop education resource center. As founder of “The Education Excellence Event,” she created a seminar to guide parents and students through the entire enrollment process, from preparing for college to selecting schools, scholarships, financial aid and more. 

Follow Tanya on Twitter at https://twitter.com/EducationCoach

Tanya's Website - http://www.TanyaKnight.com

Crystal Dunn joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome the first player to win the ACC player of the year three times since Mia Hamm in 1993, the 2012 Hermann Trophy (college soccer's best player) winner as a junior, 4x All-American and the #1 overall selection by the Washington Spirit in the 2014 NWSL College Draft, Crystal Dunn, to our Athlete Advisory Board!

 A 2013 Hermann Trophy finalist, Crystal was named a first-team All-America by Soccer America, Top Drawer Soccer and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. Crystal was the 2013 ACC Offensive Player of the year as a senior after being selected ACC Defensive Player of the Year in 2010 (first freshman ever) and 2012. She was named All-ACC all four years in college.

Crystal has earned eight caps for the United States Women's National Team. She was a member of the U-20 U.S. team that won the 2012 FIFA Under-20 Women's World Cup title in Japan, playing every minute of all six matches.

Hailing from Rockville Centre, NY, she was named the New York Gatorade High School Player of the Year in 2009.

More about Crystal in the News section!

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David Edward Garcia joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is excited to welcome the only 5 language-speaking youth motivational comedian on the planet, one of the top youth speakers in North America able to relate to diverse audiences because of his multi-culturalism/multi-lingualism, David Edward Garcia, to our Special Advisory Board!

Please visit the News section for David's full bio!

On the Web:

Website: www.DavidEdwardGarcia.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/DavidEdward.Garcia
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/DavidEdwardGar
Youtube: www.youtube.com/Lifechangespecialist

Jazmine Reeves joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome First Team NSCAA All-American, First Team All-ACC performer, semifinalist for the MAC Hermann Trophy and 3rd round draft pick of the Boston Breakers (NWSL), Jazmine Reeves, to our Athlete Advisory Board!

Jazmine appeared in the most matches in Virginia Tech history (91) ... Has the second-most points in Virginia Tech history (69), is tied for the third-most assists (19) and has the fourth-most goals (25) ... Tied for 10th all-time at Virginia Tech in game-winning goals (5).

Please visit the News section for Jazmine's full bio!

Follow Jazmine on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jdreeves5

Kathryn Jordan joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome highly-respected and heavily sought-after athlete development specialist and sports & entertainment strategist, Kathryn Jordan, to our Special Advisory Board!


Kathryn Jordan is President/CEO of KJordan Consulting, LLC. An entrepreneur and certified professional coach, Ms. Jordan provides guidance in identifying and developing resources, tools and strategies that assist in maximizing personal and professional performance in sports and entertainment. Working with current and retired professional athletes, student-athletes, community athletic programs, teams, leagues, sports and entertainment organizations, authors, and new artists, Ms. Jordan shares her expertise in marketing, public relations, athlete development, non-profit administration, fund development, branding, and special event planning through workshops, individual & group coaching, and long- or short-term consultation.

Prior to beginning her career in sports, Jordan was employed by Indiana Black Expo, Inc. where she managed the day-to-day operations of the non-profit organization. She also worked as Dean of Education for Indy’s government adult education program, and in 1983 began her 25-year tenure with the Indiana Pacers and Pacers Sports & Entertainment. Regularly recognized by the franchise and National Basketball Association for her innovative and analytic approach, Jordan quickly rose to the executive ranks where she created, developed, and administered numerous programs and business facets for the organization. Under her direction, the franchise’s promotions, game operations, special events, merchandising, community relations, advertising, and athlete development departments were cultivated and flourished; leading to her appointment as a charter member of the NBA Player Development Steering Committee, and election by her peers to the NBA Marketing Advisory Board.

Credited for establishing the NBA’s first off-court player development program, Ms. Jordan engineered and managed the first full-time staffed department in the NBA dedicated exclusively to team and athlete development. Combining her educational background, love for sports, and personal life experiences, she introduced valuable programs, services and resources to professional athletes, their families, and support teams to assist with the lifestyle and idiosyncrasies of being a professional athlete. Jordan also served as the Indiana Pacers’ inaugural Director of Community Relations, marking the first time an NBA team had created a department solely to establish and maintain a relationship with its community and fans. While in that position, Jordan instituted the Indiana Pacers Speakers’ Bureau, founded the Pacers Foundation, Inc., created the popular Call-A-Pacers reading program which later was emulated around the NBA, and earned the team a Clio Award for her Word From The Court anti-violence campaign. She was appointed Project Director for the construction of The Landmark For Peace King-Kennedy monument erected in Indianapolis’ King Park, and promoted to launch the Pacers Sports & Entertainment Communications Division where she molded and managed the team’s internet presence, corporate & team branding, corporate contributions, community outreach, government & corporate relations efforts, advertising, creative services, media relations, and player development branches. During this time, Jordan developed and administered the company’s first employee volunteer program, company Intranet, created the NBA’s first electronic player network (also believed to be a first in the sports industry), and served on the PS&E human resources policy committee, and new arena construction committee. As chair of the PS&E community workforce development committee, she implemented the company’s first job fair to recruit the first employees of Conseco Fieldhouse (currently Bankers Life Fieldhouse).

Jordan graduated from Purdue University and earned a M.S. from Indiana University. A member of the Professional Association of Athlete Development Specialists (PAADS), and Indiana Sports Corporation (ISC) President’s Council, Ms. Jordan served on the BCA National Advisory Board (Black Coaches & Administrators formerly Black Coaches Association) and several professional athlete foundations. She has received numerous awards and recognitions for professional excellence including the Center for Leadership Development’s Directors’ Award for Community Excellence, Purdue University’s Black Caucus Leadership Award, and the Today’s Woman Leadership Award. Selected by the Walt Disney Co. as a Sports Mentor for Disney’s Inaugural Dreamers’ Academy with Steve Harvey, Jordan has been featured on AOL and the cover of Indianapolis Woman Magazine. A past contributor to VYPE High School Sports Magazine, Ms. Jordan was named one of Indianapolis' Top 12 Influential Females in Sports and honored by the NBA as its Top Team Player Development Executive when it was first awarded in the 2006-07 season, and again during the 2007-08 season. 

Follow Kathryn on Twitter at https://twitter.com/KJConsulting

KJordan Consulting Website - http://www.kjordan-consulting.com/KJordan-Consulting.com/Home_Page.html

Katie Marston joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome highly sought-after Personal Brand Strategist for professional athletes and others in the public eye, Katie Marston, to our Special Advisory Board!

"We are honored to have Katie as part of Blueprint for Success. We want student-athletes to understand that they each are indeed a BRAND and that their actions & words need to be aligned as a direct reflection of their values and goals. Katie's work with client LA Dodgers/MLB All-Star Matt Kemp and others speak to her tremendous knowledge as well as her ability to both collaborate and innovate"


Katie Marston is the founder of DYME Branding, a personal and corporate brand strategy firm specializing in the sports industry. After spending an invigorating eleven years launching new products, brand building, strategy, and brand restaging at adidas Portland, Amsterdam, Carlsbad, and the global headquarters in Germany, Katie saw an opportunity in the industry she loved. She noticed that some of the biggest brands she knew (athletes) weren’t taking advantage of their own platform to benefit emotionally and financially. Katie created DYME to

strategically help them to do just that. Professional athletes and agents (NFL, MLB, Olympic, NFLPA, etc) now link with Katie to give them an inspired focus and customized pathway in legacy creation. Agent and former MLB All-Star Dave Stewart calls her “valuable beyond words” for her work with his agency, and her individual clients use words like “fierce”, “collaborative”, and “visionary”, when talking about working with her.

Outside of work with individual clients such as Matt Kemp (LA Dodgers/MLB All Star), Richie Incognito (Miami Dolphins/2012 Pro Bowl), Adrian Clayborn (Tampa Bay Buccaneers/2011-1st round draft pick), and more, Katie travels to host personal brand development workshops to clients such as the NFLPA or the Travis Manion Foundation, and continues consulting with select corporate clients like Athletes’ Performance. As the creator of the “Born a Brand”TM workshop series and the proprietary Brand House methodology for brand building, she is a firm believer that everyone’s brand is a perfect 10; they just need to know where to shine the spotlight. You can follow her @ktmarston where she tweets all things branding and sports. 

Follow Katie on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ktmarston

DYME Branding - http://dymebranding.com

Wade Davis II joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success has the great privilege of welcoming nationally recognized speaker, activist, writer and educator, former NFL player, co-founder of the You Belong Initiative & newly named Executive Director of the You Can Play Project, Wade Davis II to our Special Advisory Board!

It's a great privilege to have Wade as part of Blueprint for Success. He will be a tremendous asset to the program & assist us greatly in developing our LGBT equality & anti-homophobia component. Beyond LGBT issues, his work in leadership development as well as diversity/inclusion will also help us create well-rounded student-athletes of high character. Blueprint for Success looks forward to working closely with Wade, Patrick Burke and the You Can Project to change the sports world from 6th grade to pros""


Wade Davis is a nationally recognized speaker, activist, writer and educator. Davis is a former NFL football player who played for the Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins, and Seattle Seahawks, as well as two different teams within the NFL Europe league. Wade is the newly named Executive Director of the You Can Play Project, an organization dedicated to ending discrimination and homophobia in sports through the creation of curriculum, programming, trainings and conversations focused on inclusion and diversity. He’s also the co-founder of the You Belong Initiative, an organization that offers LGBTQ and straight allied youth a series of 4-day comprehensive sports instruction and leadership development clinics. He’s the former assistant director of academic enrichment and work readiness for the Hetrick Martin Institute, where he taught at-promise LGBT youth how to define success for themselves. Also, Wade is currently a visiting professor at Rutgers University where he’s taught courses on leadership and diversity!

Follow Wade on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Wade_Davis28

Follow You Can Play Project on Twitter at https://twitter.com/YouCanPlayTeam

Follow You Belong Initiative on Twitter at https://twitter.com/YBINITIATIVE

You Can Play Project - http://www.youcanplayproject.org

You Belong Initiative - http://www.youbelonginitiative.com

Duke Pryor joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome world-renowned life coach and branding specialist for celebrity & professional athletes, a man that has dedicated his life to mentoring youth and inspiring greatness in all, ForeverYCP founder - Duke Pryor to our Special Advisory Board!

ForeverYCP -Charles “Duke” Pryor

Have you ever encounter a perfect stranger and at first glance you just knew? You knew and felt in your gut that they were someone that was going to impact your day or night and maybe even your life. You could feel and see the positive energy from a distance. You observe people approaching them, laughing with them, getting autographs from them, crying with them, and embracing them. To you they look like a professional athlete or that one actor you can’t place the name to, yet at closer glance they seem like a really normal everyday person but someone with a glow, spark and connectivity like no other. You find your heart racing and your curiosity peaking as you walk closer and yet you reach out to shake “HIS” hand and at that moment you realize your world is about to change.

Meet the Young Charles Pryor or as most call him Duke. Duke believes that wishes do come true and believing the impossible are all apart of trusting the process on ones journey to becoming GREAT. He doesn’t spend a single day selfishly or wasted. Duke takes all twenty-four hours and truly uses them all up, not for himself but for family, friends, celebrities, professional athletes, and total perfect strangers that find their paths crossing. His number one passion is inspiring others to reach for their GREATNESS. WHY is at the top of his vocabulary. He will explain that it is a powerful thing that tells you were your heart is. It speaks of what truly matters and more often than one realizes that the WHY has a way of becoming their future. When you believe in the miraculous, embrace the extraordinary, and work for your dream, you give your WHY a chance to come true. One will find themselves instantly trusting Duke and digging deeper than they ever have before so they can look in that mirror every morning and BEGREAT!.

The past 10 years of Duke’s professional career has been working for both the NBA and NCAA mentoring and inspiring young athletes to become CRITICAL THINKERS for themselves. From public speaking engagements, to private athlete coaching sessions to hosting parent forums he has inspired, taught, and guided some of the most recognized professional athletes in the NBA. Duke has also been very involved in mentoring and coaching several celebrities and entertainers while helping them build their brands both in North America as well as Internationally. Most notable is Christopher Thomas-CT World Domination, which executes International Tours with NIKE for Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Lebron James. He most recently became the Executive Producer for Timbaland and Mike Miller during a Let It Fly Energy Shoot and is launching his own brand ForeverYCP which will bring awareness to what he speaks loudly about as a Silent Killer in the world known as Depression.

Duke was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and when not traveling, he places priorities on family and friends back in the Midwest he plays basketball and coaches a youth basketball league.

ForeverYCP Website - http://www.foreverycp.com

Follow Duke on Twitter at https://twitter.com/foreverYCP

Like ForeverYCP on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Foreverycp

Blueprint for Success partners with BenchPrep

Blueprint for Success partners with BenchPrep to provide Innovative Test Prep Solution for Student Athletes

CHICAGO – (Sept. 4, 2013) – Blueprint for Success, a multi-platform comprehensive student-athlete development program, today announced a partnership with BenchPrep, a leading provider of online and mobile educational courses, to offer ACT & SAT college admission and readiness courses to thousands of student athletes across the nation. The college readiness program is instantly available on a variety of devices including web, iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle as part of BenchPrep’s cross-device offering.

“We are excited to offer this opportunity to our students. Our mission is to offer services never provided for student-athletes on a large scale in terms of development, education, preparation, prevention, life skills and opportunities." said Seneca Blue, Founder & Director of the Blueprint for Success Program.

“We look forward to working with Blueprint for Success to engage, empower and educate student-athletes,” says BenchPrep CEO & co-founder Ashish Rangnekar. “This program will open up new opportunities for thousands of student-athletes.”

For more information, visit http://www.benchprep.com/ or http://www.senecabluebasketball.com/ 

About BenchPrep:

BenchPrep is a global leader in online & mobile educational solutions for high school and college students. BenchPrep partners with world-class leading publishers including McGraw Hill, Cengage Learning, and Princeton Review to create engaging and interactive courses. More than 500,000 students have used BenchPrep courses to attain their educational goals. 

About Blueprint for Success:

Blueprint for Success (501c3) is a multi-platform comprehensive student-athlete development program. The combination of Blueprint for Success social media, curriculum, web-based tools and live events is a game-changer in terms of how we engage, empower and educate student-athletes.

Blueprint for Success partners with Operation HOPE

Blueprint for Success is honored to announce it’s partnership with the global leader for financial dignity, Operation HOPE, Inc. Blueprint for Success will be using Operation HOPE’s Banking on Our Future  (BOOF) and Banking on Our Future, College Edition in our financial literacy program component. This partnership will provide us a tremendous opportunity to impact the financial futures of millions of student-athletes through education, and empowerment while promoting an atmosphere of hope, responsibility and self-sufficiency.

 Operation HOPE (HOPE) is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting financial literacy and dignity through various educational programs and initiatives. Since its founding in 1992, HOPE has served more than two million individuals and directed more than $1.5 billion in private capital to low-wealth communities. It maintains a growing army of 20,000 HOPE Corps volunteers, and currently serves more than 300 U.S. cities, as well as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates. At the core of HOPE’s mission to eradicate poverty and empower people through financial literacy is a “silver rights” movement to ensure that free enterprise and capitalism work for the underserved. 


Please visit Operation HOPE’s Website – www.operationhope.org

 Twitter Operation HOPE on Twitter at www.twitter.com/OperationHOPE





Stacey August joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome "Agent of Change" Sports Life Coach & wealth empowerment expert, Stacey August, to our Special Advisory Board!


Stacey August, Founder and CEO of Leagues Of Their Own, Inc. [L.O.T.O.], a wealth empowerment impact organization, CEO of Players Choice Wealth Care Network Solutions, a coaching and consulting wealth empowerment management firm, and author of, “Stealing Home – On A Fielder’s Choice”, a spiritual memoir, is in a league of her own. The former Mrs. Michigan America, 1994, and mother of three-time All Star, Detroit Tigers’ first baseman, Prince Fielder, mission is to implement education focused on total wealth family leadership and legacy planning that redefines what professional sport athletes are doing in their own lives and in the larger community.

Stacey August holds a FCC Broadcasting license from Columbia School of Boradcasting, Dallas, Texas. Earning a Psychology Degree from Liberty University, her future goals are to attain her Masters and ultimately a Doctorate in Organizational Psychology. She’s also a former fitness model and a certified fitness trainer featured in many highly recognized publications, such as: Ebony and Jet, as well as her feature in Muscular Development, as one of the top 10 fitness women in 1997, an accomplishment acquired due to her passion for Health & Fitness.

She’s recognized as a Pro-Sports Life Coach to women associated with professional athletes. Stacey was honored with the “Mo Better Award” for her contribution to Morehouse University as well as her Relief Contribution to the war-torn county of Rwanda.

Stacey’s career took off with a ten-fold lead in responsibility when she accepted the calling on her life to form Players Choice Federal Credit Union, a trade industry profession-charter for pro-sport industry families; owned by its members and designed to promote education as one of its main focal points.

In her spare time, the Ambassador for Christ, mother of six, grandmother of six, enjoys spending time with her family, reading, writing and running. An ardent speaker and host of “Her Game Face View” and “She’s Got Game 2 – Conversations with Stacey”, relishes in empowering audiences with inspirational and helpful educational Webinars, Tele-seminars and One 2 One Life Coaching in the arena of total wealth creation, preservation and pre-preparation.

Stacey's greatest belief is that a person's legacy determines how history will judge them and that history bestows the title of greatness upon those individuals who have extended themselves when they did not have to, and created lasting legacies through the lives they touch. She is deeply spiritual person. In God she trusts.

Follow Stacey on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CoachStaceySGG2

Leagues Of Their Own - http://www.leaguesoftheirown.org


Jeremy Thompson joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome a star in the world of lacrosse hailing from the Onondaga Nation part of the Six Nation Confederacy, NIke/N7 athlete, professional athlete of the Edmonton Rush, Hamilton Nationals and Iroquois Nationals - Jeremy Thompson, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


As a National: 
He enters his third season with the Nationals and third in the MLL… Tied his career high with two goals on 7/14/12… Scored two goals, to tie his single-game best, in his 2012 debut on 5/12/12… Completed his rookie season with 10 points (6+4) in seven games…Played a road game the day after he was married on 7/23/12 at Boston…Made his professional debut on 6/10 at Rochester and had two goals en route to Cascade MLL Rookie of the Week honors…Hamilton Nationals’first-round selection (sixth overall) in the 2011 MLL Collegiate Draft. 

Other Professional Experience: In 2012, he played for the Edmonton Rush…Was selected in the second round (10th overall) in the 2011 National Lacrosse League Entry Draft by the Buffalo Bandits. 

College/Amateur: Thompson was Syracuse’s highest scoring midfielder with 30 points (18+12) in 2011... He also led the Orange with 61 faceoff wins en route to Third Team All-American honors… Named to the 2011 Inside Lacrosse Preseason All-American First Team… In 2010, he was a USILA Second Team All-American… Named to the All-BIG EAST First Team as the squad’s specialty player and the All BIG EAST Second Team as an at-large selection… Started all 15 games as a member of SU's first midfield… Scored 23 points (15+8)… Also won 78-of-134 (.582) faceoffs and was third on the team with 46 ground balls… Led the BIG EAST in faceoff winning percentage … Tied for the conference lead with three game-winning goals… In 2010, he was a member of the Iroquois National Team scheduled to compete at the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) World Championship, but didn't due to a passport dispute… Helped Onondaga Community College (OCC) to two NJCAA national championships, two Mid-State Conference titles and two Region III championships (2007 and 2009)… Two-time All-Region III and NJCAA All-American… In 2006, he competed for the Iroquois Nationals at the International Lacrosse Federation (ILF) World Championship and helped the team to a fourth-place finish… Listed as the No. 4 overall prospect in the Class of 2006 by Inside Lacrosse, along with his brother, Jerome… 2006 Under Armour and U.S. Lacrosse All-American… Participated in the 2006 U.S. Lacrosse National Senior Showcase… Led Lafayette to two state championships (2003, 2005) and a 24-0 overall record in 2005… Team MVP and a two-time team captain. 

Canadian Box Lacrosse: In 2010, he was voted a First Team All-Star and MVP in the President’s Cup Tournament (Senior “B”)…Was a member of the President’s Cup champion Onondaga Redhawks… In 2007, he was selected as First Team All-Star in the Junior “A” circuit. 

Personal: Married: wife, Sonya… Cousins, Marshall Abrams (1997-2000) and Brett Bucktooth (2003-06), both played for the Orange… Majored in communication and rhetorical studies.

Follow Jeremy on Twitter at https://twitter.com/j_thompson74

Wes Haagensen joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome former Univeristy of Illinois 7x NCAA All-American, Big Ten Gymnast of the Year and All-Around Champion, 9x USA Gymnastics National Team Member, Wes Haagensen, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


"I earned my bachelors in business administration/management. For the past ten years I have been training gymnastics, as well as coaching. I have also given motivational speaking to young athletes. I currently run a boys gymnastics program in California. I am a workout enthusiast with a high level if energy. I live by a code of putting 100% into your efforts and go big or go home, never leave anything at the door." - Wes Haagensen

-9 time USA gymnastics national team member

-3 time USA gymnastics national all-around champion

-Pan American championships team captain and gold medalist

-7 time NCAA all-American

-2 time NCAA academic all American

-University of Illinois team captain

-Big Ten Rookie of the Year

-Big Ten NCAA all- around champion

-2009 USA World Championships team member



Miles Chamley-Watson joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome the face of USA fencing - 3x 1st Team All-American, 2012 Olympian and 2013 Senior World Champion (first American male ever to do so), Miles Chamley-Watson to our Athlete Advisory Board!

Personal Information

23-year old graduate of Penn State University, Class of ‘13

New York City Resident

Represented U.S. at the 2012 London Olympics

First Ever Senior World Champion 2013

Seeks to represent U.S. at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics





Born in London, England, Miles moved with his family to New York City at the age of 8. The next year he took up fencing, displaying extraordinary natural talent. His family then moved to Philadelphia when he was 12. Miles’ talent and skills continued to develop over the next several years, earning him an athletic scholarship at Penn State. Over the next seven years Miles became the face of USA fencing and became a history maker.

Chamley-Watson has had an outstanding career. Chamley-Watson just made history by becoming the first ever-male Senior World Champion. Chamley-Watson outstanding fencing career reach a pivotal point on Aug 9th,2013 when he made American history by becoming the first American male fencer to become World Fencing Champion.

Some of his most memorable achievements include: 2008 Junior World Champion; 3-time 1st Team All-American; 2-time NCAA Team Champion; NAC Team Champion; World Champion; and Pan Am Team Champion.

After his junior year in college, Miles took a year off to train and focus on qualifying for the Olympics. In the spring of 2012, his hard work paid off. Chamley-Watson was awarded the top spot on U.S. Men’s Olympic Fencing Team. This was significant, since the Olympics were being held in the city of his birth.

Currently, Chamley-Watson fences for the Fencers Club in New York City with Simon Gershon as his coach. Once ranked the #2 men’s foil fencer in the world (highest of any fencer in his weapon ever), Chamley-Watson is presently ranked #1 in the U.S. and #5 in the world. He is looking forward to compete, once again, to represent the U.S. at the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. He is currently training and a member of the 2013 Senior World Championship Team. 

Follow Miles on Twitter at  https://twitter.com/MChamleyWatson

Miles Chamley-Watson Facebook Fan Page - https://www.facebook.com/MilesChamleyWatson

Max Seibald joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome NIKE Lacrosse & New York Lizards (Major League Lacrosse) Superstar Max Seibald to our Athlete Advisory Board!


 Max was born and raised in Long Island, New York.  He graduated G.W. Hewlett High School in 2005 and Cornell University in 2009.  Other than playing professionally, Max owns and operates his own lacrosse camps and clinics business around the country called Maximum Lacrosse Camps.  He currently reside in NYC.




Team USA Outdoor – 2010, 2014

Team USA Indoor - 2011

MLL Denver Outlaws 2009-2011

MLL New York Lizards 2012-Present

NLL Philadelphia Wings 2010-Present

Cornell University '09


Accolades (PRO)

•                Named to the MLL All - Pro Team

•                MLL All Star ‘09, ‘10, ‘11, ‘12

•                NLL All Star ‘11, ‘12

•                Gold Medalist with Team USA Outdoor

•                Named to 2011 Team USA Indoor Team

•                Named to 2010 Team USA Outdoor Team

•                Named to the All - World Team 2010


Accolades (Collegiate)

•                2009 Tewaaraton Trophy

•                2009 Diane Geppi-Aikens Scholarship – Outstanding Commitment to Community Service

•                2009 Lowe’s Senior Class Award - Classroom, Community, Character, Competition

•                2009 Lt. Raymond J. Enners Award – USILA Outstanding Player of the Year, Division I

•                2009 Lt. j.g. Donald McLaughlin Jr. Award – USILA Outstanding Midfielder of the Year, Division I

•                2009 First Team All-America Selection (4X D1 All-American)

•                2009 First Team All-Ivy Selection, unanimous (First and only ever 4X 1st Team All Ivy Selection)

•                2009 Charles H. Moore Award – Cornell University Outstanding Senior Varsity Athlete

•                2 X Cornell University Team Captain


Follow Max on Twitter at https://twitter.com/maxseibald42

Maximum Lacrosse Camps Website - http://www.maximumlacrossecamps.com

New York Lizards - http://www.nylizards.com

Blueprint for Success partners with VolunTEEN Nation

One very important piece of student-athlete development is volunteerism. We believe that volunteering and giving back to your community is critical to character development and creating an attitude of gratitude in student-athletes. For this and many other amazing reasons we are proud announce our partnership with VolunTEEN Nation!


Youth-led national non-profit org w/volunteer, intern & scholarship resources for youth, schools, & nonprofits.
Company Overview
Spreading the spirit of volunteerism for youth and families throughout the nation.

Teenagers are ready to take action, and dive into solving problems in the community. Anyone can volunteer at any age. Everyone can make a difference. Make a difference today!

Blueprint will be working with VolunTEEN Nation to provide student-athletes, parents, coaches and other athletic department personnel valuable information regarding volunteer, scholarship and grant opportunities. We also look forward to teaming up with VolunTEEN Nation down the road to create both Blueprint for Success and student-athlete led volunteer opportunities!

VolunTEEN Nation Website - http://www.volunteennation.org

Follow VolunTEEN Nation on Twitter at https://twitter.com/volunTEENnation

Like VolunTEEN Nation's Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/VolunTEENnation

Statement of Support - Allen Hopkins of U.S. Men's National Soccer team and Athletes’ Performance Inc.’s Mindset Department

It is with great pleasure that I recommend and support ‘The Blueprint For Success Program’. 

 In my roles working for the U.S. Men's National Soccer team and as a part of Athletes’ Performance Inc.’s Mindset Department, the development of the complete athlete in a holistic approach is my focus.

 As elite athletes push the envelope in every way possible to better their own performance, the next point of differentiation separating the best from the rest, will undoubtedly be the development of an athlete’s mindset and mental conditioning. 

 Playing any particular sport does not define an athlete, as playing that sport is not who an athlete is, but rather what they do. ‘The Blueprint For Success Program’ is the perfect toolbox for any athlete looking for that defining advantage. That advantage can be attained not thru performance and fitness training but rather only thru programs, like this, designed to get the most out of an athlete’s mental approach through preparation and commitment.

 I believe strongly ‘The Blueprint For Success Program’ enables athletes to be the very best they can be. And it also presents athletes the greatest opportunity to maximize their own individual window of peak athletic performance. 

 Everyday is gameday and ‘The Blueprint For Success Program’ is exactly what every athlete needs to achieve their goals of becoming a champion.

 Every decision that an athlete makes from the time they wake up, till they go to sleep at night is key. And the ability to navigate the many variables needed to be a successful athlete in today’s age, at any level, comes only through their own ability to focus clearly on their objectives and blueprint for their athletic careers. 

 I am convinced ‘The Blueprint For Success Program’ will have a profound impact on any person looking to be a champion inside and outside of their sport.  



 Allen Hopkins 


 Allen's Website - http://www.allenhopkins.com

Follow Allen on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AllenAHopkins

Joshua Gordon joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome Founder of Sports Conflict Institute (SCI) & Sports Management Instructor at University of Oregon, Joshua Gordon, to our Special Advisory Board!


A conflict management professional for more than twenty years, Mr. Gordon is an experienced mediator, facilitator, educator, and organizational capability builder. Mr. Gordon specializes in sports related conflict management building on a history of contexts that have included business-to-business, organizational change, energy, environmental, real estate and housing, family, and gang-related conflict and disputes. He especially appreciates and enjoys complex, multi-party conflict that requires non-traditional solutions to impasse.

Mr. Gordon has developed creative organizational solutions to ensure competitive success for a number of teams and leagues from collegiate through the professional levels. He has presented to audiences that have included individuals and teams from the NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLS, NRL, MLB, USATF, USTA, PGA, LPGA, and ATP.

Mr. Gordon founded the Sports Conflict Institute (SCI) after previously directing the Competition Not Conflict (CNC) project at the University of Oregon School of Law Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center. Mr. Gordon sees the importance of supporting competitive goals in athletics through understanding, preventing, and resolving destructive conflicts that occur both inside and outside the lines. His goal is to ensure that SCI serves as a resource center and provides a range of services to help optimize performance. He is dedicated to minimizing destructive costs of conflict in sports, by looking far below the tip of the iceberg, and fostering the positive value sports can provide to athletes, coaches, supporters, and administrators.

Mr. Gordon has created a number of cutting-edge conflict management tools and curriculum, including, the Play-By-Play Model™, Outside the Box / Inside the Ring™, Stop Bully!™, Sports Conflict Observations Tools (SCOTs)™, and myriad others. He takes a systemic approach to problems that arise in sport through the use of powerful assessment instruments and interventions designed to specifically address the challenge at hand.

Mr. Gordon has a track record of bringing innovative solutions to problems in sports. Examples include establishing one of the first sports ombuds programs in the country; facilitating the introduction of digital trainers to promote cognitive skills associated with competencies such as high-speed decision making, emotional regulation, and feedback mechanisms to Oregon Football, Softball, and Baseball in coordination with Axon Sports; and developing positive reward and accountability systems for Oregon Football program including testing against 500+ cases to ensure behavior outcomes consistent with Coach Chip Kelly’s values, expectations, and goals.

Mr. Gordon has trained thousands of students in mediation, negotiation, and conflict management. As part of the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, he Instituted mediation and conflict resolution training programs in school systems throughout Massachusetts and was a member of the Conflict Intervention Team designed as first responders to gang violence.

Mr. Gordon continues to teach undergraduates and graduates at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR on courses related to sport & society, sports conflict management, law, and dispute resolution. He is the negotiation coach for the ABA Moot Court Negotiation Competition where he has successfully coached multiple teams to the National Competition, including the 2013 ABA National Champion which then competed in the International Negotiation Competition as the United States representative.

In addition to his career in conflict management and dispute resolution, Mr. Gordon is a competitive runner with recent Masters All-American performances in the mile, 3K, 5K, and 10K distances. He competes as part of the University of Oregon Running Club, Team 2XU, and the Bowerman Athletic Club with consistent top 1% finishes.

Mr. Gordon received his Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School, both his Master of Arts and a Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution from the University of Massachusetts Boston, and his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology / Sociology with an Certificate in Criminal Justice from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Mr. Gordon now resides in Eugene, Oregon with his wife, Renee, and their dogs Byrun and Bear after spending 15 years in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sports Conflict Institute (SCI) Website - http://sportconflict.org

Follow Joshua on Twitter at https://twitter.com/joshuagordon

Follow SCI on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Sportconflict


Kevin Houchin joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome a tremendous advocate for maximum access and opportunity for college and career success, a man that not only works in the National Programs at ACT but is also a lawyer, author, counselor, speaker, mediator, entrepreneur and artist, Kevin Houchin, to our Special Advisory Board.


Kevin’s diverse background includes experience as an entrepreneur, intellectual property attorney, admissions marketing/branding consultant, graphic designer, husband, father, non-profit organization board leader, and distinguished creative spirit. He has a BFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University and received his Juris Doctorate from The University of Iowa College of Law. He is licensed to practice law in Iowa and Colorado. Kevin’s innovative approach to client relationships has received national attention including the American Bar Association’s “Legal Rebel” designation for thought leadership in 2010. Kevin has spent his entire career helping people align who they are on the inside with what they do for a living–a natural fit with ACT’s mission of helping people achieve education and workplace success. A native Iowan, Kevin lives with his wife and their three children in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Follow Kevin on Twitter at https://twitter.com/kevinhouchin



Reggie Shaw joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome dedicated and passionate advocate against distracted driving, Reggie Shaw. Reggie will be assisting Blueprint for Success with the development of our responsible driving program component. We also look forward to bringing Reggie in to share his message at various events.


Reggie Shaw is a public speaker who dedicates his time and efforts into raising awareness towards the dangers of texting while driving. Reggie is an advocate in helping people of all ages understand the dangers of distracted driving. Reggie’s speaking experience comes from personal experience and he provides a message that will hit home to all. 

In the last 5 years Reggie has given nearly 300 presentations around the United States. He works closely with Zero Fatalities out of Salt Lake City. Reggie also currently works closely with youth as a youth basketball program director at the XSI factory in Lehi, Ut. He is experienced in working with and talking to youth of all ages. Reggie was also awarded 2011 Volunteer of the Year by Zero Fatalities. 

Reggie's public speaking began as court ordered service when he was 20 years old. He recognized the need for his message and his ability impact others lives through his message. He is very passionate about his message against texting while driving and is willing to share it with any audience to help save lives. Some of Reggie's presentations and appearances include; The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Dr. Oz Show, The Today Show, presentations for the NBPA, the Detroit Lions and over hundreds of High Schools and businesses around the country.

You can follow Reggie on twitter at https://twitter.com/shaw_reggie

Kevin P. Chavous joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome executive counsel for the American Federation for Children, board chair for Democrats for Education Reform, noted attorney, author, and national education reform leader, Kevin P. Chavous, to our Special Advisory Board.


Kevin P. Chavous is a noted attorney, author, and national school reform leader. He currently heads The Chavous Group, an education consulting firm, and is a founding board member and senior advisor to the American Federation for Children. He also presides as board chair for Democrats for Education Reform and is a former chair and board member for the Black Alliance for Educational Options.

 A former member of the Council of the District of Columbia and a former council chairman for D.C.’s Education Committee, Mr. Chavous has been at the forefront of change within Washington’s public school system. He was integral in shaping Washington’s three-sector education partnership with the federal government. This union not only yielded 50 million new federal dollars for D.C. public and charter schools, but it also led to the first federal scholarship program granting 2,000 low-income children the opportunity to attend private schools.

In recent years, Mr. Chavous has continued to support charter schools and parental choice programs across the country. Most notably, he spearheaded a team working with Governor Bobby Jindal that helped pass a scholarship bill giving low-income children the chance to attend private schools in New Orleans. That program was recently expanded statewide.  In 2008, Mr. Chavous served on the education policy committee of the Obama for President campaign. 

 Mr. Chavous is an accomplished author, having published Serving Our Children: Charter Schools and the Reform of American Public Education and his new book,Voice of Determination: Children that Defy the Odds. Mr. Chavous writes a regular education blog for The Huffington Post and his editorials have appeared in several prominent newspapers.  Mr. Chavous remains a highly sought after public speaker.

 Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Mr. Chavous graduated from Wabash College, where he was an NCAA All-American in basketball. He earned his law degree from Howard University School of Law and was the president of his graduating class. Mr. Chavous lives in Washington, D.C.

Follow Kevin on Twitter at  https://twitter.com/kevinpchavous

Kevin's Website - http://www.kevinpchavous.com

Dr. Dennis Kimbro joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is blessed to welcome one of the leading authorities on leadership, wealth and success in world. Best-selling author, dynamic speaker and  award-winning educator Dr. Dennis Kimbro to our Special Advisory Board!


Few individuals impact the day-to-day management of organizations and institutions as Dennis Kimbro.  A tireless educator, best-selling author, and Business school professor, Dr. Kimbro is universally characterized as an authority on leadership, wealth, and success.  As one of today’s top business speakers, he has documented and shared his principles and insight on peak performance with thousands of followers around the globe.  As a lecturer and researcher in the field of management, entrepreneurship and human potential, Dr. Kimbro encourages his readers to look within to extract the keys that underlie all accomplishment.  He received his B.A. degree from the University of Oklahoma, and a M.A. and doctorate from Northwestern University where he studied wealth and poverty among underdeveloped countries.  With his course work behind him, Dr. Kimbro combed the country interviewing scores of America’s most notable achievers.  Eventually his inquisition led to the question:  How can impoverished Black Americans pull themselves out of their poverty and reach their full potential?

 To broaden and enhance the scope of the project, Dr. Kimbro studied the methodology of Napoleon Hill, author of the phenomenal best seller Think and Grow Rich.  Using Think and Grow Rich as a reference, Dr. Kimbro decided to do what Hill had done in the 1930's.  He developed a survey to use among peak performing Black Americans.  Two years later, he learned from the foundation bearing Hill's name that, Hill himself, had drafted a book in 1970 that explored the identical question.  Moreover, Hill had written nearly one hundred pages on the subject, which turned out to be his last.  After a personal meeting with W. Clement Stone, president of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Dr. Kimbro was commissioned to update and complete Hill's original manuscript.  Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, the results of Dr. Kimbro and Hill's efforts, distills the secrets of success contained in the lives of peak performing men and women, and reveals how readers can use utilize these keys to make their dreams come true.

 Dennis is married and the father of three daughters, Kelli, Kimberli, and MacKenzie.  His honors include various awards bestowed by the business community as well as the Dale Carnegie Personal Achievement award.  Currently, Dr. Kimbro teaches on the faculty at the Clark Atlanta University School of Business Administration.  In 1996, he served as one of eight national judges for the prestigious Ernst & Young USA Today Entrepreneur of the Year held in Palm Springs, California.  As a certified Napoleon Hill Science of Success trainer and leadership coach, Dr. Kimbro's writings have influenced readers from the streets of Melbourne, Australia, to Johannesburg, South Africa to Seoul, South Korea, to Reykjavik, Iceland; to the boardrooms of General Motors, Walt Disney Corp., Citigroup, Frito-Lay, Eli Lilly, Apple Computer, Exxon Mobil, NIKE, and the Gallup Organization to name a few.  He has addressed the Ohio State 'Buckeye,' Wisconsin Badger,  and the Notre Dame 'Fighting Irish' football teams, the Kansas City Royals Baseball team, the St. Louis Rams football team, as well as the Denver Nuggets Basketball team.  He has appeared on the Today Show, Larry King, CNN, and has been featured in Success!, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and USA Today on numerous occasions sharing the keys to success and achievement.  Dr. Kimbro’s highest honor occurred when the Nat’l Black MBA Association presented him with the 2005 H. Naylor Fitzhugh award, emblematic as one of the top professors in the nation.  As the author of Daily Motivations for African American Success and the highly acclaimed What Makes the Great Great: Strategies for Extraordinary Achievement," his fifth book, The Wealth Choice:  Success Secrets of Black Millionaires—the long awaited sequel to Think & Grow Rich—A Black Choice, promises to be another best seller.

Follow Dr. Kimbo on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DrDennisKimbro

Dr. Kimbro's Website - http://www.denniskimbro.com

Richard Lapchick joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome human rights activist, pioneer for racial equality, internationally recognized expert on sports issues, scholar and author Richard E. Lapchick to our Special Advisory Board!


Richard E. Lapchick is often described as “the racial conscience of sport.” He brought his commitment to equality and his belief that sport can be an effective instrument of positive social change to University of Central Florida where he accepted an endowed chair in August 2001. It has been named one of the nation’s top five programs by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and ESPN The Magazine. In 2009 it was named the #1 MBA program in the nation for volunteer service.

Lapchick is a prolific writer. He is working on his 17th book. Lapchick is a regular columnist for ESPN.com and The Sports Business Journal.  He has written more than 550 articles and has given more than 2,800 public speeches. He has spoken in the United States Congress, at the United Nations and in the European Parliament.

Lapchick helped found Northeastern University’s Center for the Study of Sport in Society in 1984 and also helped form the National Consortium for Academics and Sport (NCAS) in 1985.  It is a group of over 230 colleges and universities that created the first of its kind degree completion and community service programs.   To date, 31,855 athletes have returned to NCAS member schools.  Over 14,985 have graduated.  Nationally, the NCAS athletes have worked with nearly 19.1 million students in the school outreach and community service program, which focuses on teaching youth how to improve race relations, develop conflict resolution skills, prevent gender violence and avoid drug and alcohol abuse.  They have collectively donated more than 20.8 million hours of service while member colleges have donated more than $300 million in tuition assistance. He helped create National Student-Athlete Day in 1988 which to date has recognized more than 2.6 million high school students for being citizen-scholar- student-athletes.

In December of 2006, Lapchick, his wife and daughter and a group of DeVos students formed the Hope for Stanley Foundation which is organizing groups of student-athletes and sports management students to go to New Orleans to work in the reconstruction efforts in the devastated Ninth Ward.  As of the spring of 2011, Hope for Stanley members have spent 35 weeks in the city in a partnership with the NOLA City Council.  Lapchick was named an honorary citizen by the New Orleans City Council in October 2007.  HFS has also worked with Tornado victims in Tuscaloosa, AL in New York with the victims of Hurricane Sandy.


Considered among the nation's experts on sport and social issues, Lapchick has appeared numerous times on Good Morning America, Face The Nation, The Today Show, ABC World News, NBC Nightly News, the CBS Evening News, CNN and ESPN as well as numerous other news broadcasts. 

Lapchick has received eight honorary degrees. He was named the Florida Public Citizen of the Year in 2006. He has been the recipient of numerous humanitarian awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award for Work in Civil Rights from the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow/Push Coalition in 2009. He was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame of the Commonwealth Nations in the category of Humanitarian along with Arthur Ashe and Nelson Mandela. Lapchick has won the Arthur Ashe Voice of Conscience Award, the Women’s Sports Foundation Presidents Award, Ralph Bunche International Peace Award and the Wendell Scott Pioneer Award in 2004 and the NASCAR Diversity Award in 2008 for leadership in advancing people of color in the motor sports industry.

In 2012, Lapchick was honored by the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida at its annual Dinner of Tribute.  He also received the Champions Award from the Alliance of Women’s Coaches, the only male to receive the award in 2012. The Black Coaches Association presented Lapchick with their Distinguished Service Award which is only the 2nd time they have presented this award in 28 years. Lapchick received the Mannie Jackson Human Spirit Award at the 2012 Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremonies.


In August of 2013, he received the Pioneer Award from the National Association of Black Journalists.

He is listed in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in American Education, Who's Who in Finance and Industry, and Who's Who in American Business. Lapchick was named one of the 100 Most Powerful People in Sports for six years, one of the 100 Most Influential Sports Educators in America, one of the 20 Most Influential People in College Sport and one of the 20 Most Influential People in Sport in Florida. 

Lapchick was one of 200 guests personally invited by Nelson Mandela to his inauguration after leading the American sports boycott of South Africa from 1975 until the end of Apartheid.

Follow Richard on Twitter at https://twitter.com/richardlapchick

TIDES (The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports) Website - http://www.tidesport.org/index.html


Floyd Keith joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for  Success is honored to welcome the former executive director of the Black Coaches and Administrators, a man that has dedicated his life to professional, inclusion and leadership development as well as ethics in sports, Floyd Keith, to our Special Advisory Board!


Floyd Keith accumulated 42 years of expertise in the sports profession with 23 years in the capacity of high level management.  He is currently consulting for the NCAA Office of Inclusion and Leadership Development; is a senior advisor for the DeVos Sports Program Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport and is the CEO of his own company, PPA Professional Services. Previously, he served 12 years as the executive director of the Black Coaches and Administrators. 

During his BCA tenure, the association reinforced its position as the preeminent force for the social consciousness of ethnicity in American sports and increased membership from 172 to over 4,000.

Under his leadership, BCA exceeded the $1M mark in fund raising on four separate occasions. In 2006, he negotiated a 6-year sponsorship agreement with Learfield Sports.

With BCA, he conducted collaborative hiring efforts known as “Equity in Hiring” and coordinated “Equity in Hiring Summits” from 2002 to 2005. The BCA “Hiring Report Card” was an outgrowth of those summits.  2012 marked the ninth year BCA has evaluated the search process of NCAA Division I institutions for head football and basketball coaches. The BCA has objectively and positively influenced intercollegiate searches.

Floyd is most proud of the realization of the NCAA-BCA “Achieving Coaching Excellence Program” for ethnic minority collegiate basketball coaches.  ACE is a professional development program initially established via a grant from the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics.  ACE is designed to advance the mission and vision of ethnic minority basketball coaches to become head basketball coaches.  To date, over 50 head coaching positions have resulted from 164 participants.

Keith has received numerous awards. In 2004, Sports Illustrated recognized him as one of “The 101 Most Influential Minorities in Sports”.  Black Enterprise named him one of the “50 Most Powerful Blacks in Sports” in 2005.  The All-American Football Foundation honored him as the 2004 Executive Director of the Year.  He was named “Coach of the Year” on three occasions as a head football coach.  The National Consortium for Academics and Sports awarded him the “2007 Giant Steps Award for Coaching”. The All-American Football Foundation honored him with the 2005 Johnny Vaught Outstanding Coach Award. In 2003, he was inducted into the ONU Athletic Hall of Fame and later recognized as a Distinguished Alumni in 2008.  In 2008, he was inducted into his high school’s Alumni Hall of Fame.  The Alliance of Women Coaches presented him with the Bigger Picture Award in 2013.

Floyd served 7 years as head football coach for the University of Rhode Island after 9 years as quarterback coach for Indiana University.  He was head coach at Howard University for 4 years after 5 years as an assistant at the University of Colorado.  His career began at the age of 21 when he became a full-time assistant at Miami University immediately following graduation from Ohio Northern in 1970.

Floyd earned a BSED from ONU. His wife, Dr. Nicole R. Keith is an associate professor at IUPUI in Indianapolis. The Keith’s have four beautiful children: Kenyari (18), Imani (15), Mikia (13) and Kailan (10). 


Follow Floyd on Twitter at https://twitter.com/floydkeithPPA

PPA Professional Services Website- http://www.ppaservices.org/default.html


Ella Masar joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is very excited to welcome former All-Big Ten and Lowe's 1st Team All-American soccer star at the University of Illinois and current Chicago Red Stars (NWSL) standout forward, Ella Masar, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


INTERNATIONAL: Debuted with the United States Women’s National Soccer Team in 2009… Previously played for both the U-21 and U-23 United States Women’s National Soccer Teams.

PROFESSIONAL: Played with Paris Saint-Germain for the 2011-2012 season… She made 17 appearances and scored six goals… Was drafted by the Red Stars in 2008… In 2009 she appeared in 16 games for the Red Stars and had two assists.

COLLEGE: Played at the University of Illinois… In 2006, she was named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year and NSCAA Second Team All-American… During her senior year, she was named All-Big Ten First Team and Lowe’s All-American First Team… She finished her career at Illinois with 27 goals and 20 assists.

Ella's Website - http://www.ellamasar.com

Follow Ella on Twitter at https://twitter.com/emasar3

Chantel Jones joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is excited to welcome the NCAA record holder for most career shutouts (47), one of the top young goalkeepers in the game - The Washington Spirit's Chantel Jones, to our Athlete Advisory Board!



Chantel had a standout college career playing goalkeeper at the University of Virginia, where she currently holds the NCAA record for the most career shutout, with 47. Jones represented the United States at the 2008 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup and is currently in the U.S. Soccer Under-23 pool. She also participated in the 2007 Pan American Games. She recently played professionally Þór Akureyri (Thór) in Akureyri, Iceland before signing with the Spirit.

International Experience

Member of the United States U-23 National Team
Member of the 2008 United States U-20 World Cup team
Played for the U.S. at the 2007 Pan American Games in Brazil
Played for the U.S. at the U-16 and U-17 levels

College Experience

2011 – Started all 24 games of the season. Posted a .77 goals against average. Had 14 shutouts. Broke NCAA career shutout record with 47 career shutouts

2010 – Started 22 games of the season. Posted a .67 goals against average. Had 10 shutouts. 2010 NSCAA All American Fourth Team. 2010 ACC First Team. 2010 NSCAA All Southeast Region First Team

2009 - First team VaSID All-State. Started all 22 games of the season. Had 10 shutouts. Posted a 0.77 goals against average

2008 – Missed the season due to international duty at the U-20 World Cup

2007 – 1st Team SoccerBuzz and Soccer America Freshman All-America. 2nd Team SoccerBuzz and 3rd Team NSCAA All-Mid Atlantic Region. 2nd Team All-ACC. VaSID State Rookie of the Year. 1st Team VaSID All-State. Started all 23 games of the season. Tied a school single-season record with 13 shutouts. Set a school single-season record and ranked 3rd nationally with a 0.41 goals against average. In September, set a school record with a 748:07 shutout streak. Played 2204 minutes, the most by a Cavalier goalkeeper in a season


Follow Chantel on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Chantel_Jones29

Wendy Lynne joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome mental toughness training expert, Wendy Lynne, to our Special Advisory Board!


Wendy Lynne is the Director of Mental Toughness Academy.  The Academy’s online Mental Toughness Training helps kids build confidence, focus, determination and the ability to bounce back from adversity – what we call Mental Toughness.  

As the Director of Mental Toughness Academy, she oversees the marketing, social media and JV partnerships for the Mental Toughness Training for Youth Athletes.  She is in the process of developing new mental training products for soccer, hockey, softball and basketball players and coaches.

She has over 30 years experience in marketing and sales and uses her knowledge and passion to help kids, their parents and coaches transform their thinking so they lead happier, healthier and more successful lives.

Follow Wendy on Twitter at https://twitter.com/youthconfidence

Mental Toughness Training Website - http://www.mentaltoughnesstrainer.com

Andrea Geubelle joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome former 6x All-American record-setting University of Kanas long/triple jumper and recently crowned USA Champion in the Triple Jump, Andrea Geubelle, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Born and raised in University Place, Washington, Andrea Geubelle’s track career began at Curtis Junior High when her potential was recognized by local track coach Nate Willford. She continued to develop her skill and experience in both track and field events as she entered high school.  Under the direction of Coach Nate and with the support of Curtis High School Track and Field program, Geubelle focused her talent, winning the 2008 Washington Interscholastic Activities Association 3A/4A High School Outdoor Track and Field Championship in Pasco Washington as a junior in both the long jump (19’ 1.75”) and the triple jump (39’ 10.75”).  In 2009, she went on to again take the state championship in the long jump (19’ 4”), the triple jump (40’ 11.75”) and also in the 100m (11.87)making her a 5 time state champion.  Geubelle maintains the Washington State all-time triple jump record at 42’ 10.25”.  Along with her Washington State titles, she still holds the West Central District 100m, long jump and triple jump records. 

 Upon graduating Curtis High School in 2009, Geubelle hung up her Viking jersey to become a Jayhawk, accepting an athletic scholarship from the University of Kansas. Sensing the coaching team at KU would provide her the greatest potential of attaining the dream of a chance to represent the United States in the Olympics, she entered the University’s community health/pre-nursing program. 

 As a Jayhawk, Geubelle has placed in the top five at the Big 12 Indoor and Outdoor Championships nine times of her ten appearances.  Recently she captured the 2012 Indoor Big 12 title in the triple jump rocketing to 44’ 7”, and as runner up behind her classmate in the long jump at 20’ 3.5”.  During her three years at the University of Kansas, Geubelle has amassed six All-American honors.  She is proud to be recognized for her four time All-American honors in the triple jump and her two time All-American honors in the long jump. 

 As a junior for the University of Kansas, she most recently accomplished her goal of winning an NCAA Championship.  She became a national champion at the 2012 NCAA Track and Field Championship in Boise, Idaho in the triple jump by leaping a personal best of 44’ 10.75”.  The leap assured her a place in KU athletic history as the second best all-time triple jump.  Her personal best long jump of 21’ 4” at the 2012 NCAA Track and Field Championship placed her eighth at the competition and was the fourth best all time long jump for the university. To cap off her 2012 season Andrea went on to place 3rd at the Olympic Trails.

 In her final year as a Jayhawk, the accolades continued to roll in. She broke long jump school record in her win at the Armory Collegiate Invitational with her nation-leading leap of 6.69 meters (21’11.5”), and then received the National Female Athlete of the Week by the USTFCCCA Feb. 4.  Later that indoor season she became the 4th woman ever to win an Indoor National Championships in both long jump and triple jump. Her 2013 winning NCAA triple jump mark (46’6”) was second-best indoor mark ever by an American.  She was then named USTFCCCA National field athlete of the year (indoor). Andrea qualified for NCAA Outdoor Championships in both long jump and triple jump for fourth-straight season. She contributed 16 points to lead her Jayhawk team to a 2013 National Championship in Track and Field.

 In her first professional meet she became the USA Champion in the Triple Jump.


Follow Andrea on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ageubelle05

Charon Smith joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome an accomplished and knowledgeable cyclist that is a proven winner on and off the bike, Charon Smith, to our Athlete Advisory Board! 

-3x California State Champion 2011, 2012, and 2013


-Silver Medalist at Master National Crit Championships in 2012


-So Cal cup overall winner for age class in 2012,


-2x Overall BAR series winner for age class in 2011, and 2012


-2012 winner in age class for the 51st running of the historic one day race Manhatthan Beach Grand Prix


-2013 winner of the largest one day bike race in America for age class the Dana Point Grand Prix.


"I am lover of people, my passion is to inspire, help, and motivate. I am a passionate athlete that enjoy being outdoors on my bike rather it be training, racing or out for a lesiure ride. I am a strong believer of being fit and taking care of my body, and while doing so my goal is to help others achieve their goals in cycling or life whenever possible. I am true believer that it is about helping and giving back."


Lori Lindsey joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome US Women's National Team member, Washington Spirit midfielder and the only woman besides Mia Hamm to win back-to-back ACC Player of the Year Awards, Lori Lindsey, to our Athlete Advisory Board!



U.S. National Team – Broke into the National Team relatively late in her career but has been a consistent call-up over the past three years … 2012: Played in six matches, starting two, and scored her first career national team goal against Guatemala – on a header – at the Olympic qualifying tournament in Vancouver, Canada … Named as an alternate to the 2012 Olympic Team and traveled with the squad to the U.K. …2011: Played in 10 games, starting three, and made her first Women’s World Cup team … Played in one match in Germany, starting and playing the entire 90 minutes in the USA’s second group match, a victory over Colombia … 2010: Had her best and most active year for the USA, playing in 13 matches while starting six and upping her career cap total to 14 … Had a team-high seven assists, including three – one in each group game – at the Algarve Cup in Portugal … 2009: Called into WNT training camps on the strength of her WPS performance but did not appear in a match … 2006: A part of Residency Training Camp … 2005:Earned her first cap against Iceland as a substitute … 2004: Part of Residency Training Camp in Carson, Calif. … Youth National Teams: A long-time member of the USA’s youth national team pool, she played for the U.S. U-16, U-17 and U-21 teams … A member of the USA’s U-21 2001 Nordic Cup champions in Norway … First Appearance: July 24, 2005, vs. Iceland … First Goal: Jan. 22, 2012, vs. Guatemala.

Professional / Club – Allocated to the Washington Spirit for the 2013 NWSL season … 2012: Played a few games for the Western New York Flash in the WPSL-Elite as the team won the championship … 2011:Played 254 minutes in nine games for the Independence, starting one, as Philadelphia earned a playoff berth with a second-place finish in the league … 2010: The first player taken in the 2010 WPS Expansion Draft by the Independence … Started all 23 games she played for the Independence, helping the team to a playoff berth, two playoff wins and a berth into the championship game … Scored two goals with a team-leading eight assists (tied for second in the league), meaning she led her club and country in assists … Named to the WPS Best XI … Was also named to the WPS All-Star Team … 2009: She played for the Washington Freedom in the inaugural season of WPS in 2009 after being taken 17th overall by the Freedom in the WPS General Draft … Started 18 of the 19 games she played for the Freedom, scoring two goals with one assist …. 2007: Member of the 2007 W-League champions with the Freedom … 2003: Traded to the Freedom at the 2003 WUSA Draft and was a member of 2003 Founders Cup III Champions … 2002: The fourth overall pick in 2002 WUSA Draft by San Diego Spirit, she played in 20 games, starting 13, and scored two goals with five assists … 2000: Played for the Indiana Blaze of the W-League from 1997-2000.

College / High School Played at Virginia from 1998-2001 and was the school’s first-ever Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year, winning the award two consecutive years (2000, 2001) joining North Carolina’s Mia Hamm as the only other player to achieve that distinction … Finished as the sixth all-time scorer in UVA history with 33 goals and 76 points … An NSCAA Second-Team All-American in 2001 and Third-Team All-American in 2000 …  She was also a 2001 finalist for the MAC Award … Named Female Athlete of the Year at UVA for the 2001-02 academic year …  High School: A graduate of Pike High School, she was named an NSCAA Parade All-American and earned First-Team All-State honors four consecutive years … When she graduated, she was the all-time leading prep scorer in Indiana high school history.

Personal Full name is Lori Ann Lindsey … Nicknames are “L-Squared” and Lori “The Lightning” Lindsey … Majored in sociology and was a member of the IMP Secret Society at UVA … Favorite book is “The Power of One” … Hobbies include going to the movies, reading, listening to music and shopping … Lived in Washington, D.C., while playing with the Freedom, and one of her fondest memories was attending Barack Obama’s first inauguration … Favorite food is kebabs (when she’s not eating donuts or Ding Dongs) and favorite restaurant is Lebanese Taverna in D.C. … Passionate about strength and conditioning and ultimately would like to train female athletes and help them achieve their professional and fitness goals … Brother Chris played college soccer at Earlham … When she was in high school, she refereed current U.S. WNT teammate Lauren Cheney’s indoor soccer games … Was a mean cross-country runner and an avid skateboarder in sixth grade (credit goes to her dad for building her first ramp) … Wants people to know there’s more than corn in Indiana.

Follow Lori on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LoriLindsey6

Yael Averbuch joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC (Sweden), US Women's National Team member and former University of North Carolina record-setting All-American soccer star, Yael Averbuch, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Yael Averbuch is a member of the U.S. Women’s National soccer team pool, and recorded her first cap (international appearance) at the Four Nations Tournament in January, 2007. 

She is the 2006 Soccer Buzz and Top Drawer Soccer Player of the Year, and was one of three finalists for the prestigious 2006 MAC Hermann trophy and the Honda Award for College Player of the Year. She is the 2006 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Offensive Player of the Year, and helped lead the legendary University of North Carolina (UNC) Tarheels to their 18th NCAA National Championship women’s soccer title in 2006. She was named to the NCAA All-tournament team, and a 2006 NSCAA, Soccer America and Soccer Buzz first team All-American. She is a member of the 2006 Jewish Sports Review All-America Team, and two-time ACC Player of the Week in 2006.

Started every game of her four-year career at North Carolina, setting team and NCAA records with 105 consecutive starts … She scored 32 goals with 29 assists for 93 career points … Her UNC jersey was retired in spring of 2009 … In December of 2008, she received the Top VIII Award as a senior, the most prestigious honor awarded by the NCAA, given annually to eight student-athletes who excel athletically, academically and in leadership and community service … In 2009 received the Patterson Medal, the most prestigious award presented to student-athletes at UNC … Was also the ESPN Academic All-American of the Year and NSCAA Scholar Athlete of the Year in 2008 … Was the ACC Scholar-Athlete of the Year for women’s soccer in 2007 and 2008 … A two-year captain (2007-2008), she helped lead the Tar Heels to two NCAA National Championships (2006, 2008) and was a member of the NCAA All-Tournament team both years … Won ACC titles during all four years of her college career and was a three-time NSCAA All-American, a three-time All-ACC selection and the 2006 ACC Offensive Player of the Year … Also a MAC Hermann Trophy finalist as junior … Attended Montclair High School, but did not play high school soccer … An NSCAA All-American and USYSA All-American in a sophomore, junior and senior … Also a Parade All-American as a junior and senior.

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Lauren Perdue joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success has the great privilege of welcoming former University of Virginia All-American swimmer and 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Lauren Perdue, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

2013 ACC Swimmer of the Championships

2011 ACC Swimmer of the Year

2011 ACC Swimmer of the Championships

2010 ACC Freshman of the Year

2010 ACC Swimmer of the Championships


NCAA All-American? (16)

2013: 200 Free (HM), 200 Free Relay (HM), 400 Free Relay (HM), 800 Free Relay (HM)

2011: 50 Free, 200 Free, 100 Free (HM), 800 Free Relay, 200 Free Relay (HM), 400 Free Relay (HM)
2010: 50 Free, 200 Free, 100 Free (HM), 400 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay?

ACC Champion? (19)

2013: 200 Free, 800 Free Relay
2012: 100 Free, 200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay, 800 Free Relay
2011: 100 Free, 200 Free, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay, 800 Free Relay?
2010: 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free, 400 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay, 800 Free Relay?

All-ACC (23)

2013: 50 Free, 100 Free,200 Free, 800 Free Relay
2012: 50 Free,100 Free, 200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay, 800 Free Relay
2011: 50 Free,100 Free, 200 Free, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay, 800 Free Relay
2010: 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free, 400 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay, 800 Free Relay

UVA Career Bests?

50 Free: 22.01 (Virginia Record)
100 Free: 47.88 (ACC and Virginia Record)
200 Free: 1:42.51 (ACC and Virginia Record)??

Lauren was also a scholastic All-American in high school as well as a North Carolina state record-holder in the 50 and 100 freestyle. Junior National Champion in the 200 freestyle?Member of National Honor Society and National Spanish Honor Society? as well as the National Art Honor Society and National Science Honor Society!

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Lowell Perry Jr. joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome Big Brothers Big Sisters of America as Chief Diversity Officer, Senior Vice President Corporate & Community Engagement, Lowell Perry Jr., to our Special Advisory Board!


Prior to joining Big Brothers Big Sisters of America as Chief Diversity Officer, Senior Vice President Corporate & Community Engagement, Lowell Perry Jr. was the Chief Executive Officer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee (BBBSMT).  The agency grew from 400 kids served in 2005 to set records of 2812 children served and unrestricted revenue of $2.62 million in 2010, and was selected as a Top 5 benchmark MCP (Mentoring Children of Prisoners) agency out of over 400 nationwide in overall performance.  Perry, a Big Brothers Big Sisters of America CEO of the Year winner in 2007 served on the Big Brothers Big Sisters Nationwide Leadership Council where he chaired the Leadership & HR Committee and also chaired the national African-American Advisory Council.

 Perry is an experienced business development and marketing executive with an extensive broad-based business background including, strategic alliances, start-ups, turnarounds, general and performance management, with special expertise in minority business development as a viable growth strategy.  He has developed a reputation as a visionary innovator in the nonprofit sector.

 Some career highlights include leading a start-up automotive manufacturer from concept to $30 million in three years, developing and implementing marketing strategies for a worldwide consumer products company, introducing a new paradigm in minority business development focusing on the “end-game”, that saves jobs and leads to sustainable growth of disadvantaged businesses, and the creation and implementation of a successful statewide drug education prevention program targeting kids K-6.

 A Yale graduate and polished keynote speaker with extensive professional on-camera, radio, and live presenting experience, Perry has been featured in numerous sales and marketing training films, and many commercials.  He has also appeared in a number of feature films and television, including Déjà vu, starring Denzel Washington and Nothing but the Truth, featuring Kate Beckinsale, as well as on the Lifetime Channel show, Drop Dead Diva.

 His public speaking career began during his tenure as a front office executive with the Seattle Seahawks pro football team, where he negotiated free agent contracts, handled team travel, and served as the team’s primary community liaison.  Popular keynote topics have included: “Creating a Meaningful Life”, “Time to Take Action”, “Time, Talent, Treasure,” “Junior” and “No Excuses, Play like a Champion”

 Perry’s hero and mentor is his father Lowell Sr., who served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, and as a player and coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, before embarking on a career that led to stints as the first African-American plant manager of a major US manufacturing company, Chairman of the United States EEOC under President Gerald Ford, and two State of Michigan cabinet level positions, Director of Labor and Director of Urban Programs.

 Lowell Perry Jr. is an avid golfer and registered yoga instructor who enjoys acting, gourmet cooking, and spending time with his lovely wife Kathleen and their three beautiful children Trey, Tucker Nichol (Miss Tennessee USA 2010), and Trenton.  He also is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., a past board member of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corp, Leadership Nashville Class of 2009, and was named one of Nashville’s 25 Most Beautiful People in 2011.

Follow Lowell on Twitter at https://twitter.com/lowellperryjr

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America - http://www.bbbs.org

Christen Press joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome Tyreso FF and US National Women's  Soccer Team superstar, Christen Press, to our Athlete Athlete Advisory!


Christen was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in the South Bay city of Palos Verdes. She has two sisters, Channing and Tyler. She began playing soccer at age five and later attended Chadwick School. As a two-year team captain and four-year starter of the high school's soccer team, she helped lead the Dolphins to two Southern Section Division IV titles. She also lettered in track and tennis.

In 2006, she was named NSCAA High School All-American and Parade Magazine All-American. During her high school career, she scored a total of 128 goals, including 38 her junior year alone (a school-record). She was a two-time Southern Section Division IV Offensive Player of the Year and four-time Prep League Offensive MVP.

She played club soccer for the Slammers FC of Newport Beach, California and won the Golden Boot for most goals scored in the US Youth Soccer Association national championship tournament.

Stanford University

Christen is the all-time leading scorer for the Stanford University women's soccer team with 71 goals. She was the recipient of the 2010 Hermann Trophy and was awarded Pac-10 Conference Player of the Year and NSCAA first-team All-American honors. She also earned Academic All-America honors and won the Pac-10's Scholar-Athlete of the Year for soccer.

Club career


Christen was drafted to the Washington Freedom as the 4th overall pick in the 2011 WPS Draft. Under new ownership, the team moved to Florida and was re-namedmagicJack. During a game against the Boston Breakers in July 2011, she scored ahat trick improving the team's record to 6-6-2 overall. She was awarded the US Soccer Federation's Rookie of the Year award for the first-ever hat trick scored by a rookie.

Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC

When Women's Professional Soccer folded in early 2012, Christen inked a professional deal with Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC in Sweden. Her first game with the team was the Champions League quarterfinals.The team won the Swedish Cup. She was the second-highest scorer for the league with 17 league goals and 25 in all 2012 competitions.

Tyresö FF

In 2013, she signed with Swedish champions, Tyresö FF located in Stockholm.


International career

Christen previously played for the United States national team at the U-20 and U-23 levels. In 2012, she was a member of the senior team pool and attended the 2012 Summer Olympics in London as an alternate.

She played her first match for the United States women's soccer team against Scotland women's national football team, on February 9, 2013 and scored the first two goals of the match, and earned an assist on the third goal. Press is only the third woman to score two goals on her first match for the U.S. national team, and was named woman of the match on her debut. She scored another goal in her second game four days later. No other US woman has scored three goals in her first two games.

2013 Algarve Cup

Christen made her first Algarve Cup appearance with the senior team in a match against Iceland on March 6, 2013. The United States defeated Iceland 3-0. During the team's next game on March 8, 2013, she scored the fourth goal in a commanding 5-0 win over China. With the goal against China, Press became the fifth women's national team player to score at least four goals in her first four matches. She earned two additional caps at the Algarve during the knockout stage match against Sweden led by former United States coach, Pia Sundhage, and in the final against Germany. The United States took first at the 2013 Algarve Cup with a 2-0 win over Germany.

Follow Christen on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ChristenPress

Christen's blog - http://footballschristenpress.blogspot.com

Chantae McMillan joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome a rising star in the track and field world, heptathlete Chantae McMillian, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


USA Championships

3rd at 2012 Olympic Trials - 6188 points


Collegiate Championships
2011 NCAA Indoor pentathlon runner-up - 4396 points

About Chantae
McMillan had the performance of a lifetime at the 2012 Olympic Trials where she set personal bests in five of the seven events (100m hurdles, 200m, shot put, javelin, 800m) to finish third and secure the needed Olympic A standard. McMillan graduated from Nebraska as a four-time Big 12 combined events champion after a standout high school career as a long jumper where she won the Missouri Class 4 state title in 2005 and 2004.  Majored in middle school education at Nebraska.

Follow Chantae on Twitter at https://twitter.com/chan_taemac

Great interview with LLTV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR11Iah7Q1k

Graham Betchart joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome one of the world's most respected and knowledgeable sports psychology consultants & mental skills coaches, Graham Betchart, to our Special Advisory Board!


Graham Betchart is an internationally recognized mental strength and conditioning coach for basketball players. Graham is passionate about helping players reach their full potential by creating and maintaining a mindset for success.  He believes the mind can be trained like the body.  With over 10 years of mental skills training, Graham has trained basketball players and teams of all levels. 

Graham has coached in China, Switzerland, and throughout the Caribbean.  His current work includes consulting with the NBA players association, directing mental skills training for the Stanford Men’s Basketball Team and Revolution Sports, coaching the MVP of the McDonald’s All American Game Aaron Gordon, and working as a motivational speaker for companies and schools.  Graham continues to develop new and innovative ways to train his clients as their needs expand.

A former college basketball captain and high school coach, Graham holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology, and is the founder of I Play Present™, a performance coaching business based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

As one client explains “Graham speaks the athlete language and can communicate with anyone.”  Graham is very engaging and knows how to relate and connect with athletes and competitors who are constantly dealing with pressure and enormous expectations to perform consistently at a high level. 

A naturally inspiring person with an easy going and positive personality, Graham’s ability to motivate and help clients see their true potential is remarkable.  His presentations leave people moved, and his ability to connect with his audience is exceptional.  Graham is a high demand mental strength and conditioning coach for basketball players.  If you are interested in working with Graham please email him.

“Graham doesn’t just tell you to focus, he tells you what you need to focus on to be at your best.  I now understand how to improve the mental aspect of my game which gives me the upper hand and makes me much tougher to guard on the court”

Aaron Gordon – MVP of the McDonalds All American Game


Check Graham out at www.Iplaypresent.com

Follow Graham on Twitter at www.twitter.com/iplaypresent

Dr. Will Moreland joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome America's #1 Leadership Life Trainer and one of America's Top Speakers under 40, Dr. Will Moreland, to our Special Advisory Board!


A father that was in jail, a single mother of two and living in what was considered the worst city in America doesn't sound like a recipe for success. Throw in a low self-esteem, a speech impediment and a sense of hopelessness and you will have the beginning of my journey. Growing up in Compton, California at a time where the drug issue, gang violence and murder rate was at an all time, Dr. Will made a critical CHOICE in his life. He wasn't going to let his start determine his finish.

Over the last two decades he has studied and implemented the tools, habits and mental perspective it takes for ANYONE to achieve success in life. He has been mentored by some of the most respected people in the arena of personal development and business development.

Because he is passionate about his message and knows it works FIRST HAND, he wanted to share it with as many people that would listen. Dr. Will is on a mission to help you “LIVE GENIUS.” That means to Live In Victory Everyday while Getting ENgaged In Unique Significance!!!

Since 2001, when Dr. Will finished his time serving in the United States Army, and was released with an Honorable Discharge, he has presented over 1700 presentation on Leadership Development, Personal Development, Business Development, Team Development and Success Development.

Dr. Will is one of the most requested speakers under the age of 40 in America, the author of over 20 books, including the top selling “Genius Potential.” Recently Dr. Will has been nominated as a Phoenix Business Journal 40 Under 40, a Top Small Business Influencer and as a Top Thought Leader for 2013.

Dr. Will is a highly regarded business coach and trainer, working with clients ranging from small businesses to celebrity clients seeking his wisdom on branding, team execution and leadership governance.

Follow Dr. Will on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MOLDLegacy

Dr. Will's Website - http://www.willmoreland.com

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Dr. Will's YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/drwillspeaks

Ryan Wilson joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome current 110 hurdles National Champion (recently won at the 2013 USA Outdoor National Championships) and 2003 NCAA National Champion, Ryan Wilson, to our Athlete Advisory Board!



USA Championships
2013 USA Outdoor Champion
2010 USA Outdoor runner-up (13.17)
3rd at 2006 USA Outdoors (13.22)

International Championships

3rd at 2008 World Athletics Final (13.54)

Collegiate Championships
2003 NCAA Outdoor champion (13.35)
2003 NCAA West Region champion (13.54
Three-time PAC 10 Outdoor champion – 2000 (13.83); 2002 (13.81); 2003 (13.42)
2001 PAC 10 400m hurdles runner-up (50.89)
3rd at 2002 NCAA Outdoors (13.79)
Awards and Honors
Three-time NCAA Division I All-American
About Ryan
In the middle of a loaded event for American hurdlers, Ryan Wilson has recorded a time in the top ten on the U.S. performance list six of the last seven years. His personal best in the 110m hurdles of 13.02, which he ran in 2007, currently ranks 12th on the all-time U.S. performance list. That time currently sites 18th on the all-time world list. Wilson has also displayed his abilities in other events, recording personal bests of 48.52 and 49.33 in the 400m and 400m hurdles, respectively, as a collegiate athlete. An NCAA Outdoor champion while at Southern California, Wilson majored in fine arts with a focus on graphic design during his time with the Trojans. Always gifted in academics, Wilson earned academic All-Ohio honors during high school.

Follow Ryan on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ryancwilson

Raven Chavanne joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome 4x National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) All-American, 3x Captial One Academic All-American and Chicago Bandits of National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) draftee, Raven Chavanne, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Raven recently graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in political science with a 3.84 G.P.A.. She was chosen as the winner of the Academic All-America® of the Year award for the Division I softball Team.

The Thousand Oaks, Cal., native was a three-time first team Capital One Academic All-America® selection, earning first team notice as an outfielder in 2011 and making the team as an infielder in 2012 and 2013. In addition, for the third year in a row, she was a finalist for the USA Softball Player of the Year.

A finalist for the 2013 USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year Award, Raven was a four-time National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) All-American (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013), Chavanne was a four-time NFCA All-Southeast Region selection. She also was named to the All-Southeastern Conference team four times. She was named to the first team in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and to the second team in 2010.

Raven is Tennessee's all-time leader in career batting average (.450), runs (243), steals (141) and on-base percentage (.516).

Her speed sets her apart from just about any other player. Chavanne ran the 100-meter dash in 11.9 seconds and the 200 in 24.54 seconds as a track star at Newbury Park High School in Thousand Oaks, California

Raven's biggest sports influences are fellow Blueprint for Success Athlete Advisory Board member Natasha Watley as well as basketball superstar Kobe Bryant.

Follow Raven on Twitter at https://twitter.com/RavenChavanne

Chicago Bandits - http://www.chicagobandits.com

Tony Gaskins joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is blessed to welcome Life, Relationship & Business Strategist, Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker - Tony Gaskins, to our Special Advisory Board!

BIO (In his own words)

I come from nothing. Compared to the God I serve, I’m still nothing. But my desire is to change the world. It was my pain that birthed my purpose. It’s my mess that I’ve made my message. My mistakes became lessons and they’ve shaped me into the man I am today. I’m a devout Christian and I’m not ashamed of that fact. I’m a FAITHFUL Husband and I must put emphasis on faithful. I’m a devoted Father. Beyond that, I’m just a servant.

I decided that I’d create the things that were placed on my heart and trust that God would handle the rest. After all, it’s been written that faith without work is dead. I work. I published my first book at 22 years old. It’s titled, What Daddy Never Told His Little Girl. I exposed myself so the adversary couldn’t. I brought my own skeletons out of my closet, put clothes on them and sent them to work to begin changing lives. By the age of 22 I had made more mistakes than some men three times my age. I had been the worst boyfriend, the worst friend, and everything else. At 22 I became a professional speaker as well. My first engagement was at Bethune Cookman University speaking on toxic relationships. At 25 I found myself sitting next to the great Oprah Winfrey. Oprah wasn’t singing my praises or patting me on my back. I went on the show to crucify my ego and tell my story of one violent night in my college dorm room with my girlfriend. I was 20 when that happened and at 25 when I decided to talk about it I had been living a life of purpose for 3 years already but I didn’t mention that on Oprah. I wasn’t on there to be praised. I was on there to show God that I was faithful and that I was genuine and sincere in my work. I knew that I couldn’t help others change if I wasn’t real enough to be transparent about my own mistakes. I didn’t get paid to tell my story. I didn’t have to tell my story but I knew my pain wasn’t just for me. My pain was connected to my purpose. I’d say 80% of the men I meet have lived through domestic violence but only 1% talk about it. I wanted to be in the 1% so that I could save millions others from living through that. After Oprah, next I went on the Tyra Banks show and she showed my self-published book to the world. Then I went on the 700 Club to tell another part of my testimony about when I was a lost young man selling drugs and posing as a thug.

            You see I lived life. I made mistakes. Thank God I lived to tell about them. At the age of 26 I became a speaker for the NBA and NBPA. I began telling my story to the NBA rookies. Online I became known as the love doctor. I learned how to love thru a painful journey to the truth. So I taught what I knew. Over 300 professional athletes and celebrities came to follow my message online. I coached several of them. My message began to spread around the world. Individuals that I’d seen on my TV like Rev Run, Alicia Keys, Tyrese, P. Diddy, and so on began to share my message on their own social media outlets. Why me? How? What qualified me? Only God can answer those questions for you and if He tells you, please let me know what He said.

I’m not here to just exist. I’m here to live. I’m not here to just survive. I’m here to thrive. Today, God has blessed me with over 200,000 loyal supporters online. I’m an international speaker and an international life coach. I’m not trying to impress. I’m just trying to express that when we surrender to our purpose, amazing things happen.

Tony's Website - http://www.tonygaskins.com

Tony's Fascebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/TonyAGaskinsJr?fref=ts

Follow Tony on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TonyGaskins




Matt Crevin joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome Career Counselor, Author, Radio Show Host, PA Announcer, Guest Lecturer, Sports Management Advisor - Matt Crevin, to our Special Advisory Board!

Voice of the Box Founder, Matt Crevin, matches his 20 years of sports industry knowledge, experience and connections, with his 16 years of corporate world know-how with such companies as Microsoft and FedEx to deliver a unique perspective as well as a distinctive set of services to aspiring sports industry insiders. 
Matt has 20 years of experience as a sports industry insider, 4 years as a career coach, industry networker, national guest lecturer and radio show host, with a common sense approach on how to create AND execute a successful career search.
"I’ve seen the job search and career management challenge from both sides and along the way, I’ve seen many people struggle with the job search, interview and career search process. As a result, I’ve discovered some of the most common areas that need improvement."
"This discovery convinced me to devote my life to helping as many young professionals as possible to develop their career search strategy.  I also wanted individuals to experience a much higher success rate in landing the jobs they truly wanted.  Because I knew I had a gift for teaching, training, coaching and motivating, I decided to leave the corporate world and pursue my one true passion:  to help develop the next generation of sports industry insiders.  And I didn't want to help these people merely get close to their next job — I wanted to help them nail it down!"
Are you ready to “Get in the Game?”

Voice of the Box - http://www.voiceofthebox.com
Voice of the Box's Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/voiceofthebox
Follow Matt on Twitter at https://twitter.com/VoiceoftheBox

Bill Daye joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome one of the most respected and knowledgeable individuals in the world of lacrosse. Major League Lacrosse pioneer, All-Pro, All-Star as a player and Championship coach (Coach of the Year), Bill Daye, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


“BD” as often referred to, is one of the most respected people in the sport of lacrosse.

He’s known for his passion for the game and in 2012 was named one of Lacrosse Magazine’s Most Twenty Influential Black Figures in Lacrosse History.

 Bill Daye brings over 25 years of lacrosse knowledge.  BD has been successful at every level; he has been a part of championship programs, as a coach and as a player, from high school to the professional ranks. 

Please visit the News section for the full story/bio

Follow Coach Daye on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LaxSchool

Lax School - http://www.lax-school.com/Lax_School/Admissions.html


Carli Lloyd joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is thrilled to welcome former AVCA Division 1 Player of the Year and University of California-Berkeley All-American Setter, current USA Women's National Volleyball Team Member & Yamamay Busto Arsizio (Italian top league) star, Carli Lloyd, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Carli was named PrepVolleyball.com Fab 50 Selection for four straight years while playing for Fallbrook High School in Fallbrook, Calif. She was named 2005 CIF Player of the Year, 2006 CIF Player of the Year, 2006 San Diego Division I CIF Player of the Year and the 2007 San Diego Division I CIF Player of the Year as the starting setter at Fallbrook. Carli was also a standout track athlete as she was a CIF and state qualifier in the 110-meter hurdles and the long jump, and was the 1998 Long Jump National Champion.

Carli went on to have a storied college career at the University of California-Berkeley. Earned Pac-10 All-Freshman team honors as she led the Bears in total assists with 1,550 (second-best Cal all-time single-season total) and a 12.81 assist per set average. As a sophomore was selected to the AVCA All-America Second Team, named to the All-Pac-10 team and the AVCA All-Pacific Region Team as well as selected for Pac-10 All-Academic honorable mention. Junior year Carli received her second AVCA All-America Second Team selection and was named to the NCAA Gainesville Regional All-Tournament team. In her final season Carli was named American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Division I Player of the Year and All-America First-Team after leading University of California-Berkeley to a runner-up finish in the NCAA Division I Women's National Championship. She became second-player in school history to receive three AVCA All-America honors!

In international competition Carli has helped the US National Team earn Pan American Games Bronze in 2011 and Pan American Cup Gold in 2012. She also led Yamamay Busto Arsizio to a CEV Championship in 2011-2012 and a CEV Champions League Bronze in 2012-2013. 

US Women's National Team - http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Volleyball/USA-Teams/Volleyball/Women.aspx



Marie Purvis joins the Blueprint for Success Program

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome Nike Master Trainer, Professional & International Trainer, Marie Purvis, to our Special Advisory Board.


Marie Purvis is an international trainer, with an innovative and creative approach to training. She continues to design custom workouts for Nike Training Club and other programs for NikeWomen. She has a passion for helping people of all ages and fitness levels to realize their goals. She has trained elite personal trainers and professional athletes around the world, and is one of two Master Trainer’s in the Nike+Kinect Video Game.

 With over 11 years of professional and personal training experience, Marie’s work varies from motivating and working with professional athletes and celebrities like Serena Williams, Nick Symmonds, Shawn Johnson, Andrea Duran, Hope Solo, Sofia Boutella, Alexandra Burke, Gabby Douglas, Lakey Peterson, and Lea Michelle. She develops programs to helping non-athletes lose weight and tone up and athletes to improve their performance. Her unique expertise and well-rounded background positioned her as the ideal trainer and developer for Nike Training Club’s diverse program. The NTC app was rated number 1 fitness app in 2011 and 2012, and has had over 7 million downloads and over 750,000 minutes used. She continues to develop new and innovated programs for the app to give people success and an experience they will never forget.

 Marie holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Portland State University with an emphasis on Exercise Physiology, and received Personal Trainer Certification through the American Council on Exercise. Her devotion to fitness and well-being is supported by her education in the area of community health, while her personal track and field background gave her the practical experience to develop the methods she now uses to increase speed, agility, explosive movement, and power in her athletes and clients.

 An enthusiastic, optimistic and easy-going person by nature, Marie’s knack for motivating and challenging her clients help them realize their potential. Her main goal as a personal trainer is to provide a safe and effective program that’s challenging enough to make them excel in their sport or training, and enjoyable enough to carry on throughout their life. Her training style is Functional Training, she believes that challenging the whole body will get results the fastest, and help develop everyday strength so her clients can live a healthy life.

 Extending her training roles even further, Marie has written articles for seventeen.com, Self and Shape magazine. She has been featured as a fitness professional in many fitness magazines around the world educating readers about health and fitness. She has one of the most downloaded and used Beginner Marathon running programs, she has been able to help thousands of people around the world reach their running goals. She presents Nike Training Club to hundreds of people, she collaborates with Nike to help motivate and encourage athletes all over the world through Nike Women’s races, events, performances, and through our college experiences.

 The mantra Marie lives and trains by is “anything is possible with hard work, persistence and dedication. “

“Life is Dynamic… Train for it” 

Follow Marie on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/mariepurvis

Nike Training Club - http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/c/womens-training/apps/nike-training-club

Shannon Smyth joins Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome Amazon Grimstad FK (Norway) striker and Republic of Ireland National Team member, Shannon Smyth, to our Athlete Advisory Board.


Shannon Smyth grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and attended the University of Louisville, Kentucky where she played four years for the women’s soccer team and graduated with a degree in Sport Administration and Communications. Shannon currently is playing her fourth season in Norway’s professional women's soccer league, the Toppserien, where she competes for Amazon Grimstad FK. Shannon also is also a member of the Republic of Ireland Women’s National Team.

In efforts to grow the game, Shannon created the Amazon Grimstad's
first ever girl's only soccer camp called "Shoestring Soccer-Fotballskole for Jenter." in 2013, she launched the newly established Amazon Fotballakademi and is the Fotballakademi Director of Operations. In her spare time, Smyth serves as a contributing writer for a global women's soccer magazine called, Our Game Magazine.

Follow Shannon on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/ShannonSmyth

Jessica Steffens joins the Blueprint for Success Program

Blueprint for Success is honored to welcome the first of hopefully many water polo players to our Athlete Advisory Board - 2x Olympian and former Stanford University All-National Collegiate, Jessica Steffens!
Jessica Steffens is a two time US Water Polo Olympian and a Stanford graduate. Before graduating with a BS degree in Earth Systems she and her team won the Silver Medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. After her fourth year of competing for Stanford University's Women's Water Polo team, Jessica had a surgery on her shoulder in order to attempt another chance at Olympic Gold. After a yearlong recovery, she was back with the US National Team, which qualified at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara for the 2012 Olympics. She and her sister Maggie, along with two 4-time Olympians and 6 other 2-timers competed in London and finally won the first Olympic Gold for the US Women's Water Polo team. 
Jessica attended High School at Monte Vista High School in Danville, CA and remembers the stresses of applying to college even as a potential division 1 athlete. "I was told I wouldn't get into Cal, UCLA, Stanford, USC even though those are the top water polo schools and I had above a 4.0. How are student-athletes supposed to have dreams for greatness when they are being told they cannot do it?" For this reason, she is excited to be a part of this effort to encourage student athletes to GO FOR GOLD!
Follow Jessica on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JessSteffens

Erik Sowinski joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome 600m American Record holder, Big 10 Medal of Honor recipient & 5x All-American at the University of Iowa, Erik Sowinski, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Erik attended West High School in Waukesha, Wisconsin where he was on the cross country, basketball, and track & field teams. In his senior year he set personal records (PR’s) and school records in the 400 meters (49.46) and 800 meters (1:54.29). He was state champion in the 800, anchored West to the state championship in the 4X800 relay, and also ran a leg on the fifth place 4X400 relay team.

From West, Sowinski moved on to the University of Iowa where he steadily improved each season.

Sowinski, who was a five-time All-American while at Iowa, owns or shares seven school records including the indoor 600, indoor 800, and outdoor 800. He was the 2012 Big-10 conference champion in the indoor 800 meters and in 2011 helped Iowa to their first Big-10 conference championship since 1967. In addition he graduated with a degree in integrative physiology and was an academic All-American. In 2012 Sowinski was the recipient of a Big-10 Medal of Honor that recognizes student athletes who have “attained the greatest proficiency in athletics and scholastic work. ”Freshman year he set a school record in the 600 meters indoors and advanced to the NCAA Midwest Regional as a member of the Iowa 4X400 relay team. Sophomore year he set a school record in the 800 meters indoors and earned All-American honors in the 4X400 relay (Iowa ran 3:05.61 to place seventh at the NCAA Championships). Junior year he earned All-American honors indoors in both the 800 (4th) and 4X400 relay (4th) and outdoors he qualified for the NCAA Championships in both the 800 (15th) and 4X400 relay (10th). Senior year he was the Big-10 Indoor champion for the 800 and placed third at the NCAA Indoor Championships. Outdoors as a senior he bettered the Iowa school record in the 800 meters three times. The previously school record was a 1:47.64 set by Bill Frazier in 1962. In front of a hometown crowd at the 2012 NCAA Championships, Sowinski ran his current PR of 1:45.90. Sowinski capped his 2012 season by running at the Olympic Trials in Eugene. He advanced to the semi-finals but was unable to qualify for the final.

This past February Erik set a 600m American Record at the 2013 Millrose Games with a time of 1:15.61. The crazy thing is that Erik was not even scheduled to be in the race, he was a replacement because of a scratch a few days before the meet! Erik also just won the USA Indoor Championship in then 800m in March!

Follow Erik on Twitter at https://twitter.com/eSowinski

Damian Travier joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program Special Advisory Board is honored to welcome a man that has dedicated his life to mentoring youth and empowering them with leadership skills as well as educational & career opportunities, Damian Travier of the Jackie Robinson Foundation!


Damian is the Director of Education and Leadership Development joined the Jackie Robinson Foundation in September of 2006. In this role, he is responsible for the development and execution of the Foundation’s programmatic initiatives and serves as primary liaison for the organizations corporate partners. Damian attended Syracuse University were he received his BA in Sociology in 1997. He has over fifteen years of experience in the education and non-profit sector. Prior to his work with the Jackie Robinson Foundation, Damian served as Director of Leadership Development Projects at Prep for Prep, an organization that provides educational benefits to intellectually gifted students in the New York City and Tri-State area. He spent the bulk of his early career as Senior Program Manager for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF). At TMCF Damian developed and managed numerous programmatic initiatives including an annual Professional Development and Leadership Conference, a Corporate Internship Program, and an E-Mentor Program. He also had the opportunity to develop strategic relationships with senior level corporate executives and elected officials. Damian has spent much of his professional career working with youth and community. He was Youth Development Director for an inner-city housing development during his time as a VISTA Volunteer. He has also been Program Manager for the New York City Partnership in lower Manhattan, where he was involved in early planning for NYC’s bid to host the Olympics in 2012. Damian has been a board member for numerous organizations and partnerships including the White House Initiative on HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and the Syracuse University Mentor Mentee Association (SUMMA). He was recently appointed to the board of directors for Democracy Prep Charter School in Harlem, NY. Damian is also a youth mentor and avid sports fan. He participates in local basketball, softball and soccer leagues.



Marlene Schmidt joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome one of the leading nutrition experts in the country, Marlene Schmidt, to our Special Advisory Board!


Marlene Schmidt, M.S., R.D.

Marlene Schmidt is Vice President of Dairy Health and Wellness for the National Dairy Council.  She is a registered dietitian with more than 15 years of experience providing nutrition expertise to leading food service and consumer product goods companies.

During her 5 years at National Dairy Council, Marlene has been responsible for providing industry leadership to drive innovation and growth of new dairy and dairy-based products.  She has worked with companies like McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, Chobani, Jamba Juice, Taco Bell®, and Quaker Oats.

Before joining the National Dairy Council, Marlene served as Senior Scientist at Abbott Laboratories in Columbus, Ohio where she combined hands-on clinical experience with expertise in medical and scientific research to lead R&D innovation.  She also served as a Pediatric Dietitian at Duke Children’s Hospital and the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital.

Marlene holds a Bachelor of Science degree in food and nutrition from Appalachian State University and a Master of Science in clinical nutrition from the University of Memphis


Kevin DeShazo joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome nationally-recognized social media educator and innovator, Kevin DeShazo, to our Special Advisory Board!


Kevin DeShazo is the founder of Fieldhouse Media, a firm that educates student-athletes and coaches on how to use social media in a positive, intentional way. He is an NCAA approved speaker who has presented to over 15,000 student-athletes and coaches on more than 30 campuses, and has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Dallas Morning News, ESPN.com and more. He also provides social media monitoring services for athletic departments, and is a finalist for Innovator of the Year for his social media monitoring platform, FieldTrack. 


Follow Kevin on Twitter at https://twitter.com/KevinDeShazo

Dr. Cory Dobbs joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome one of the national leaders in leadership development courses/curriculum for coaches & student-athletes, Dr. Cory Dobbs, to our Special Advisory Board!
About Cory Dobbs, Ed.D.

Founder & President of The Academy for Sport Leadership
Cory is a former basketball coach having coached at the NCAA Division II, NJCAA, and high school levels of competition.  A former management consultant, Cory has worked with a wide-range of organizations on management and leadership development issues.  Cory oversees the activities of the Academy for Sport Leadership, a national leader in leadership curriculum for student-athletics.  Cory has worked with professional athletes, collegiate athletic programs and high schools teaching leadership development as a part of the sports experience.  Cory teaches in the graduate colleges of Education and Business at Northern Arizona University and also for the school of Management and Leadership in Sport at Ohio University.  He is the author of Leadership Quest, Scrimmage! Build Your Team in Five Practices, The Coach as a Leadership Educator, Team Leadership: A Curriculum Guidebook for Creating a Leadership Development Program for Student-Athletes.  His forthcoming book due out Fall 2013 is The Five Roles of an Exceptional Team Leader: Lessons for Student-Athletes to Lead Their Team Today, Work Team Tomorrow.
Follow Dr. Dobbs on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CoryDobbs

Geralen Stack-Eaton joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome former University of Alabama All-American gymnast, Geralen Stack-Eaton, to our Athlete Advisory Board. 


Geralen finished her career for the University of Alabama gymnastic team as a Scholastic All-American and 12x All-American. She was a 2x Individual NCAA Champion (floor exercise as a junior and balance beam as a senior) and Team Captain.

She led the Crimson Tide to back-to-back NCAA National Championship in 2011 and 2012 as well as 2009 and 2011 Southeastern Conference Championships and four NCAA Regional titles in a row. 

Geralen also was NCAA Central Region Gymnast of the Week, a 2x SEC Gymnast of the Week and SEC Academic Honor Roll.

Elton Gumbel joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome multimedia genius, Elton Gumbel, to our Special Advisory Board!

Elton works closely with recent addition to the Blueprint for Success Program, Lee Gordon, at 180 Communications. We look forward to working with Elton and Lee to develop the very best media training and social media responsibility program for student-athletes ever!


Elton Gumbel is the Director of Multimedia at 180 Communications. Elton joins our team after a long career as a Sports Director/ Main Anchor at the CBS affiliate in Tallahassee, Florida. His television experience includes coverage of major sporting events like Super Bowl XLIII, the NCAA Tournament, and the Daytona 500.

Prior to working at WCTV, Elton spent time reporting for a Time Warner Cable station in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri where his coverage included the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, Kansas Jayhawks, Missouri Tigers and much more. His broadcast background also includes acting and video editing opportunities with PGA Tour Productions. Elton has also added radio play-by-play commentary and sideline reporting to his repertoire in coverage of Florida A&M University football and basketball events. He also has written columns/blogs for Scout.com and is often requested to coach aspiring broadcasters and journalists.

Elton is making his own mark in the media world following in the famous footsteps of other members of his family, Bryant and Greg Gumbel. The Florida A&M University graduate, with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, currently resides in Tallahassee with his lovely wife Adria and their son Elton IV.

Follow Elton on Twitter at https://twitter.com/180EltonGumbel

Lee Gordon joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome media training guru & social media expert, Lee Gordon, to our Special Advisory Board!

Blueprint for Success has always wanted to implement a social media responsibility component to it's complete student-athlete development services. We are blessed to have someone as knowledgeable and respected as Lee to advise the program and run workshops at future Blueprint for Success camps, combines, clinics and seminars!


Lee Gordon is the Director of Corporate Communications for 180 Communications where he oversees all PR, media training, web, and video. Lee is a 25 Time Associated Press Award Winner and spent 15 years as an anchor for CBS, including time as a sideline reporter for the NFL on FOX.

He continues to work as a freelance writer for various national and regional magazines/websites and host a weekly show on ESPN Radio.

Specialties: Corporate Communications, media training, media relations,life skills training, crisis communications training, social media expert, Management, public speaking, communications, brand management, media relations, public relations, corporate media training.

Lee's website - http://leegordonbrand.wordpress.com

Follow Lee on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LeeGordonBrand

Whitney Gipson joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome Nike athlete, professional long jumper,  7x All-American & TCU record holder, Whitney Gipson, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Whitney was recruited to play basketball in college (UCLA, LSU, TCU), but she wanted to stick to track and knew she had more potential in the long jump. At TCU she quickly developed into one of the best collegiate long jumpers in the nation and competed at the NCAA Outdoor Championships all four years. Gipson became the first female to win an NCAA track & field title for TCU with her indoor national title in 2012.

Seven-Time All-American
2012 U.S. Olympic Trials Finalist (long jump)
2012 NCAA Outdoor Champion (long jump)
2012 First-Team Outdoor All-American (long jump)
2012 Second-Team Outdoor All-American (4x100-meter relay)
2012 Bowerman Award Semifinalist
2012 Mountian West Conference Female Athlete of the Year
2012 Mountain West Outdoor Champion (long jump, 4x100-meter relay)
2012 Penn Relays Champion (long jump)
2012 NCAA Indoor Champion (long jump)
2012 First-Team Indoor All-American (long jump)
2012 South Central Regional Womean's Indoor Field Athlete of the Year
2012 Mountain West Indoor Champion (long jump)

Follow Whitney on Twitter at https://twitter.com/WhiTney_GiPson

Tayyiba Haneef-Park joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome 3X Olympian and 2X Olympic Silver Medalist as a member of the US Women's Volleyball National Team, Tayyiba Haneef-Park, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Tayyiba was born in Upland, California and grew up in Laguna Hills, California. She attended Laguna Hills High School from 1993–1997 where she led the Hawks to the 1997 DII title and was named the California Athlete of the Year and was the Pacific Coast MVP. She also participated in track and field, winning the CIF California State Meet in the high jump in 1997.

At Long Beach State she was named to the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) All-America first team in 2001 after leading LBSU in kills per game (5.03) as a senior. She guided the 49'ers to a 33–1 record and a runner-up finish at the 2001 NCAA Championships. She was a three-time All-Big West first-team selection. As a senior in 2001, she posted a hitting percentage of 0.406 and also averaged 2.31 digs and 0.73 blocks per game as a senior. She was also a three-time All-American high jumper at LBSU, and she competed at the 2000 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials, finishing 10th with a jump of 5–10 ¾. Haneef-Park was inducted into the 49er Athletic Hall of Fame at Long Beach State on November 19, 2008.

Tayyiba joined the US National Team in 2001 and has led them to 2 Olympic Silver Medals (2008 and 2012), Pan American Bronze (2007), World Championship Silver (2002), FIVB World Cup Bronze (2003 and 2007) and Silver (2011), FIVB World Grand Prix Bronze (2003 and 2004) and Gold (2012)

Follow Tayyiba on Twitter at  https://twitter.com/Typeezy143


Christa Harmotto joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is excited to welcome Middle Blocker for the USA Volleyball Women's National Team, Christa Harmotto, to our Athlete Advisory Board!



Three-year volleyball letterwinner and two-year basketball letterwinner at Hopewell High School in Hopewell Township, Pa. Team captain for the Vikings in 2004. Pennsylvania Gatorade Player of the Year in 2004. Two-time Prep Volleyball High School All-American. 2004-2005 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Female High School Athlete of the Year. Mizuno First-Team All-American following senior season, also picking up Beaver County Times, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Female Athlete of the Year accolades. Two-time first-team all-state, all-WPIAL and all-section. Posted a scholastic team record of 75-4 through three years.

Penn State

2005 (Freshman)

She set the Penn State record for blocks in a four-game match with 13 versus Southern California, and also led the team in blocking with 1.50 blocks per game. She recorded at least six kills in 28 of 29 matches she played in. Harmotto was on her way to becoming a first or second team All-American before she tore her ACL in the last home match of the Big Ten, thereby missing every NCAA match. Despite the season ending injury, she was named an AVCA Honorable Mention All-American for her efforts and contributions in the regular season.

2006 (Sophomore)

Harmotto recovered from her injury, and posted an impressive sophomore campaign. She played in 111 of 114 games that the Nittany Lions played and ranked first on the team in blocks per game (1.58), second on the squad in hitting percentage (.405) and third on the team in kills per game (2.85). Her average of 1.58 blocks per game ranks tied for 10th on Penn State's all-time single-season record list, equaling Terri Zemaitis' 1997 mark. She had a career high 17 kills on .483 hitting in the win versus Minnesota en route to being named the conference player of the week. She helped Penn State to the NCAA Regional Final.

2007 (Junior)

As a junior, Harmotto had one of the most nationally recognized performances of the year. She was named the Big Ten Player of the Year, was an AVCA First team All-American, was a Honda Award nominee for volleyball as the top player in the country, and was considered a frontrunner for the National Player of the Year.

She played in 121 of Penn State's 122 games of the year and started all 36 matches. She finished the year with 375 kills on .492 hitting percentage, a percentage which ranks among the top five in NCAA history and also ranked first in the conference and second nationally. She had 200 blocks on the year and averaged 1.65 blocks per game, which tied for fifth in the nation and was second on the team. She equaled her career high of 17 kills with no errors to hit .444 against Wisconsin. She helped her squad to a 20–0 Big Ten record and a 34–2 record overall.

In NCAA play and helping her team win the 2007 NCAA National Championship against top seeded Stanford, she was named to the NCAA Final Four All-Tournament Team after having 14 kills and hitting .435 in the championship match.

2008 (Senior)

Harmotto had an impressive senior year, leading the nation in hitting percentage from Sept. 21 until the end of the season in December. She ended the year with a .486 percentage with 275 total kills. She also had 166 blocks for the season and finished the year third in the nation in blocks per set (1.47). Harmotto repeated as an AVCA First Team All-American and earned her second consecutive Honda Award nomination.

She helped Penn State to their second consecutive 20–0 Big Ten season, without dropping a single set to any teams. In the 2008 NCAA Tournament, she was named to the NCAA University Park Regional All-Tournament Team after helping her team advance to the NCAA Final Four after sweeping Western Michigan and California.

In the National Semifinals against Nebraska, Harmotto had 7 kills and 4 blocks. In the NCAA National Championship against Stanford, Harmotto had 8 kills and 6 blocks to help Penn State to a 38–0 record and claimed their second consecutive NCAA Championship.

Harmotto ended her career with a .433 career hitting percentage – second best in NCAA history.

National Team

Christa was selected to the US National Team in 2009. Most recently she help the US win gold at the 2012 IVB World Grand Prix and silver at the 2012 Olympic Games .

Follow Christa on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ChristaHarmotto


Kat Ding joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome former University of Georgia All-American gymnast, NCAA champion on bars and floor and runner-up in the all-around, Kat Ding, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Kat Ding is a recent graduate from the University of Georgia, majoring in Advertising with a minor in Fashion Merchandising.  She attended Georgia on a full scholarship for Gymnastics, and ended her career with 4 National Championship titles: Team Championship in 2009, Uneven Bars title in 2011 and 2012, and a Floor title in 2012. While at Georgia, she was a 6-time First Team All-American, and was nominated for several awards including Collegiate Athlete of the Year in 2012. Overcoming adversity and doubt at her ability to rise to the challenge, Kat is a true fighter with an unmistakeable will to succeed. 

Follow Kat on Twitter at https://twitter.com/kmd1120

Lacey Stone joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome a former Division 1 basketball player that has made herself into one of the most sought after fitness professionals in America to our Athlete Advisory Board. Hollywood's Bi-Coastal Celebrity Trainer that has been featured on Dr. Oz, The Today Show, MTV, Extra, Bravo and many other media outlets, Lacey Stone!


Fitness Professional; Entrepreneur, TV personality, Magazine Contributor, Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Motivational Speaker, and Innovator.

PRINT/NEWS MEDIA:  Personal appearances demonstrating and discussing methods, turbo-charging fitness programs, nutritional advice and signature workouts on major news and network shows, including: The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The Early Show, Extra, Bravo, MTV, CNN, NY1 and CW11.  

Featured in magazines and newspapers such as:  Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, Shape, Fitness, Life&Style, Star, TimeoutNY, CosmoGirl, New York Times, New York Post, Elements, Hampton Style, Gotham, Natural Health and AM New York.

LACEY STONE FITNESS LLC:  With a mission to inspire people to achieve optimal success in all aspects of their lives, she has consulted with, held strategy sessions and group seminars for companies such as Nike, Google, Coca-Cola, Reebok, Dove, Nintendo Wii, NuKitchen, Podcastgo and Podfitness. Lacey is also one of Gatorade’s G Series FIT sponsored Fitness Athletes.

TheBigGAME!:  Created the original fitness class, taught exclusively at Equinox Fitness Clubs.  Loyal following of people learned to unleash their inner athlete and access their hidden competitive edge.  A sweat fest for both the meek and the mighty.

BOOTYCamp!:  Signature and customized outdoor boot camp-inspired workout, designed to push people beyond their self-imposed fitness boundaries.  This program takes people out of the gym and into the streets and parks – with only their body as equipment.  Repeat clients testify to the intensity, the fun and the RESULTS of this unique program.

PROFESSIONAL/EDUCATION:  University of Maine, Summa Cum Laude, Division I basketball player, state ranked tennis player.  Certified Tier 3 EFTI Trainer, NIKE Project Classified, ECA Presenter, certified ACE, Prenatal/Postnatal, KB Qualified Professional, Schwinn Certified, Powerstrike, and AED.  

FUTURE:  “What Are You Waiting For?  A Fitness Bible” published soon. 

CONTACT:  info@laceystonefitness.com.

Lacey's Website - http://www.laceystonefitness.com

Follow Lacey on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LaceyStoneFIT

Peter Vanderkaay joins the Blueprint for Success Program


The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome 3X Olympian, 4X Olympic Medalist (2 Golds and 2 Bronze), 2012 Summer Olympics US Team Captain, WR Holder and 6X NCAA Champion swimmer, Peter Vanderkaay, to our Athlete Advisory Board! 


Peter was born in Royal Oak, Michigan. He grew up in Rochester, Michigan and attended Rochester Adams High School. He has three brothers, all of whom are competitive swimmers. His older brother Christian Vanderkaay swam for the University of Michigan and qualified for the 100-meter breaststroke at the 2008 Olympic trials. His younger brother Alex Vanderkaay qualified for the 2008 Olympic trials in several events, competing and making the finals in the 400-meter individual medley, 200-meter butterfly and the 200-meter medley. His third and youngest brother, Dane Vanderkaay, also qualified for the 2008 US Olympic trials in the 400-meter freestyle.

Vanderkaay and his family are supporters and volunteers for the YMCA's Detroit SWIMS initiative with a goal to teach every child in the City of Detroit to swim by the fifth grade.

Vanderkaay threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Detroit Tigers baseball game on September 4, 2012.

High school and college career

Peter is a two-time Michigan high school state champion in the 500-yard freestyle (2001, 2002), and is the 2001 state champion in the 200-yard freestyle. He graduated in the class of 2002, and swam for the The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Vanderkaay holds a total of six NCAA titles and 14 Big Ten Conference titles. He also won a silver and two bronze medals representing the US at the 2003 World University Games. In his freshman year in college, he was Big Ten Champion in the 500-yard freestyle and the 800-yard freestyle relay. He also was NCAA All-American in the 500 and the mile.

By the end of his sophomore year, he won four more Big Ten titles in the 400-yard IM, 500-yard freestyle, 1,650 freestyle and 800-yard freestyle relay. In short course metric distances, Vanderkaay also was the NCAA champion in the 400-meter free, the 1,500-meter free and the 800-meter free relay, and placed fifth in the 200-meter free.

In his junior year, Vanderkaay repeated his four Big Ten victories, and was named Big Ten Swimmer of the Year. He was named All-American in the 200-yard freestyle, 500-yard freestyle, 1,650-yard freestyle, 800-yard freestyle relay, 400-yard medley relay. In his senior year at Michigan, he was the senior co-captain for the Michigan Wolverines. He won four more Big Ten titles, 200-yard freestyle, 500-yard freestyle, 1,650-yard freestyle and 800-yard freestyle relay, and one final NCAA title in the 500. Vanderkaay also placed second in both the 200-yard and 1,650-yard freestyle events at the NCAA national championships.

International career

At the 2004 Summer Olympics, Vanderkaay was a member of the 4×200-meter freestyle relay team, along with Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, and Klete Keller, that beat the favored Australian team of Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett, Michael Klim, and Nicholas Sprenger.

At the 2005 World Aquatics Championships in Montreal, Vanderkaay won a gold medal in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay. Along with Phelps, Lochte, and Keller, their time of 7:06.58 was an American record.[7]

At the 2007 FINA World Championships in Melbourne, Vanderkaay again swam in the relay with Lochte, Phelps, Keller. They set a world record in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay with a time of 7:03.24.[8]

In the summer of 2007, Vanderkaay posted a career performance at U.S. Nationals, beating Michael Phelps for first place in the 400-meter freestyle. Vanderkaay also teamed up with Phelps, Davis Tarwater, Scott Spann, and Chris DeJong to win two more golds, one in the 4x100-meter freestyle relay and another in the 4×100-meter medley relay.

Vanderkaay won his first individual medal, a bronze, in the 200-meter freestyle at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Vanderkaay was part of the 4×200 meter freestyle relay that set the world record as the American team finished first with a time of 6:58.56. The Americans were the first team to break the seven-minute mark in the relay, and broke the previous record, set in Melbourne by more than four and a half seconds.[9]

On December 20, 2010, Vanderkaay announced that he would be leaving Ann Arbor and Club Wolverine, where he had trained for over eight years, to move to Gainesville, Florida and train with the Gator Swim Club. The Gator Swim Club is affiliated with the University of Florida and is coached by Gregg Troy, the head coach of the 2012 U.S. Olympic men's team, and is home to several elite swimmers including Ryan Lochte, Conor Dwyer and Elizabeth Beisel.

At the 2012 United States Olympic Trials in Omaha, Nebraska, the qualifying event for the U.S. Olympic team, Vanderkaay won the 400-meter freestyle event with a time of 3:47.67, thus qualifying to represent the United States in the event at the 2012 Olympics. He also competed in the 1,500-meter freestyle, but placed fourth. At the 2012 Summer Olympics inLondon, Vanderkaay won a bronze medal in the 400-meter freestyle with a time of 3:44.69, finishing third behind Sun Yang and Park Tae-Hwan.



Three-Time Olympian (2004, 2008, 2012)
2012 Summer Olympics U.S. Team Captain
Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist
2008 Bronze Medalist – Men’s 200 Free
2012 Bronze Medalist – Men’s 400 Free
Current World Record Holder (800 Free Relay)
6-Time NCAA Champion

Follow Peter on Twitter at https://twitter.com/petervanderkaay

Sharrieffa Barksdale joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome President of the USATF Alumni Association, Former American Record Holder 400mH, Silver medalist Pam Am Games and 3X Olympian Sharrieffa Barksdale to our Athlete Advisory Board.


Sharrieffa Barksdale was born in Harriman, Tennessee. The 6th of 7 children, Sharrieffa was always viewed by her family as a strong-willed young lady who was full of determination and drive to become the best. This winning attitude was exemplified in her teenage years when she, as the only member of the Harriman High School girls' track team, single-handedly won the Tennessee High School State track championship. She also was named a high school All-American and identified in Who's Who across the United States.

Her determination to be a winner no matter what the odds has shaped who she is today. Sharrieffa’s commitment to her craft of running was strengthened during her 5:00 am runs she made every morning during high school. As an all-around student athlete, playing basketball, running track and cheerleading, Sharrieffa showed herself to be proficient in every endeavor she undertook.

 She attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville on a track scholarship majoring in early childhood education. Her work ethic in track that she established in high school increased as she made her way through college. She was a standout trackster at Tennessee where she became the first woman to run the 400 meter hurdles in under 55 seconds, clinching the American record. She later broke the American record again in the 400 meters hurdles, just missing the world record by a mere eight-tenths of a second! In 1984 she earned a spot representing the United States in the Olympic Games that were held in Los Angeles, California. Following the 1984 Olympics, she was honored by the city of Harriman with keys to the city, a street named after her and the local high school track where she ran was renamed "Sharrieffa Barksdale Track". Sharrieffa continued to represent the United States in international competitions around the world over years.

Sharrieffa has proven to be a champion on and off the track. Her years of retail sales experience garnered her sales awards year after year. A few years ago, she decided to seek a career that allowed her to apply her winning attitude in a more meaningful manner. As an employment specialist for Goodwill Industry she is able to help disabled and disadvantaged people to reach their potential as she counsels and advises them on how to win at life. Though her work at Goodwill she is able to use that same technique assisting athletes that she comes in contact though USA Track and Field.

Additionally, Sharrieffa has reached out to youth in the community through her volunteer efforts as the founder, director and lead choreographer of the Kentucky Diamonds and K-D Boys and Top Notch Elite Dance Team. For these youth ages 5-16, she does more than teach various moves to music, she also helps them improve their self-esteem as she teaches the youth that "they are somebody and they should let nothing stand in their way".

Sharrieffa re-entered the world of track and field in 2000 and has not slowed down, not only competing in Masters, but as a coach, Asst. Manager, and liaison. She has coached college athletes at Florida A&M University, Kentucky State and a personal trainer.

Ms. Sharrieffa Barksdale has over the years shown that in every aspect of life, a winning attitude goes a long way. She has shared her life story and provides motivation to others to help them unlock their potential when she speaks to groups around the world. Her speech provides powerful motivation for each of us to learn to navigate the obstacles of life in an effort to "Let Nothing Stand in Your Way".

Sharrieffa is the proud mother two wonderful children, Gentel and Javarus Blair

Career Highlights:

1984 Olympian - 400m Hurdles

Gold Medalist TAC Championships 1983

Silver Medalist 1983 Pan Am Games

Former American Record Holder - 400m Hurdles

Assistant manager of the 2008 US Olympic Team

Assistant Manager of the 2012 US Olympic Team

President of the USATF Alumni Association


Follow Sharrieffa on Twitter at https://twitter.com/sbark1984

Emily Silver joins the Blueprint for Success Program


The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome former multiple event All-American & record-setting swimmer at the University of California-Berkeley and Olympic Silver Medalist in the 4x100 meter free relay in the 2008 Beijing Games, Emily Silver, to our Athlete Advisory Board!





  • Member of 2008 USA Olympic Swim Team
  • Silver Medalist in 4x100m Free Relay
  • Athlete Relations Manager for USA Swimming
  • Marketing Communications Associate for Swimoutlet.com

Emily Silver is an Olympic medalist in swimming. She was a member of the 4x100 meter free relay team that won silver at the 2008 Beijing games. She competed alongside US swimmers Natalie Coughlin, Lacey Nymeyer and Kara Lynn Joyce. Emily memorably overcame a broken hand suffered in the Olympic trials, returning after only a few short weeks to compete at the 2008 Olympic Games.

Emily swam collegiately at the University of California, Berkeley. She was named team MVP as a freshmen and served as co-captain of the team in 2007-2008. She achieved All-American status in twenty different events including the 50m free, 100m free, 200m free, 400m free relay, and 800m free relay among others. Emily was the 2007 Pac-10 champion in the 100m free and 200m free. She also set the school record in the 50m free in 2007, breaking future US swimming teammate Natalie Coughlin’s record. 

Emily’s post swimming career highlights include a two year stint as Athlete Relations Manager for USA Swimming. Her responsibilities included managing the swimmers who were a part of USA Swimming’s Athlete Partnership Agreement, and overseeing the USA Swimming Family Program. She also worked for lululemon athletica, coordinating promotional events and managing a research and development program. Most recently, Emily was hired as a Marketing Communications Associate by SwimOutlet.com, where her duties will include social media, sports marketing and public relations.

Follow Emily on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Emily_Silver

Blake Geoffrion joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome Montreal Canadiens Center and former consensus All-American & Player of the Year, Hobey Baker Award winner (Top US Collegiate Hockey Player) for the University of Wisconsin Badgers, Blake Geoffrion, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


A graduate of the USA Hockey National Team Development Program, Geoffrion represented Team USA three times. He was a member of the gold medal winning team at the 2006 IIHF World U18 Championship and won bronze at the 2007 World Junior Hockey Championship. 

While at Wisconsin, Blake co-captained he Badgers in his sophomore season of 2008–09, He led his team in goals within the WCHA with 12, and tied for the lead overall at 15. His overall total of 28 points was fourth best on the team.

Serving as a tri-captain, he led the WCHA in goal scoring in 2009-10 with 19, and was second in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) with 28. He reached the 50-goal plateau for his college career on March 13, and 100 points on February 19. Considered one of the NCAA's most complete players.

He was named a first-team all-star in both the WCHA and the NCAA-West. Additionally, Blake was named US College Hockey Online's national player of the year, Soon after the Badgers reached the 2010 NCAA championship game, Blake was named the winner of the Hobey Baker Award as the top player in American college hockey. In doing so, he became the first Wisconsin player to win the award. Blake and the Badgers were unable to cap off their season with a championship, however, losing 5–0 to the Boston College Eagles before a world indoor record crowd of 37,592 at Ford Field in Detroit.

He was drafted 56th overall in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft by the Nashville Predators. Blake then played for the Predators American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate, the Milwaukee Admirals where he earned back-to-back AHL player of the week honors. Blake was then recalled to Nashville and scored his first NHL goal in his third game against Edmonton Oilers and registered his first hat trick on March 20, 2011, against the Buffalo Sabres. On February 17, 2012, Geoffrion was traded to the Montreal Canadiens.

Blake began the 2012–13 season with the AHL's Hamilton Bulldogs. During a November 9, 2012, game against the Syracuse Crunch, he suffered a compressed skull fracture following a hip check by Jean-Philippe Côté. As Geoffrion fell to the ice, his head struck the end of Côté's skate blade, causing the injury. He required emergency surgery to repair the fracture, but is expected to make a full recovery.

We keep our thoughts and prayers with Blake as he continues to recover, rehab and make progression towards a full recovery!

Follow Blake on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BlakeGeoffrion



Max Ritz joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome four-year starter, 2X preseason Lacrosse All-American at the University of Maryland and founding member of LXM PRO, Max Ritz, to our Athlete Advisory Board.

Max also played on the ACC All-Tournament Team and was a Levitt Memorial Award Winner. He was named ACC Player of the Week multiple times as well as Inside Lacrosse National Player of the Week Honorable Mention.

While at Maryland, Max was 3x Honor Roll with concentration in Hist of American Econ. Forward internships in the corporate real estate, finance and government spaces during school.

He tutored and mentored underprivileged youth in Southeast Washington D.C. at the CentroNia Organization during free time.

Max Ritz is the youngest founding member, of LXM PRO. LXM PRO is the world’s only professional lacrosse tour, combining elite-level athletes with live music and fan interaction in festival-like events targeting mid and major American markets. 

While managing his duties within LXM PRO, Max has helped Adrenaline Apparel grow into a perennial competitor within the lacrosse industry.

He was named to Rosewood Hotels’ 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 in 2010. A History Major at Univ of Maryland, Max currently spends his time on sales, partnerships, and new business.

Follow Max on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MaxRitz

Follow LXM Pro on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LXMPRO

LXM PRO Website - http://lxmpro.com

Thomas Alford joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is privileged to welcome former University of Maryland Lacrosse standout, tremendous ambassador of the game and Lacrosse social media expert, Thomas Alford, to our Athlete Advisory Board

Thomas played for the University of Maryland 2003-07 as a stalwart face-off and offensive midfielder for the Terps. While at Maryland, his teams won back-to-back ACC titles and had two final four appearances. Thomas, while at St. Albans School, was a captain in both Football and Lacrosse. He received Honorable Mention All-Met and All-IAC awards. Thomas received two degrees from the University of Maryland – African American Studies and Family Science - and was also on the Dean’s List seven consecutive semesters and was named to the All-ACC Academic Team three years in a row. As a senior he earned the “Be the Best” award for strength and conditioning. When he’s not playing lacrosse he is mentoring young children throughout the DC Metro area, while he finishes his Master's degree in Communication.  

Thomas is the co-founder of www.LacrossePlayground.com.  Lacrosse Playground is the only blog dedicated entirely to lacrosse equipment, lacrosse apparel, and the lacrosse lifestyle.

Follow Thomas on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ThomasAlford33

Lacrosse Playground - http://www.LacrossePlayground.com


Devon Sandoval joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome former 2nd Team All-American forward at the University of New Mexico (top 10 in goals scored nationally) and now one of the most promising rookies in MLS, Devon Sandoval of Real Salt Lake, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Pro: Selected by Real Salt Lake in the second round (29th overall) of the 2013 MLS SuperDraft on Jan. 17, 2013

College: Played three years at the University of New Mexico, transferring to the Albuquerque school after spending his freshman year at San Diego State University ... Starred for the Lobos, finishing his career with 28 goals and 17 assists ... Had 15 goals and 7 assists in his senior season in 2012, finishing the year with a Second Team All-American honor and in the top-10 in goals scored nationwide ... Was a MAC Hermann Trophy Semifinalist in 2012 ... Was NSCAA First Team Far West All-Region and First Team All-Mountain Pacific Sports Federation in both 2011 and 2012

High School/Club: Was a three time All-State selection at Eldorado High School, where he was the 2008 and 2009 Male Athlete of the Year ... Helped Eldorado win two state championships in his time there ...  Played club soccer for Classic FC Redstar ... Won five State Championships with Redstar

Follow Devin on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Big_Dev9

Oguchi Onyewu joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is extremely honored to welcome professional soccer player for Malaga CF and the US Men's National Team, Oguchi Onyewu, to our Athlete Advisory Board! Besides being an international soccer superstar, Oguchi is dedicated to many causes and supports organizations such as The American Red Cross, UNICEF, Kick Out Poverty and Grassroot Soccer.


Oguchialu Chijioke Onyewu was born on May 13th 1982 in Washington D.C., USA. Born of Nigerian parents, Oguchi’s name means “God fights my battles”.

“Guch”, as his friends call him, started his journey in football (soccer) at the age of 4, when he was playing to interact with the rest of the kids and have a good time.

He became serious in terms to play football (soccer) in 7th grade when he made the Maryland Olympic Development Program, earning a role with the US National U-17 and U-20 teams.

After playing two years of college soccer at Clemson University, in 2002 the American central defender moved to Europe to start his professional career with FC Metz of Ligue 2 in France.

In 2003, he was loaned out to La Louvière in Belgium and to Standard Liège a year later. The move to Liège was made permanent for the 2004/05 season. In 2005 he was named to the Belgian league’s Best XI as well as Foreign Player of the Year.

On December 2006, Onyewu was voted U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year and in January he completed a loan deal with Newcastle United, covering the remainder of the 2006/07 season.

The following season Oguchi returned to Liège and led the Standard defense to a second consecutive Belgian League Title.

In the summer of 2009, after the Confederations Cup final, he became the first American to sign for AC Milan.

On January 2011 he joined Dutch Eredivisie Champions Twente, winning the KNVB Cup.

In June he moved to Sporting Lisbon where he gained the name of Captain America, experiencing a very positive season sealed with 5 goals.

Since August 2012 Oguchi is playing for Malaga CF on a season-long loan and during his first start against CP Cacereno in Copa del Rey he scored his first goal of the season.



Standard Liège:

-Belgian First Division Winner 2007/08, 2008/09

-Belgian Super Cup Winner 2008


-KNVB Cup Winner 2011


-CONCACAF Gold Cup Winner 2005, 2007



-All-American: NSCAA Second Team 2001

Belgian First Division

-Best XI: 2004/05, 2007/08

-Best Foreign Player 2004/05


***U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year 2006


Follow Oguchi on Twitter at https://twitter.com/OguchiOnyewu5

Oguchi's Website - http://www.oguchionyewu.com/EN/Home.aspx



Chazz Woodson joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is blessed to welcome former Brown University Lacrosse 2X All-Ivy League and All-New England star, MLL Champion, All-Star and freestyle competition winner, one of the most exciting and athletic players in the sport and one of the most committed mentors/philanthropists around, Chazz Woodson, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Chazz Woodson was born in Sacramento, CA and raised in Norfolk, VA where he attended Norfolk, Academy from 1st through 11th grade. In the spring of 2000, Chazz’s father accepted a coaching position at the Blue Ridge School – 3 hours away in St. George, VA. After what was more or less a non-decision as to whether or not to stay in Norfolk or head to St. George with his family, Chazz spent his senior year of high school at Blue Ridge, which proved to be a rather rewarding and successful year academically and athletically. Throughout high school, Chazz played football, basketball, and lacrosse. He also developed a love of writing, and a serious interest in diversity work and working with kids. From there, he moved on to Providence, RI and Brown University.

At Brown, Chazz played 4 years of division 1 lacrosse, earning All-Ivy League and All-New England honors in both his junior and senior seasons. He also garnered the team’s offensive MVP award in each of those seasons. While lacrosse was a major part of his experience at Brown, he also spent time working with a number of other groups and organizations throughout his 4 years including Harambee House. Founded in 1993, Harambee House was established by a group of African-American students as a living space and cultural center for students of African descent and all students interested in issues pertaining to the African Diaspora. It also serves a meeting space for many of the multicultural groups on campus. While living there, Chazz served on a various house committees as a sophomore, and served as one of the House Heads as a junior. As a senior, he also served as an advisor to the House.

Probably the most rewarding part of Chazz’s collegiate experience, however, centered around his time away from campus. His first semester as a junior, was spent in New York City participating in the Urban Education Semester. During this semester, he took graduate courses at Bank Street College, and spent 3 days a week teaching 4th grade at PS 20, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a school that a handful of his Blue Ridge friends had attended when they were younger. One of the requirements of the program was to present a final project that was the culmination of a semester of work with his kids. To that end, Chazz designed a mini curriculum that focused on setting goals and choosing positive role models. The project not only continued on after his departure, but set the foundations for what he’d soon develop into a full mentoring program.

Having already satisfied the requirements for his degree in Education Studies, Chazz recruited 7 other students to help him spend his last semester at Brown developing a mentoring program designed to help more young student-athletes of color find their way into and through a system of higher education that is often made unavailable to them for any number of different reasons. Upon his departure, the work continued and still continues today. Makin’ Moves Mentoring is still alive and well at Brown University.

Education has always been at the forefront of his family’s values, so it’s no surprise that Chazz would spend his first two years out of school teaching 4th grade in the Miami-Dade County Public School system. During that time, there was a significant improvement in the writing test scores among the fourth grade classes and the school grade moved from a D to a C. During his second year, Chazz’s students garnered the best math scores in the school. Realizing, though, that his greatest impact on kids might be outside of the classroom, Chazz decided after his two year commitment to Teach For America to step away from teaching and work toward starting a mentoring program similar to Makin’ Moves in Miami, FL. He also began Makin’ Moves Athletics, LLC, his own company focused on developing athletes, particularly lacrosse players, through individual and small group instruction as well as summer camps. Chazz also partnered with the Bobby Campbell Lacrosse Foundation and the Trenton Bridge Program to run the Makin’ Moves Lacrosse Camp in Princeton, New Jersey from 2007-2008. The camp was designed with 3 goals in mind. The 1st was to provide a low cost opportunity for players to receive great instruction. The 2nd was to create an environment in which kids from the inner city, could meet and interact with players from the suburbs that they might never interact with otherwise. The 3rd, and most important, goal of the camp was to provide life lessons and teambuilding skills that the players could take and use for the rest of their lives.

Makin’ Moves Athletics, LLC was changed in 2010 to Chazz Woodson Initiatives, LLC in an effort to broaden the scope of what Woodson wanted to accomplish. The focus of CWI is a combination of his passion for athletics, community service, and working with kids.

Worth Note: Chazz was drafted as the 19th overall pick in the 2005 MLL collegiate draft. After brief stints with the Long Island Lizards and the Boston Cannons, Chazz played for the Los Angeles Riptide until the team folded between the 2008 and 2009 seasons. During that time, he was a 2008 MLL All Star Selection where he won the freestyle competition. From 2009 to 2010 Chazz played for both the Chicago Machine and the Chesapeake Bayhawks (2010 MLL Champions). In 2011, he signed with the LXM Pro Tour, which introduces lacrosse to mainstream audiences by combining world-class professional lacrosse games with live concert performances. In addition to playing, Woodson has been a member of the Ransom Everglades School Athletic Department since 2006, where he coaches JV basketball and Varsity lacrosse. He’s been featured in articles in Inside Lacrosse and Lacrosse Magazine. He also signed an endorsement deal with Brine Lacrosse in 2008 and in 2009, became the first and only lacrosse player ever signed to a contract with New Balance Athletic Shoe. Chazz has featured in 3 commercials thus far for Brine, and one for New Balance. He was presented with the Young Alumnus of the Year award by the Blue Ridge School in the fall of 2008, and his lacrosse jersey was retired in the spring of 2010. Woodson is one of the founding members of Dade Lacrosse, Inc., a nonprofit organization organized to help grow lacrosse in South Florida. Woodson also serves as a Development Officer for the Thailand Lacrosse Association. 

Follow Chazz on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ChazzWoodson

Chazz's Website - http://www.chazzwoodson.com

Chazz's Facebook Fan Page - https://www.facebook.com/OfficialChazz?fref=ts

Jovan Miller joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is humbled to welcome former Syracuse University Lacrosse standout midfielder, Major League Lacrosse star for the Charlotte Hounds and dedicated philanthropist, Jovan Miller, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Major League Lacrosse: Drafted by Rochester in the second round (8th overall) of the Collegiate Draft.

2 year in the MLL: 15 goals, 6 assists, 24 gbs and 2012 MLL All-Star 

Collegiate: Jovan was named a USILA Second Team All-American his senior year. He was also named All-Big East First Team honoree for the second consecutive year. Miller, a defensive midfielder, scored 25 points on 14 goals and 11 assists his senior year. In the 2010 season, Miller contributed to a Syracuse defensive unit that led the nation in scoring defense (7.4 goals per game). He had 15 goals and 6 assists of his own for 21 total points.

A part of the winningest class in Syracuse University Lacrosse History. The 2nd African American awarded All- American honors in school history (the first was the great Jim Brown)

Personal: Jovan is the youngest of three children, and he majored in Child and Family Studies while at Syracuse. Jovan is aspiring to be a motivational speaker for middle and high school students to encourage them to abstain from drugs and alcohol. "JoviNation" is a movement for the youth on making great decisions to further opportunities in life.

Follow Jovan on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JoviNation23

Cynthia Barboza joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome former Gatorade HS Female Athlete of the Year, 3X 1st Team All-American Outside Hitter at Stanford University, international pro volleyball star and US National Team Member, Cynthia Barboza, to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Cynthia was born in Santa Ana, California, and was raised in Long Beach, California where she graduated from Wilson Classical High School and was considered the top high school recruit for the class of 2005. She was the Gatorade National Player of the Year in volleyball 2 years in a row in 2003–04 and 04–05 and was also the overall girl's Gatorade Athlete of the Year in 2005. In 2002, she was on the USA Girl's Youth National Team that won a gold medal at the NORCECA championships in Salt Lake City, Utah, and she was named "best serve-receiver" for the tournament.

In her freshman season in 2001, she was named the National Freshman of the Year by Student Sports Magazine. She was named the 2002 National Sophomore of the Year by the same publication. In 2004, she hit .537 for the season, compiling 14 matches with an attack efficiency greater than .650 and four matches in which she hit better than .800. Her best effort of the season (.840) came against State Champion Mira Costa High School. In 2004, she averaged 18.3 kills, 1.57 blocks and 2.0 aces per match for the Bruins, who were 25–7 and reached the CIF Southern Section Division I-AA semifinal. She finished her high school career with 2,145 career kills, 349 blocks and 152 aces. She was named 2004 High School Player of the Year by Volleyball Magazine.

Career at Stanford
2005 Freshman Season

Led the Pac-10 in kills (297) and kills per game (4.50) up until she tore her ACL near the end of the season and sat out the last 11 matches.

2006 Sophomore Season

Barboza recovered from her injury and was named an AVCA and Volleyball Magazine first team All-American. She led the team with 463 kills and 4.21 kills per game. She also led the team with 48 services aces (0.44 per game), was third on the team with 329 digs, and fourth with 76 total blocks. She collected double-digit kills in 29 of Stanford's 34 matches.

She helped her team reach the 2006 NCAA title match against Nebraska, but Stanford was defeated, 3–1. Barboza was named to the final four All-Tournament team for her efforts, as she collected 12 kills and 7 digs.

2007 Junior Season

Barboza repeated as an AVCA and Volleyball Magazine first team All-American. She accumulated 467 kills (3.99 kpg) for the season and led the team with 32 service aces. She was second on the team with 3.25 digs per game, hit .281% on the year and tallied 44 blocks. She led the team with a career-best 20 double-doubles on the year. She recorded double-figure kills in 29 matches, and double-figure digs in 20 of those. She was named the AVCA National Player of the Week on October 8, 2007.

She once again helped her team in the 2007 NCAA title match against Penn State, but Stanford was defeated, 3–2. Barboza had 16 kills and 12 digs in the match, for her 20th double-double of the season.

2008 Senior season

Barboza was named an AVCA First Team All-American for the third time in her career. She was second on the team with 412 kills (3.49 kps), finished among the Pac-10 leaders in kills (7th) and points (8th), led the team with 24 service aces and ranked second with 358 digs. She helped Stanford to the NCAA title match for the third consecutive season and was named to the Final Four All-Tournament Team.

She finished ninth all-time at Stanford in kills (1,639), sixth in digs (1,241) and ninth in service aces (115).

International career

In 2003, she was the youngest member on the USA women's national training team that earned a bronze medal at the 2003 Pan American Games in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In 2004, then a rising high school senior, was named one of 6 alternatives for the USA National Team for the 2004 Olympics.

In 2007, she contributed 2.59 points per set during the Pan American Cup, highlighted by four double-figure point contests. She added 2.50 digs per set during the Pan American Games, and recorded 15 points against Argentina with 13 kills and two aces on June 21. She provided four aces as part of 10-point match against Costa Rica on June 22, and averaged 3.06 points during the Pan American Games, including 2.69 kills and 0.25 blocks per set. She turned in three double-figure point matches at Pan American Games, topped by a 12-point performance against Puerto Rico on July 15.

As of February 2008, she is training with the U.S. National Team. In June, she helped team USA to a fifth place finish at the 2008 Pan American Cup, attacking at a .302 clip and notching 17 points against Venezuela en route to helping team USA to a fifth place finish.

On June 17, she was named to the 19-player preliminary Olympic roster for the 2008 Olympics and was an Olympic alternate.

For the 2009–2010 Barboza was a member of the Torray Arrows, a team based in ?tsu, Shiga, Japan.[4] Her long-time mentor Doug Woodburn was not able to make the journey to Japan with her, but she says he continues to give her inspiration with their daily video conferences.

Cynthia was a leader of the national team that won the bronze medal at the 2011 Pan American Games held in Guadalajara, Mexico

Besides playing in Japan, Cynthia has also played professionally in Italy and Russian. She now works for Athletes to Business as a career coach. Athletes to Business connects graduating college student-athletes with corporate America and  provides much-needed support & assistance in the transition into the working world!

Follow Cynthia on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CareerCoachA2B

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Rebecca "Bex" Smith joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome former Duke University Women's soccer captain, New Zealand Women's National Team captain, former FIFA Women's World Player of the Year nominee/New Zealand Player of the Year and current pro soccer star for VfL Wolfsburg (Germany), Rebecca "Bex" Smith to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Rebecca Smith was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California with her parents Penni and Ross and younger sister, Vanessa. Her parents were born in Christchurch, New Zealand, where the whole extended family still lives. As it was always important for Rebecca’s parents that Rebecca and Vanessa knew their roots and family, they travelled yearly down to New Zealand, and throughout the years both girls have done numerous road trips throughout the country they also call Home.

Growing up, Rebecca, nicknamed Bex by her parents and friends, loved being outdoors, whether it was biking around the neighborhood with her best friends, climbing trees, or playing different sports. She was enrolled and involved in as many extracurricular activities as humanly possible: from basketball to ballet, karate to guitar lessons, swimming to soccer. But she also loved being in the classroom and learning, and was lucky to have so many inspiring teachers growing up that motivated her to excel in her academics, which would later turn out to be a major focus in her life despite being a professional soccer player.

She went to a private intermediate school in Palos Verdes, California called Rolling Hills Country Day School, which she still passes and still has fond memories of when driving to and from her parents’ home in Rolling Hills, California. She then moved to Chadwick Academy in the 7th grade and graduated in 1999 from High School there with Academic Honors. She was highly involved at Chadwick being in the Student Government all four years of high school and was Vice President of the school and sat on the Disciplinary Board. She also lettered in four sports: soccer, softball, waterpolo, and basketball. Interestingly enough, she chose to play soccer only her freshman year, and opted for the more successful basketball team the following three seasons where she led the team as point guard to CIF Champions three years and the State Finals her senior year.

Her love for sports and academics led her to Duke University, where she majored in Economics, found a minor in Spanish, and represented the Duke Womens Soccer team for four years and captained the team her senior year. During that time, she was first invited to play with the New Zealand Womens National Soccer team (called Football in New Zealand). During her first tour with the team in 2003 for the World Cup Qualifiers in Australia, she was named Captain of the team, and lost in the final game to Australia to miss WC Qualification. That was the beginning of her international career that planted a seed which in the upcoming years would drive her to do what she loves.

After graduation, she moved back to California where she worked for a year in a sales and marketing company called the Advertising Group in Santa Monica. She gained tremendously useful life skills in sales and managed a sales group during that time, but her passion lay elsewhere… She played soccer in her spare time with the Ajax of Southern California, a women’s team in the WPSL (Womens Professional Soccer League), where they won the National Champions title numerous times. But she still longed to represent New Zealand and prove to the world that a small country of only 4 million could compete in soccer with the heavy hitting nations of the world.

She quit her job in California in 2004 and made a go at her dream to be a professional soccer player somewhere in Europe. She set up tryouts at three Norwegian clubs and FFC Frankfurt in the German Bundesliga (highest league), and won a contract for FFC Frankfurt during that time. By August, 2004, she had given up everything and moved her life to Frankfurt, Germany to live her dream. While training every day with World Champion soccer players like Birgit Prinz, Renate Lingor, and Steffi Jones, made her a better player, she didn’t get a real chance to play and show herself, so she accepted an offer from a rival club also in Frankfurt, FSV Frankfurt, and moved there halfway through the season in January of 2005.

During the time she was training for FFC Frankfurt, she also received an offer from a club in the northern part of Sweden called Sunnanå SK located in Skellefteå. She flew up there for a tryout, and was offered a contract, which she accepted in the summer of 2005, at the end of her FSV Frankfurt contract and halfway through the Swedish Damallsvenska (Swedish league) season. Her time in Sweden was amazing (you can read about it in the Swedish bloggs), but after three and a half seasons, she wanted a change.

Rebecca was offered an enticing contract by VFL Wolfsburg in the German Bundesliga again in February 2009, and moved again south to Wolfsburg halfway through their season. She has been living there since, and loves it. Not wanting to forget about her academic goals, Rebecca just completed her dual MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from the German University, Leibnitz University and GISMA Business School in Hannover in partnership with Purdue University in Indiana, USA.

Follow Bex on Twitter at https://twitter.com/bexsmithkiwi

Bex's website - http://bexsmithkiwi.com


Jessica Granquist joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome former University of Minnesota Golden Gopher volleyball standout Jessica Granquist to our Athlete Advisory Board.

Jessica is from Blaine, Minnesota, where at Blaine HS, she excelled at volleyball and track. She was ranked No. 100 in the nation by prepvolleyball.com among high school seniors. She named First-Team All-State, All-Area and All-Conference in her senior season. She was two-time All-Area honoree, four-time All-Conference and four-time team MVP at Blaine. Jessica also helped lead her team to a Sectional Championship, and was named to the All-Tournament team in the state tournament. She averaged 4.40 kpg and 5.80 dpg as a senior. She helped team to a third place finish in the State Tournament in 2006. Jessica was named to State Tournament All-Tourney team twice in her career. She finished her career as the school record-holder in digs. Jessica was also was named All-State as a senior in track as well.

Jessica then went to have a storied career for University of Minnesota at the libero position. During her time at Minnesota Jessica firmly established herself as one of the best liberos and overall athletes in the Big Ten. Here are just a few of Jessica's accomplishments as a Golden Gopher:

-4-year starter for University of Minnesota W-Volleyball team

-All-American Honorable Mention 2010

-First Team All-Big Ten 2010

-Defensive Libero of the Year 2010

-Defensive Player of the Week 7 times (2010-2011)

-Breakthrough Female Athlete of the Year @ UofM 2010

-4-year Academic All-Big Ten Award Winner 2008-11


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Michelle Carter joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome Nike athlete and 2x USA Olympic Shot putter Michelle Carter to our Athlete Advisory Board.

USA Championships

Three-time USA Outdoor champion – 2008 (18.85m/61-10.25); 2009 (18.03m/59-2); 2011 (19.86m/65-2)
Three-time USA Outdoor runner-up – 2005 (18.26m/59-11); 2010 (18.46m/60-06.75); 2012 (18.57m/60-11.25)
Two-time USA Junior champion – 2003 (16.05m/52-8); 2004 (16.33m/53-7)
2012 USA Indoor runner-up (19.27m/63-2.75)
International Championships
2004 World Junior champion (17.55m/57-7)
2003 Pan American Juniors gold medalist (16.23m/53-3)
2012 World Indoor bronze medalist (19.58m/64-3)
Collegiate Championships
2006 NCAA Indoor champion (18.56m/60-10.75)
2005 NCAA Indoor (17.86m/58-7) & Outdoor (17.06m/55-11.25) runner-up
About Michelle
Now a two-time Olympian, Carter has excelled at the national level for more than a decade. Carter first donned the USA jersey at the 2001 World Youth Championships where she won silver, in 2004 she won gold at the IAAF World Junior Championships, and in 2008, she followed in the footsteps of her father Michael Carter, by making her Olympic Team. After finishing as the runner-up at the 2012 Olympic Trials, Carter was presented her silver medal by gospel artist Kirk Franklin. Carter has known Franklin most of her life, as she grew up attending the same church. Carter is the national prep record-holder in the shot put at 16.73m/54-10.75, while her father, Michael, set the still-standing national boys prep record of 81-3.5 in 1979. She was a four-time Texas 4A state champion in the shot put, also set state record in the discus. Her father Michael was a standout football player and shot putter at SMU who played many years for the San Francisco '49ers. She has one sister, D'Andra, who was a thrower at Texas Tech, and one brother, Michael, Jr.

Follow Michelle on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ShotDiva

Michelle's Blog - http://shotdiva.blogspot.com

Jenae Leles joins the Blueprint for Success Program


The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome USA Women's National Softball Team standout and one of the most dominant college softball players in history Jenae Leles to our Athlete Advisory Board


Jenae' started playing softball at the age of five in Carmichael, California. (Sacramento, CA area). She had a passion for the sport from the beginning. Fortunately, Jenae' had fabulous youth coaches. From the time she first picked up a softball through the USA program; she has been blessed with outstanding, knowledgeable coaches. During her youth years she played for California Sting & NORCAL LITE. Several of Jenae's team mates played together from the age of 10 years through 18 GOLD.

After graduating from Rio Americano High School in Sacramento; Jenae' was recruited by Mike Candrea with the University of Arizona. Jenae's father, John also is an alumni from U of A. He played on the University's men's tennis team. Jenae' was originally recruited as a middle infielder. Coach Candrea saw a different position for her. With Coach Candrea's  expertise, patience and guidance; Jenae' will go down as one of the best Collegiate Third Basemen. Jenae' had a most successful four years with Arizona. She walked away with 2 World Series Rings, a Pac 10 ring and even more passion for the game of softball.

Upon graduating, she was drafted by the NPF ROCKFORD THUNDER. Although her playing time was limited that year due to her making the USA NATIONAL TEAM; a Championship was won by the Thunder. Jenae' traveled with the National Team in 2009. It was an amazing experience for her. Playing on the same team as Jennie Finch, Cat Osterman, Natasha Whatley & so many other softball icons was a childhood dream. Representing her country is an "experience of a lifetime". She has made life long friendships that will carry on with her. With United States women's national softball team she won 2011 World Cup of Softball. Jenae is one of 12 who has been named to the 2012 Women's National Team


2012 ISF Silver Medal, 2012 World Cup Gold Medal, 2012 Women's National Team, 2011 Pan American Gold Medalist, 2011 World Cup Champion, 2011 Women's National Team Member, 2010 Futures Team



• TOP 25 2009 Finalist Player of the Year
• TOP 10 2009 Finalist Lowes Player of year

Follow Jenae on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JenaeLeles

Jenae's Website - http://www.jenaeleles.com

Tiffany Weimer joins the Blueprint for Success Program

It's my great pleasure to welcome Tiffany Weimer to the Blueprint for Success Athlete Advisory Board. Tiffany is not only a tremendous professional women's soccer player but also one of it's most knowledgeable and passionate ambassadors. She is the Editor in Chief of Our Game Mazagine and pro soccer player for Champions League contender Fortuna Hjorring in Denmark. 


In her high school career at North Haven High School in North Haven, Connecticut, Weimer netted 109 goals, a school record. She also garnered the NSCAA's All-American award twice, All-New England award three times, Parade All-American award twice, McDonald's All-American award once and SCC Hammonasset's All-Conference Award four times.

Tiffany then went on to play for Penn State. Her 2002 season at Penn State yielded a Final Four appearance in the Division I NCAA Championship and were Big Ten Champions. She also was honored with a spot on the Big Ten All Freshman Team, the Soccer Buzz All Freshman Team (Mid-Atlantic Region) and won the Big Ten Freshman of the Year. In 2003, the Penn State Nittany Lions appeared in the Elite 8 of the Division I NCAA Championship and were the Big Ten Champions. Weimer received a spot on the All Big Ten Team and the NSCAA's 1st Team All-American. She was also a Semi-Finalist for the MAC Hermann Trophy. The 2004 Nittany Lions were Big Ten Champions with Weimer receiving the Big Ten Offensive Player of The Year, earned a spot on the NSCAA's 1st Team All-American and Runner-Up for the MAC Hermann Trophy. Weimer's final season at Penn State in 2005 drew an undefeated season of 23-0-2. They appeared in the Final 4 of the Division I NCAA Championship and were Big Ten Champions. Weimer received Big Ten Female Athlete of the Year, the Suzy Favor Award, Top Drawer Soccer Player of the Year, MAC Hermann Runner-Up and holds the NCAA record for most consecutive games with goals scored, 17 in total.

Overall, Tiffany scored 91 goals, a Big Ten record, and 9th in the NCAA, and 32 assists. Most goals in one season: 32. Most Game-Winning Goals(season): 13.

Tiffany has played for the United States U-21 squad and professionally for SoccerPlus Connecticut, Aland United (Finland), Santos FC (Brazil), FC Gold Pride, Boston Breakers, AIK (Sweden), Vancouver Whitecaps and her currently club Fortuna Hjorring (Denmark)

Follow Tiffany on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TiffanyWeimer

Tiffany's Website - http://www.tiffanyweimer.com

Our Game Magazine - http://www.ourgamemagazine.com

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Heather Kampf joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome Professional runner for Asics and Team USA Minnesota Heather Kampf to our Athlete Advisory Board. 


Heather is a 2005 graduate of Rosemount High School in the Twin Cities where her prep career included the Minnesota Class AA state title in the 800 meters and the 400 meters.

At the University of Minnesota, where she was the highest decorated Gopher women's track athlete, Heather was a nine-time All American. She was also the only Gopher who competed in every NCAA Championship in cross country, indoor track and outdoor track during the time she was at the University. In 2006, she was the NCAA Indoor Champion in the 800 meters.

Heather holds school records in nine events - 800 meters indoor and outdoor, 400 meters indoor, 600 meters indoor, the 4x400-meter relay indoor, indoor and outdoor distance medley relays, the outdoor 4x800m relay and the outdoor 4x1600m relay.

At the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials she was a semifinalist in the 800 meters as well as at the 2009 USA Outdoor Championships. At both the 2010 and 2011 USA Indoor Championships, Heather placed third in the 800 meters.

Heather won a road Mile "triple crown" in 2012: USA 1 Mile road title in 4:36.9 (her first national title), inaugural GNC Live Well Liberty Mile (4:35.8) and Grandma's Minnesota Mile (4:37).

Follow Heather on Twitter at https://twitter.com/HeatherRaeKampf

Heather's Blog - http://heatherkampf.blogspot.com

Beverly Goebel joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome international soccer star Beverly Goebel to our Athlete Advisory Board. Beverly currently plays for INAC Kobe Leonessa in Japan’s premier women’s soccer league, the Nadeshiko League. Prior to playing in Japan, she was a WPS Champion with the WNY Flash and played her college ball for the University of Miami Hurricanes.

At Miami Beverly started 51 of 53 games and was team captain during the 2009 season. Her most memorable soccer moment was her goal to defeat #2 UNC in 2009.

Beverly then entered the WPS Draft in 2010 and was selected 27th overall by the Washington Freedom.

In the 2011 season, she helped the Western New York Flash win the 2011 WPS Championship.

After Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) suspended play in 2012, Beverly signed with Japanese's Power Club INAC Kobe. In her 2012 stint with INAC Kobe, Beverly was a productive player. Primarily playing as a center-forward, she scored 13 goals in 17 competitive matches including 2 goals at the first International Women's Club Championship.

Beverly recently re-signed with INAC Kobe, which is widely regarded as one of the top 5 women's clubs in the world. A true testament to Beverly hard work!

Follow Beverly on Twitter at https://twitter.com/beverlygoebel

Beverly's website - http://www.beverlygoebel.com


Wallace Spearmon Jr. joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is blessed to welcome 2X Olympian, 2X world record holder, Natural born sprinter  and Oakley/Saucony Representer Wallace Spearmon Jr. to our Athlete Advisory Board.

BIO (from USA Track & Field)

USA Championships
Three-time USA Outdoor champion – 2006 (19.90); 2010 (19.77w); 2012 (19.82)
2007 USA Outdoor runner-up (19.89)
Third at 2008 Olympic Trials (19.90)
Third at 2010 USA Outdoors (20.03w)
International Championships
Two-time World Outdoor Championships bronze medalist – 2007 (20.05); 2009 (19.85)
2005 World Outdoor Championships silver medalist (20.20)
2007 World Outdoor Championships 4x100m gold medalist
2006 World Cup champion (19.87)
Collegiate Championships
Two-time NCAA Outdoor 200m champion – 2004 (20.12); 2005 (20.10AR)
Awards and Honors
American indoor 200m record holder (20.10)
About Wallace
Spearmon reached significant heights in 2012 in bringing the total number of times he has broken the 20-second-barrier in the 200m to 24. In doing so Spearmon passed Michael Johnson (23) and tied Frankie Fredericks on the all-time list for a career. In March of 2012 Spearmon won the Bobby Lane Invitational in a time of 19.95, which was the earliest in a season anyone had run sub-20 in the northern hemisphere outdoors. The three-time World Outdoor Championships 200m medalist, Spearmon also won a World Cup title in 2006. During the 2008 Olympic Games 200m final in Beijing, Spearmon came roaring back from a slow start to finish third in 19.95 seconds, but was later disqualified for a lane violation, running on the inside line. He finished just off the podium in 2012 in London as well in placing fourth. Spearmon proved his versatility in 2007 by ending the season ranked in the top ten in the world by Track & Field News for the first time in the 100 meters (#10) and posting a personal best in that event of 9.96 seconds in Shanghai. His personal best time of 19.65 makes Spearmon the fifth fastest American of all time. He won a silver medal at the 2005 World Outdoor Championships as Team USA swept the top four spot with Justin Gatlin (gold), Spearmon, John Capel (bronze) and Tyson Gay (fourth). He established the American 200m indoor record twice at the 2005 NCAA Indoor Championships by running 20.21 in the semifinals before lowering it to 20.10 in the final. It was Spearmon’s final collegiate season as he left Arkansas early to pursue a professional career in the sport. He was a three-sport standout at Fayetteville HS, where he played basketball and wide receiver in football for two years. He earned all-state honors in the 100m, 200m, 400m, the long jump (best of 7.14m/23-5) and triple jump (best of 13.94m/45-9), high jump (best of 1.98m/6-6), 4x100m and 4x400m relay teams. He also competed in the decathlon and 300-meter hurdles. Spearmon’s father, Wallace Sr., was a two-time All-American for coach McDonnell at Arkansas and was a part of Arkansas’ first national championship team in 1984 as a sprinter. He was a 200m bronze medalist at the 1986 Goodwill Games and 1987 Pan American Games and competed for Team USA at the 1987 World Outdoor Championships in Rome, Italy.

Follow Wallace on Twitter at https://twitter.com/PrinceSpearmon

Become a fan of Wallace on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wallacespearmonjr

Amanda Smock joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome Olympian and Professional Triple Jumper Amanda Smock to our Athlete Advisory Board.

BIO (from USA Track & Field)

USA Championships
2012 USA Indoor champion (13.77m/45-2.25)
Two-time USA Outdoor champion - 2011 (14.07m/46-2); 2012 (13.94m/45-9)
2011 USA Indoor runner-up (13.63m/44-8.75)
Collegiate Championships
Three-time NCAA Division II champion
About Amanda
After Smock failed to make the Olympic Team in 2008, her father crossed "2008" off of his credential and added "2012." While Smock's father passed away after the 2008 Trials, Smock has kept that momento hanging in her closet and looks at it every day. Her father would certianly be proud as Smock won the 2012 Olympic Trials and had the needed Olympic B standard to punch her ticket to London. In 2011, Smock was won the USA Outdoor Championships, but was just shy of making the needed B standard for the World Championships. Days before the World team was announed, Smock jumped a personal best to secure the mark and make her way to Daegu. Smock has worked as a partner in a small company that specializes in corporate wellness programs. Married to former college teammate Greg Smock.

In high school, Amanda excelled at long jump, pole vault, triple jump, and sprinting events.

Follow Amanda on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AJTSMOCK


Ashley Higginson joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is humbled to welcome Saucony and New Jersey-New York Track Club runner Ashley Higginson to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Ashley Higginson is a New Jersey native who ran for Coltsneck High School. While there she was a 4 time state champ in the 2 mile, national champ in the 2 mile outdoor and NSIC national champion. She was also part of the 4xMile state champs winning team. Ashley’s success goes beyond the track as she was president of her class and homecoming queen!

Following her high school success she attended Princeton University as a politics major. There she was a member of the 5th place NCAA Cross Country finals team and 4 time Ivy League Champion team. She has 8 Ivy League individual titles and is a 3 time All American.

Ashley finished fourth in the 3000-meter steeplechase at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials in 9:38.06. That was a personal best by more than seven seconds, and she lowered the time even further to 9:34.49 at the Aviva London Grand Prix.

Ashley continues to train with Coach Frank "Gags" Gagliano and the New Jersey/New York Track Club and is a law student at Rutgers University!

Follow Ashley on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AshleyHigz

Ashley's blog - http://peacelovewaterbarriers.wordpress.com



Ginnie Crawford joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome professional runner for Nike, NCAA collegiate record holder and 2x USA champion Ginnie Crawford to our Athlete Advisory Board! Here's more info about Ginnie:

USA Championships
Two-Time USA Outdoor champion  - 2007 (12.63); 2006 (12.63)
2010 USA Indoor champion (7.87)
2009 USA Outdoor runner-up (12.47w)
2005 USA Outdoor bronze medalist (12.87)

Collegiate Championships
Two-time NCAA Outdoor champion – 2006 (12.48); 2005 (12.80)
Two-Time NCAA Indoor champion – 2006 (7.84); 2005 (7.97)

About Ginnie
A tall, powerful hurdler, Crawford first donned the Team USA jersey as a member of the 1999 World Youth Team, and since she has competed in four world championships. Powell was a decorated athlete at USC where she won the NCAA National championships both indoors and out her junior and senior seasons and broke the collegiate record held by Gail Devers. Weeks after her collegiate career ended, Crawford won her first USA Outdoor title at the 2006 championships. The former Ginnie Powell married Olympic Silver medalist Shawn Crawford in 2010. Between the two of them, the couple owns seven U.S. titles. Crawford practices Buddhism and credits it for keeping her balanced on and off the track.

Ginnie's Website - http://www.ginniecrawford.com

Follow Ginnie on Twitter at https://twitter.com/GinnieCrawford

Rachel Dawson joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is excited to welcome USA Women's National Field Hockey Team  Midfielder Rachel Dawson to our Athlete Advisory Board.


From her childhood home in Berlin, NJ, Dawson shared her competitive sprit, natural athleticism and a tiny bathroom with her seven siblings. Two of her older sisters even played field hockey for the U.S. National Team. For Dawson, being a part of a big team is second nature The versatile defender, midfielder joined the National team in 2005 and graduated from the University of North Carolina in 2007. She is the most capped athlete on the team with 185 marks. Dawson is one of the seven 2008 Beijing Olympians selected to return to the Olympics again represent the U.S. in London.


2012: Champions Challenge I (2nd, Dublin, Ireland)... U.S. Olympic Team (12th, London, England)
2011: Pan American Team (1st, Guadalajara, Mexico)... Champions Challenge I Team (2nd, Dublin, Ireland)... Named to the Pan American Elite Team
2010: AtaHolding World Cup Qualifier Team (2nd, Chula Vista, CA) 
2009: Pan American Cup Team (2nd, Hamilton, Bermuda)... Named to the Pan American Elite Team 
2008: U.S. Olympic Team (8th, Beijing China)...Olympic Qualifier Tournament (1st, Kazan, Russia)... Named Olympic Qualifier Player of the Tournament... No. 9 UNC jersey was retired in February, only the third player in program history to have her jersey retired
2007: Pan American Team (2nd, Rio de Janiero, Brazil)... Champions Challenge Team (4th, Baku, Azerbaijan)... Recognized with the Honda Award as the National Player of the Year for field hockey... Selected as one of the five finalists for the Honda-Broderick Cup as the nation's top college female athlete... With 19 goals, ranked as the top scorer for the No. 1 offensive team in the country (UNC)... Named 2007 ACC Defensive Player of the Year and 2007 ACC Tournament MVP... National Player of the Year by womensfieldhockey.com
2006: World Cup Qualifying Tournament Team (4th, Rome, Italy)...Nominated for the 2006 WorldHockey Women's Young Player of the Year award as one of the top six players under the age of 23 in the world... Redshirted the 2006 season at UNC while representing the U.S. in international competition
2005: Named to the Women's National Team... Junior World Cup Team (7th, Santiago, Chile)...Junior Pan American Championships (2nd, San Juan, Puerto Rico)... Named Most Outstanding Player at Junior Pan American Championships... Earned first career cap vs Australia in Virginia Beach (6/5)... Named second-team All-America... Named to the inaugural ACC All-Academic Team and to the NFHCA National Academic Squad 
2004: Named first-team All-America... ACC Defensive Player of the Year... Named to the NFHCA Academic Squad 
2003: Selected as the ACC Freshman of the Year, only the fourth UNC player to win the honor... Named National Freshman of the Year by collegefieldhockey.com... All-ACC Tournament... Named to the NFHCA National Academic Squad
2001: Named to the USA U-21 Squad

Follow Rachel on Twitter at https://twitter.com/racheldawson8

Rachel's Website - http://www.racheldawson8.com

April Ross joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist and beach volleyball superstar April Ross to our Athlete Advisory Board!

April grew up in Newport Beach, CA where she attended Newport Harbor HS. While at Newport April became the nation's top volleyball recruit (but also participated in basketball & track and field), she also was named the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Player of the Year in 1998 and 1999.

April then went on to have an incredible college career at the University of Southern California (USC). In her freshman season April was named  Pac-10 Freshman of the Year as well as the National Freshman of the Year, she received Pac-10 First Team honors as well as AVCA Second Team All-America honors. Led USC to the NCAA Final Four.

As a sophomore she was named 2nd Team All-American and helped USC to the NCAA Regional Finals.

In her final two seasons, April helped USC to back-to-back NCAA Titles. In 2002, she was named a First Team All-American and had 15 kills and 14 digs in the NCAA Championship win over Stanford, avenging their only loss of the season to the Cardinal. In 2003, she repeated as a First Team All-American, and helped USC to an undefeated season after defeating Florida in the NCAA championship match. April had 14 kills and 19 digs in the winning effort.

She finished her career among USC's all-time career record-holders, ranking in the top 6 in eight statistical categories, including first in points (1,430) and points per game, second in service aces (161) and service aces per game (0.38), fourth in attacks (3,859), fifth in kills (1576), kills per game (3.73) and digs (1,296) and sixth in digs per game (3.06).

April was named the 2009 USA Volleyball Female Beach Player of the Year, USA Volleyball Beach Team of the Year (with Jen Kessy), FIVB Best Offensive Player, FIVB Best Hitter. The 2007 AVP Most Improved Player; FIVB Rookie of the Year. Also the 2006 AVP Rookie of the Year.

Most recently April and her partner Jennifer Kessy won silver medals in the 2012 Olympics, losing an epic match to the legendary duo of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in an All-USA final! 

Follow April on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AprilRossBeach

April's Blog - http://aprilrossbeach.wordpress.com

J.C. Banks joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome J.C. Banks of the Rochester Rhinos (USL Professional Division) to our Athlete Advisory Board.

J.C. attended Milwaukee Riverside HS where he was four-time All-Conference, played in the Region II Olympic Development Program, and played club soccer for FC Milwaukee, before going on to play four years of college soccer at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. At Green Bay he was the Horizon League all-newcomer team as a freshman in 2007, was the 2009 Horizon League Player of the Year, and was a 2010 All-League First Team and All-Great Lakes Second Team selection.

During his college years Banks also played for the Madison 56ers in the National Premier Soccer League and Chicago Fire Premier in the USL Premier Development League.

J.C. was drafted in the first round (8th overall) of the 2011 MLS Supplemental Draft by Toronto FC, but was not offered a contract with the MLS team.

After trialing with several clubs in Europe, including Swedish side BK Häcken, Banks signed with USL Professional Division club Rochester Rhinos. He made his professional debut on April 15, 2011 in Rochester's season opening game against the Richmond Kickers, and scored his first professional goal on April 23 in a 3-2 win over the Dayton Dutch Lions. He was selected as the Rhinos' rookie of the year following his first professional season. Rochester re-signed Banks for the 2012 season on October 25, 2011

J. C.'s father, Jimmy Banks, played soccer for Milwaukee Wave and with United States men's national soccer team at the 1987 Pan American Games and in qualification for the 1990 FIFA World Cup.

Follow J.C. on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jcbanks11


Mary Saxer joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is blessed to welcome Professional pole vaulter, 2012 U.S. World Team member & 2016 Olympic hopeful Mary Saxer to our Athlete Advisory Board!


Mary is a professional pole vaulter from Buffalo, New York pursuing her Olympic dreams. She began pole vaulting as a junior in high school and became the first U.S. high school girl to ever clear 14 feet. Mary also broke the former national record 7 times, held the National Junior Record, was a three-time National High School Champion in the vault, and still hold the New York State Record. She attended the University of Notre Dame where she became a school record holder, a three-time Big East Pole Vault Champion, a two-time NCAA All-American, and placed 3rd at the 2009 NCAA Outdoor National Championships. Mary currently train in South Bend, Indiana at Notre Dame. In 2011 she cleared the 15 foot barrier for the first time. This year she increased her personal best to 4.62m (15'2) & qualified for her first U.S. World Team indoors by placing 2nd at Indoor U.S. Nationals! Mary looks forward to steadily increasing her heights on her road to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mary feels truly blessed that she has the opportunity to chase her dreams each and every day. She says she wouldn't be where she is today without the never-ending love and support of her family, friends & coach. Mary is looking forward to the road ahead!

Check out Mary's site - http://www.marysaxer.com

Follow Mary on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SaxDefyGravity

Megan Duwell Herrick joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome professional distance runner and multi-time NCAA All-American Megan Duwell Herrick to our Athlete Advisory Board!

Megan is a three-time All-American at the University of Minnesota. Upon graduation from the University's Carlson School of Management, Megan traveled to Flagstaff, AZ in joining the Olympic-training, Adidas-sponsored team called McMillan Elite. While there, Megan raced in multiple US Road Racing Championships, building her mileage and base with the marathon as her long-term distance focus. Megan was able to compete nationally and internationally, finishing 2nd overall (1st American) at the 2011 NACAC Cross Country Championships in Trinidad and Tobago. Additionally, Megan is an RRCA Road Scholar Grant Recipient while also serving as the athlete liaison on Team USA Arizona. In early 2013, Megan and her husband, Paul, moved to Madison, WI where she is continuing to train and compete while also advancing her business career CUNA Mutual.

Follow Megan on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CurlyHerrDu


Edwin Jackson joins the Blueprint for Success Program

It's a privilege to welcome Chicago Cubs pitcher Edwin Jackson to the Blueprint for Success Program Athlete Advisory Board. Edwin was an All-Star in 2009 with the Tigers, threw a no-hitter in 2010 with the Diamondbacks and won the World Series with the Cardinals in 2011. 

Edwin was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2001 MLB draft. He was originally drafted as an outfielder but was converted into a pitcher. He made his major league debut on September 9, 2003, his 20th birthday. In that game, he pitched 6 innings, giving up just one run and out-pitched Cy Young Award winner Randy Johnson to earn his first career major league victory.

While with the Detroit Tigers, Edwin was selected to represent Detroit in the 2009 All-Star Game along with teammates Curtis Granderson, Justin Verlander, and Brandon Inge. He pitched a scoreless fifth inning for the AL, retiring Yadier Molina, Ryan Zimmerman, and Hanley Ramírez on four pitches.

At of the end of July, opposing batters were hitting .216 against him, which was the lowest batting average in the league

On June 25, 2010, Jackson no-hit his former team, the Tampa Bay Rays, 1–0, at Tropicana Field. It was only the second no-hitter in Diamondbacks' history, the other being Randy Johnson's perfect game on May 18, 2004. It was also the fourth of the 2010 season, and the third time the Tampa Bay Rays have been no-hit in less than 12 months. Jackson had a very rough start to the game, walking a total of eight batters as well as hitting B.J. Upton with a pitch. Overall, Jackson allowed nine batters on base and got out of a bases loaded jam in the 3rd inning. Mark Reynolds, Tony Abreu, and Adam LaRoche (whose second-inning home run accounted for the game's only run) helped Jackson as they provided impressive defense. He threw 149 pitches in the entire game.

Jackson became the first German-born pitcher to throw a no-hitter, the first African American to do so since Dwight Gooden in 1996, and the first African American to do so for a National League team since Bob Gibson in 1971.

 Edwin played for Los Angeles Dodgers, Tampa Bay Devil Rays / Rays, Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals prior to signing with the Chicago Cubs in January of 2013!

Follow Edwin on Twitter at https://twitter.com/EJ36

Duane Solomon joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome Saucony athlete, 2x US indoor 800 Champion, 2012 US Olympian, 4th Place finish in Olympic 800 Final and 2nd fastest American ever at 800m PB of 1:42.82 - Duane Solomon to our Athlete Advisory Board!

USA Championships

Two-time USA Indoor champion – 2011 (1:48.03); 2012 (1:48.58)
2010 USA Outdoor runner-up (1:47.16)
2010 USA Indoor runner-up (1:48.41)
Third at 2012 Olympic Trials (1:44.65)

International Championships
2006 NACAC U23 800m champion (1:48.96)

Collegiate Championships
Third at 2008 NCAA Outdoors (1:45.71)
Third at 2007 USA Outdoors (1:45.69)

About Duane
A veteran of a pair of World Indoor Championships team (’10, ’12) and the 2007 World Outdoor Championships team, Duane Solomon finally punched his ticket to his first Olympic Games in the 800m. The 1:44.65 he ran to place third at the Olympic Trials was a big personal best for Solomon. A sociology major with a heavy interest in the music production industry, Solomon graduated from the University of Southern California in 2008. Solomon has spent a good portion of his career as one of the top 800m runners in the country. Over the past three seasons he has claimed a pair of USA Indoor titles along with USA Outdoor and USA Indoor runner-up finishes. He also claimed the NACAC U23 title in the 800m when he was just a sophomore in 2006.

Follow Duane on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DuaneBang800


Alaina Bergsma joins the Blueprint for Success Program

We're honored to welcome the 2012 AVCA National Player of the Year, Pac-12 Player of the Year, AVCA First-Team All-American, All-Pac-12/Region First Team and Capital One Third-Team Academic All-American Alaina Bergsma to   the Blueprint for Success Program Athlete Advisory Board!

Alaina was the University of Oregon’s first AVCA National and Pac-12 Player of the Year sported the nation’s most impressive all-around resume in 2012 and led team to a best-ever NCAA runner-up finish. After her 96 career matches for UO, the third-year Duck ranked third all-time in career points (1,568.5), fifth in career hitting (.278) and fifth in career kills (1,421), The prior summer of 2011, she played on the USA Volleyball A2 National Team. Played her first season for the Ducks in 2010 after she transferred from Loyola Marymount. In '09, she was one of the nation's top hitters and serving specialists for the Lions as a redshirt freshman. Won the Miss Oregon USA pageant in 2011 late November - the same weekend that the team received its fifth NCAA bid in seven years under head coach Jim Moore - and later was honored with the Miss USA Pageant Most Photogenic Award in the event held the first weekend in June 2012.

Alaina is currently playing professionally in Puerto Rico!

Follow Alaina on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AlainaBergsma

Alise Post joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program humbly welcomes Professional BMX Racer. London 2012 Olympian Alise Post to our Athlete Advisory Board!

Notable accolades

2012 U.S.A. Olympic Team Coach’s Pick, she will represent U.S.A. in the Women's BMX Cycling event at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom.

She was voted 2006 Rookie Pro of the Year by the readers of BMXer magazine, the ABA's official publication. She is the first female to win the title.

At 15 years of age, she is the youngest female to hold the National No.1 Pro Women's title. She is also one of the youngest to turn pro female or male in BMX since the early days of the professional class of the late 1970s. She is also one of the youngest to hold a pro title since that era.

She is also the first female to earn all three Girls division classifications that have existed: No.1 Girl Amateur, No.1 Girl Amateur Cruiser and No.1 Girl Pro.
She became ABA No.1 Pro Girl in her rookie year.


By being only 17 years of age in 2008, she missed participation in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China due to the 19 years of age minimum to participate by two years. Her first Olympic competition was at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England.

Away from the track, Alise has exceled at just about everything she tries. An all-star in gymnastics and track, Alise had caught the eyes of several Division 1 colleges while still in high school. Amazingly, she found the time between all of her extra-curricular activities and BMX travel to maintain a straight A report card. A true testament to her work ethic and drive!

Follow Alise on Twitter at https://twitter.com/alisepost11


Allison Baver joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is happy to welcome 2010 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Current American Record Holder, 1500m, 3000m Ladies Relay-Short Track Speed Skater Allison Baver to our Athlete Advisory Board.

Olympic Medal: Bronze in 3000-meter relay, 2010 Vancouver Winter Games
Winter Olympian: 2010, 2006 and 2002
American Record Holder: Current 1500m, Current 3000m, Former 1000m 
US National Championship: 2007

Allison stands proudly among the world's preeminent female short track speedskaters of the 21st century. She earned her first-ever Olympic medal at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

In her third Olympics, Allison and her U.S. short track speedskating teammates brought home the bronze in the 3000-meter relay. The U.S. team also included Katherine Reutter, Alyson Dudek, Kimberly Derrick and Lana Gehring. Team USA originally placed fourth in a time of 4:14:081, but gained a spot on the podium after Korea was disqualified for impeding a Chinese team that set a new world record (4:06.610) with their gold medal showing. 

The 2007 U.S. short track champion first gained global prominence at the 2002 Winter Olympics. 

The 5-4 Reading, Pa. native is believed to be the first female U.S. inline skater to qualify for the Olympics in short track speedskating. 

At 11, Allison competed in the National Roller Skating Championships in Philadelphia, Pa., and at Wilson High School, she was a soccer player and cheerleader. She did not take up speedskating until her junior year of high school. 

A member of the U.S. short track speedskating squad since 2002, Allison has earned multiple medals in ISU Short Track World Cup competition. 

At the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, she placed seventh in the women's 500-meter event and her 3000-meter relay team finished fourth. 

Allison's first taste of Olympic competition came in her home country. At the Salt Lake City Winter Games in 2002, her 3000-meter relay team placed seventh. 

A passport and competitive spirit has provided Allison passage across the globe: Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, Russia and the United Kingdom. 

She earned a bachelor's degree in marketing and management from Penn State University and a MBA from the New York Institute of Technology. Allison is single and resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Allison's Website - http://www.allisonbaver.com

Follow Allison on Twitter at https://twitter.com/speedsk8chic

Kylie Hutson joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome NIKE-sponsored professional pole vaulter Kylie Hutson to our Athlete Advisory Board!

USA Championships
2011 USA Outdoor champion (4.65m/15-3)
Collegiate Championships
Two-time NCAA Indoor champion – 2009 (4.35m/14-4.75); 2010 (4.50m/14-9)
Two-time NCAA Outdoor champion – 2009 (4.40m/14-5.25); 2010 (4.45m/14-7.25)
About Kylie
In Hutson’s first full season as a pro, she wasted no time making a name for herself. She won her first U.S. title in 2011 with a jump of 4.65m/15-3 to defeat American record holder Jenn Suhr. Hutson collected major wins in relays competitions at the Drake, Mt. SAC and Kansas. As a collegiate athlete, Hutson claimed top honors at her final four NCAA championships winning both indoor and outdoor during her junior and senior seasons. During her senior year she also won the Billy Hayes Invitational (4.51m/14-9.5) in the third best jump in NCAA history. Hutson has a multi-sport background as a high school star in track and field, volleyball and diving.

Kylie's Blog - http://kyliehutson.blogspot.com

Follow Kylie on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ratherBvaulting

Donald Suxho joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is ecstatic to welcome 2-Time USA Volleyball Olympian and 12 years Professional Volleyball Player Donald Suxho to our Athlete Advisory Board.


As a setter for Team USA, Donald participated in the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, Greece as well as the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Donald and his family came to America in 1996 and lived in Natick, Massachusetts while searching for a college. He eventually chose to play for the University of Southern California and became one of the most well known volleyball players to come out of USC.

Donald's father Peter is the former coach of the Albanian Junior National team as well as the Natick High School boys and girls volleyball coach and it was under his tutelage in the US and Albania that Donald learned the game. Donald played for the Albanian junior national team from 1991-1996 and made the national team while still a teenager in 1995-1996.

While at USC, Donald was a four-year starter for a nationally-ranked team. He set a number of Trojan records, including 164 career aces. He became one of the top players in school history and was a two-time All-American and AVAC National Player of the Year as a senior in 2000. Following graduation, he played professional beach volleyball in Poland and has been a member of the US Olympic Team since 2001. He competed in the Athens Olympics but missed Beijing due to injury. In 2012, he's one of 40 USC athletes to make an Olympic team.

In addition to his playing career, Donald served as the USC assistant men's volleyball coach during the 2001-2002 season. Donald is currently playing professionally in Argentina!

Follow Donald on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DSUXHO7

Brad Walker joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome NIKE Pole Vaulter, Olympian, American Record Holder and 2x World Champion Brad Walker to our Athlete Advisory Board. 


One of the best in the world for many years, Brad Walker currently holds the American outdoor record in the pole vault. He set that in 2008 at the Nike Prefontaine Classic with his clearance of 6.04m/19-9.75, which was also the top clearance in the world that year. The four-time World Championships medalist won 2006 USA Indoor men’s pole vault title, but faced a great deal of adversity at the World Indoor Championships in Moscow when he fell and hit his head outside the pit during a practice attempt prior to the qualifying round. He went on to qualify for the final and won it with a clutch seasonal best clearance of 5.80 meters/19-0.25 on his third attempt at that height.

He was a recipient of the Pac-10 Medal, awarded to the top male and female student-athletes at each Pac-10 institution. He captured the NCAA indoor pole vault title with a vault of 5.80m/19-0.25 that was nearly nine inches beyond his nearest competitor, and equaled the winning mark at the 2003 IAAF World Indoor Championships. Walker became the first athlete in Pac-10 history to clear 19 feet, breaking by three inches the previous Pac-10 record of 5.72m/18-9.25 set by Stanford’s Toby Stevenson in 2000.

He finished the indoor season tied with American Derek Miles and ce’s Romain Mesnil for third in the 2003 IAAF World Rankings, and tied Miles for the best indoor vault by an American in 2003. In outdoor competition in 2003 he saw his bid for an NCAA Championships double dashed by broken hand just days prior to the NCAA West Regional meet. He is regarded as Washington’s best vaulter since Brian Sternberg, who in 1963 broke the world record twice before injuring himself in a training accident. As a prep star he led University High to consecutive state track and field championships in 1998 and 1999. He was 1999 regional and district pole vault champion and finished second at the state meet. He also lettered in football and was a business administration major.

Follow Brad on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SkyWalkerPV

Brad's Website - http://www.bradwalkerusa.com


Josh Roenicke joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome former UCLA two sport standout and new Minnesota Twins pitcher Josh Roenicke to our Athlete Advisory Board.

Josh was drafted in 2006 by the Cincinnati Reds out of UCLA where he was both an outfielder and a relief pitcher, as well as a defensive back and kick returner on the UCLA football team. Josh went on to play for the Toronto Blue Jays and the Colorado Rockies before joining the Minnesota Twins on Novemeber 2nd of 2012. Josh has a career win-loss record of 5-2 with 123 strikeouts.

Josh comes from a baseball family - brother Jason is in minors, dad Gary is a former MLB player and is currently a scout for the Orioles, uncle Ron is a former MLB player and is currently the manager for the Brewers and brother-in-law Ian Desmond plays shortshop for the Washington Nationals.

Josh excelled in basketball, baseball and football at Nevada Union HS in California. Josh's versatile athletic background/experiences as well as his commitment to impacting the lives of young student-athletes will bring so much to the program. Welcome Josh!

Follow Josh on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JroPrimetime

Andia Winslow joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome Elite athlete, Certified Fitness Professional and founder of The Fit Cycle, Andia Winslow to our Athlete Advisory Board. Andia's diverse background and experiences as well as her incredible creativity will be tremendous assets to the program!

Andia's notable junior golf career began at the age of 11 in Seattle, Washington at Jefferson Park Golf Course known fondly as the home of Fred Couples, PGA Tour Professional. Though actively recruited by more than twenty-five colleges and universities as a top 75 world ranked junior golfer, Andia chose to travel across the country to attend Yale University. As a college freshman, she helped the Bulldogs secure the storied Ivy League Championship Title.

In April 2006, she became only the fourth African American to ever compete in a Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour event. Though Andia continues to compete professionally, she has developed a true passion for teaching the game to golfers of all abilities. She credits industry mentors Charlie Sifford, David Elaimy, Jim Flick and Penny Pulz for their inspiration and tutelage.

An elite Certified Fitness Professional and wellness advocate, Andia is known for her creation of innovative training programs and fitness videos that encourage healthy consumption, injury prevention and total athletic development. Her work has been made further popular by features in Shape Magazine, Heart & Soul Magazine, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, on ESPN.com, and on Mashable.com. An ambassador for the Women's Sports Foundation, she conducts clinics and speaks around the country promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity for youth and adults.

Andia's YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/ADUB365

Andia's Website - http://www.andiawinslow.com

Follow Andia on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AndiaWinslow

Lauren Fendrick joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome pro beach volleyball star and 2016 Rio Olympic hopeful Lauren Fendrick to our Athlete Advisory Board.

Born and raised in Northern San Diego County, California, Lauren has been playing volleyball since she was 14, as a sophomore at Carlsbad high school.  Lauren earned a volleyball scholarship to UCLA where she was a four year starter as an outside hitter.  She graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Communication Studies.  After she graduated, she competed professionally indoor in Puerto Rico and Turkey.  

 Lauren began her beach career in 2003.  Since then she has consistently improved her finishes and ranking each season, climbing in 2011 to the 10th ranked team in the world and the 3rd ranked team for the USA.  Some of Lauren’s accomplishments from 2011 include back-to-back season opening 4th place finished and a fifth place finish in Worlds.  In 2011 Lauren and her teammate, Brooke Hanson, upset the #1, #2, #4, #6, #10, and #11 ranked teams in the World.  Additionally, the duo won the Grand Cayman NORCECA, the Cincinnati U.S. Open, the USAV Miami Cuervo, and the Huntington Beach AVP.   

In 2009, Lauren was also nominated for Rookie of the Year for the FIVB season.  In her career, Lauren has over 55 top ten finishes.

 In May of 2010, Lauren completed her law degree at USC.  She is currently working part-time for GE Aviation.

Lauren's Website - http://www.laurenfendrick.com 

Follow Lauren on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LaurenFendrick

Alvina Begay joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program graciously welcomes Navajo long- distance runner and Nike N7 Ambassador Alvina Begay to our Athlete Advisory Board! Here's some background on Alvina from http://www.niken7.com 

Alvina Begay was born to run.

Raised on the Navajo Reservation in Ganado, Arizona, long distance running is in her blood. At an elevation of 6,000+ feet, Alvina grew up running on the almost endless, dusty dirt roads and trails of her hometown. Inspired by her father, also a long distance runner, her mother and the wide-open Northeastern Arizona sky, Alvina achieved the honor of being an Academic as well as Athletic All-American. Her love of and gift for running spilled into her college career at both Adams State College and Arizona State, where her talent and passion lit up the track.

And she’s not just fast, she’s smart. Alvina is working on completing her master’s degree in Health Administration in Flagstaff, Arizona where she lives and trains with the Team USA Arizona running group–focusing primarily on her marathon time. She champions Wings of America, a running camp for Native American youth. Her message to young people is undiluted and sincere. She believes that no matter who you are and where you come from, anything is possible as long as you dream big and work hard.

Her training philosophy is clear and concise. She believes in keeping it simple. React. Run. Have fun and let the training fall into place. Both on and off the track, Alvina is proud of her Native American heritage. But what she really appreciates about running: it doesn’t matter where you come from or the color of your skin. Everyone at that starting line just wants to run fast and win. And that’s exactly what she does.

Follow Alvina on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AYBegay

Marcus Tracy joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome 2008 Hermann Trophy winner, Marcus Tracy of the San Jose Earthquakes to our Athlete Advisory Board. 

Marcus grew up in Newtown, CT, which the world now recognizes as the site of the unbelievably tragic and horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that left 26 innocent people dead. The school that Marcus's mother once taught. The tragedy obviously has left Marcus heartbroken but he has done some great things to help heal the communities and heal himself. He and his friends wrote a tribute song and shot a video called "We'll Be Alright" to give the town a voice and help grieve. Just yesterday, Marcus participated in "Soccer Night in Newtown" where nearly 50 soccer legends and current MLS players brought smiles, soccer, inspiration and hope to the Newtown community. 1,500 Newtown residents attended!

Marcus grew up playing soccer at Newtown High School where he was named an All-American (and had his #3 jersey retired) and was a member of the 2004 Class LL Connecticut State Championship team. He finished with 100 goals in his high school career.

Marcus won the 2008 Hermann Trophy for the nation's most outstanding college player while at Wake Forest University where he scored 13 goals and 10 assists in 24 games. In 2007, he won the 2007 College Cup with the Demon Deacons while scoring 11 goals and 9 assists in 26 games. In the College Cup final, Tracy scored the tying goal and assisted on the winning goal in the Demon Deacons 2-1 victory over Ohio State. Tracy was named the Offensive MVP of the 2007 College Cup tournament. 

Marcus was drafted in the 2009 MLS SuperDraft by the Houston Dynamo (the same year he received his first senior US National Team call-up) before heading overseas to Denmark to play for Aalborg. Marcus struggled with injuries for the past 3 years but now will be a major weapon for San Jose with his size, strength, athleticism, speed and aerial abilities!

We are thrilled to have a role model like Marcus involved in the program. We look forward to working closely with Marcus on the soccer end but also know that his impact will reach student-athletes of all sports!

Video from Soccer Night in Newtown - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sso9QKbi1Ik

We'll Be Alright Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTNjTNoG-1A

Follow Marcus on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MarcusGTracy



Jackie Joyner-Kersee joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is beyond humbled to welcome one of the greatest all-around athletes in history (regardless of gender or sport), USATF LEGEND and Hall of Famers Jackie Joyner-Kersee to our Athlete Advisory Baord. 

JJK is a 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, 4x World Outdoor Championship Gold Medalist. She was a 4x Olympian that still holds many world and american records. 

Jackie’s athletic accomplishments are world renowned and are literally second to none. By the conclusion of her career in the heptathlon and long jump events she had amassed 6 Olympic medals and 4 World Champion titles. Jackie was the first woman in history to earn more than 7,000 points in the heptathlon, and today, over 20 years later, she still holds the world heptathlon record of 7,291 points. She continues to hold the Olympic and national records in the long jump, and her 1994 performance in the long jump remains the second longest in history. In addition to heptathlon and long jump, Jackie was a world class 100m and 200m runner and, after a decorated All-American career in basketball at UCLA, she eventually played professional basketball for a short time.

Jackie was dubbed ‘The Greatest Female Athlete of the 20th Century’ by Sports Illustrated. 

Jackie is also a dedicated philanthropist committed to empowering our youth. We are extremely grateful to have a living legend like Jackie's support and as part of the program!

Jackie's Hall of Fame bio 

Holly McPeak joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome volleyball LEGEND & Hall of Famer, 3x Olympian (bronze medalist) and winner of 72 beach volleyball titles Holly McPeak to our Athlete Advisory Board!

Holly was the most influential woman in the rise of USA beach volleyball worldwide. A true pioneer and ambassador of the game that has inspired millions of volleyball players across the globe. Holly has been and continues to be an invaluable mentor to other players, players like Misty May-Treanor, Kerri Walsh and Logan Tom just to name a few have benefited from Holly's knowledge, motivation, belief and friendship.

The Blueprint for Success Program can't thank Holly enough for believing in us and supporting our mission. You can't measure what she brings to the program, every student-athlete we serve will be better because Holly is involved!

Follow Holly on Twitter at https://twitter.com/hmcpeak1



Mikaela Mayer joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome USA National Team member, #1 ranked amateur boxer at 141 lbs. and 2016 Olympic hopeful Mikaela Mayer to our Athlete Advisory Board!

She began her fighting career by training in Muay Thai at the age of 17, winning all of her early fights but soon transitioned to boxing and immediately won 2 national championships. 

Mikaela has training hard to win a gold medal in the 2016 Olympics in Rio and credits boxing for changing her life during a rough patch in her life. 

We look forward to working with Mikaela and sharing her knowledge and experiences with you!

Follow Mikaela on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MikaelaMayer1

Mikaela's Dr. Pepper Commerical - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vDVUfPl70Y

Great Feature on Mikaela - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZOaokxZckQ

Sheila Shaw joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program warmly welcomes former University of Wisconsin Badger Volleyball All-American Sheila Shaw to our Athlete Advisory Board. 

Sheila was a four-year letterwinner for the Badgers from 2002-05, earning third-team All-America honors in 2005. The 6-1 middle blocker was a two-time AVCA All-Region honoree and two-time first-team All-Big Ten pick. Shaw tallied 1,313 kills in her career, which ranks seventh on the UW career list. A native of Muskego, Wis., she also ranks fourth in career hitting percentage (.308) and seventh in total blocks (489) and blocks per set (1.12).

She was a member of the U.S. National Training Team in 2007 before traveling to Europe to compete. She served as the team captain of Stade Francais in Paris in 2007-08. In 2008-09, Shaw competed with VC Wiesbaden professional volleyball club in Wiesbaden, Germany.  Shaw was a member of the Rote Raben Vilsbiburg professional volleyball club in Vilsbiburg, Germany, in 2009-10, aiding her team to the league title and was named a German All-Star.

Shaw moved her game to the beach after her indoor career, playing on the AVP tour. She and her teammate Kathryn Babcock won  Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Shootout on Bradford Beach in Milwaukee in July 2011.

Sheila was the Director of volleyball operation for the UW volleyball program from 2011-2012. For over 3 years (2009-2012) Sheila was the co-owner and manager of Sports UP, conducting volleyball camps around the state of Wisconsin. She previously served an administrative assistant in the volleyball office at Oregon State.

Sheila is now making the move to California to both coach beach volleyball and play professionally. She will be a tremendous resource for the program and we look forward to working closely with Sheila to implement Blueprint for Success volleyball programming and events!

Follow Sheila on Twitter at https://twitter.com/she_shaw17

Aries Merritt joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is extremely honored to welcome USA Track and Field star, 110mHH World Record Holder & Olympic Gold Medalist Aries Merritt to our Athlete Advisory Board. Aries is the first hurdler to ever win gold in the US Indoor Championship, the World Indoor Championship (Istanbul, Turkey), the US Olympic Trials, and the Olympic Games all in the same year.


Follow Aries on Twitter at https://twitter.com/amhurdlestar

Cam Levins joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is excited to welcome the 2012 Bowerman winner & Olympic distance runner Cameron Levins to our Athlete Advisory Board. Cam swept NCAA Outdoor crowns at 5000 and 10,000 meters in 2012, becoming the first to do so since 2009. He was a 14x Summit League Champion while at Southern Utah. Cam is also a 3x Canadian XC Champion.

Follow Cam on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CamLevins

Nicole Davis joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is blessed to welcome USA Olympic Volleyball Team Libero Nicole Davis . Nicole is a 2x Olympic Silver Medalist and was a Back-to-Back NCAA National Champion during her storied college career at USC.

In her senior season at USC in 2003, she dominated the libero position as she led USC to their second consecutive NCAA National Championship. She started all 35 matches and averaged 4.25 digs per game - the second-best single season performance in program history. She finished her USC career with 1,093 total digs and a 3.09 digs per game average to rank sixth in both USC career record categories. She surpassed her own career high and set a new USC record for digs in a three-game match with 31 against Stanford. On December 13 againstUCLA in the NCAA Regional Final, Davis tied her career mark and USC record by posting another 31-dig performance against the Bruins.

She then went on to play for Fenerbahçe Women's Volleyball team for the 2007 season. She was the first foreign-born libero to play in the Turkish league and led her team to a second-place finish.

Nicole is currently playing professionally in Germany

We're honored that Nicole believes in our mission and shares the same dedication as a role model and mentor!

Follow Nicole on Twitter at https://twitter.com/nicolemdavis6


Kelly Schumacher joins the Blueprint for Success Program

Not too many people have the talent, work ethic and mental toughness to play two sports professionally. The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome one of those rare individuals- 2x WNBA Champion & Pro Beach Volleyball player Kelly Schumacher to our Athlete Advisory Board.

Kelly was a standout basketball player at UCONN where she led the Lady Huskies to one "Elite Eight" appearance. One "Sweet sixteen" and two "Final Four" appearances in NCAA Championship Tournaments. Her team went on to win the National Championship in 2000 against the Tennessee Lady Volunteers her junior year. Kelly recorded a long-standing NCAA record of 9blocks (she was called for a foul on her 10th block which upon replay clearly shows a clean block) in the championship game and was named "Nike Player of the Game".

After earning her Bachelors Degree in Communications from UCONN, Kelly was selected as the 14th pick in the first round of the WNBA draft to the Indiana Fever. During her 5years withe the Fever she appeared in more games than any player in franchise history and was second in all-time career blocked shots for the Fever. In 2006, after five years in Indiana she was traded to the New York Liberty where she played one season before being traded to the Phoenix Mercury. In 2007 Kelly won her first WNBA National Championship with the Mercury, defeating the Detroit Shock where she won her second WNBA National Championship. She now holds the distinction as the only player in WNBA history to win WNBA championships with representatives from the West (Phoenix in 2007) and East (Detroit in 2008). Kelly played a total of eight years in the WNBA and played nine winter seasons overseas.

Kelly now is a professional beach volleyball player.

Kelly's website - http://www.kellyschumacher.com

Follow Kelly on Twitter at https://twitter.com/KellySchumacher



Fawn Dorr joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program welcomes 11x NCAA All-American and pro track & field star Fawn Dorr to our Athlete Advisory Board!

Fawn is not only dedicated to being the best athlete she can be (primary event is 400 meter hurdles), she also is committed to impacting lives and inspiring others. Besides being a tremendous athlete, Fawn is also known for her electric personality, funky hairstyles and social media connection with fans/young runners.

Fawn has overcome alot in her life and uses those experiences to fuel her own fire and change the lives of young student-athletes.

Follow Fawn on Twitter at https://twitter.com/FawnDorr

Jeremy Hall joins the Blueprint for Success Program

Blueprint for Success is excited to announce Jeremy Hall of Toronto FC has joined our Athlete Advisory Board. Jeremy played collegiately at the University of Maryland where he was a two-time NSCAA/adidas All-American, a USYSA All-American in 2005, and a two-time Parade All-American. In three years at Maryland, he appeared in 66 games, scoring 26 goals and assisting on 14. 

Jeremy was drafted in the first round (11th overall) of the 2009 MLS SuperDraft by the New York Red Bulls. He went on to play for the Portland Timbers and FC Dallas prior to joining Toronto FC in 2012.

We look forward to having Jeremy as part of the program and his guidance

Follow Jeremy on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JeremyHall17

Ellis "The Flying Squirrel" Coleman joins the Blueprint for Success Program

It's an honor to welcome USA Olympic Greco-Roman wrestler Ellis Coleman aka The Flying Squirrel to our Athlete Advisory Board. Ellis, a Chicago native, overcame numerous life challenges to become a 2012 Olympian. 

As a high school senior at Oak Park-River Forest Ellis finished with a 49-1 record (3rd in state).

Ellis became a wrestling and media phenomenom with his signature move - the Flying Squirrel - where he somersaults over his opponent before his takedown.

-Went to college at Northern Michigan

-2009 Junior Nationals Champion

-3rd in 2010 University Nationals

-3rd in 2011 Junior World Championships

-2nd in 2012 Pan-American Olympic Qualifier

Ellis was the Olympic trials Champion and youngest member of the American wrestling delegation going to the Olympics

We're beyond excited to have Ellis involved in Blueprint for Success. His experiences will inspire and change alot of lives. Thank you Ellis!

Follow Ellis on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DaFlyinSquirrel

Ellis Coleman Website http://elliscolemangold.com

Amazing Piece on Ellis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVFQCnXS0UQ

Sebastian Lletget joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome US U23 National Team member and West Ham United's Sebastian Lletget to our Athlete Advisory Board. Sebastian is from San Francisco, CA and is a creative and extremely skilled midfielder. The 3rd year pro has improved tremendously every year and looks to make an impact on West Ham's first-team squad very soon. We're excited to work with Sebastian and get his ideas and feedback. We appreciate your support Sebastian!

Follow Sebastian on Twitter at  https://twitter.com/SLletget

Patrick "Pat The Roc" Robinson joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success program is honored to welcome streetball legend, elite trainer and dedicated ambassador of the game Patrick "Pat The Roc" Robinson to our Athlete Advisory Board! Here's some info on Pat The Roc:

Pat Robinson, otherwise known as "Pat The Roc", is a professional basketball athlete born in Prince Frederick, MD who is known as the world's greatest ball-handler. With a vast arsenal of unique crossovers, dunks, and patented moves, Pat has become a favorite to many basketball fans worldwide. Pat The Roc is one of the elite players of the Ball Up All-Stars TV Show, which can currently be seen nationwide on Fox.

Since 2002, his fearless work ethic and immense talents have landed him spots on esteemed teams and organizations, including the AND1 Mix Tape Tour, SKY all-stars, and the SBA among others. His professional credits also include featured appearances in ESPN’s popular series, “Street Ball: The AND1 Mix Tape Tour”; “Streetwise” Volumes I & II; and popular video games such as NBA 2k8 and AND1 Streetball. His unique talent continues to take him places around the world, including China, Japan, Zimbabwe, Gambia, Lithuania, and Germany.


Follow Pat The Roc on Twitter at https://twitter.com/PatTheRoc

Austin Berry joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is humbled to welcome the 2012 MLS Rookie of the Year Austin Berry (Chicago Fire) to our Athlete Advisory Board. Austin played college soccer at the University of Louisville between 2007 and 2011. During his time at Louisville, Berry was named an NSCAA All-American in 2010 and 2011, Soccer America and College Soccer News All-American honors, Earned Big East Defensive Player of the Year honors in 2010, All-BIG EAST First Team and Big East All Tournament Team in 2010 and 2011. In 2010, he led the University of Louisville to the national championship game and was named to the College Cup All Tournament Team. The Chicago Fire selected Austin in the first round (No. 9 overall) of the 2012 MLS SuperDraft. 

We are so grateful for Austin's support!

Follow Austin on twitter at https://twitter.com/aberr22

Chicago Fire site http://www.chicago-fire.com

Stephen Pifer joins the Blueprint for Success Program

I'm thrilled and honored to welcome elite runner and running educator Stephen Pifer to our Athlete Advisory Board! Here's some background on Stephen:

Stephen Pifer- USA (Newton Running) PRs- 3:38 1500, 3:56 Mile, 7:50 3k, 13:33 5k

Pifer, a native of Edwardsville, IL, was a phenom during his days at Edwardsville High, Pifer became the first Illinois runner since 1972 to win the AA State Cross Country Meet as well as the 1600 and 3200 at the State Track Meet in 2002-2003. At the University of Colorado Pifer was a four-time All-American in cross country, helping the Buffs to team titles in 2004 and 2006. He spent the last several years living and training in Eugene, Oregon but recently moved to Florida where he now works for and represents Newton Running.

Follow Stephen on Twitter at https://twitter.com/StephenPifer

Anessa Patton joins the Blueprint for Success Program

It's a privilege to welcome soccer standout Anessa Patton to the Blueprint for Success Program Athlete Advisory Board. Anessa has tremendous passion for the game as well as mentoring/training young players and impacting their lives. We are excited to have Anessa as part of the program. Here's more on Anessa:

Athletic Honors

College @ Santa Clara University:

All-West Coast Conference - Honorable Mention (2009), All-West Coast Conference - First Team (2010), West Coast Conference Player of the Month-October (2010), West Coast Conference Player of the Week- October 10th (2010), CollegeSoccer360.com Primetime Performers of the Week- August (2010), CollegeSoccer360.com Primetime Performers of the Week-November (2009)

-All-Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) Third Team (2010), #1 Scoring Leader in WPSL, #1 All- Around Points Leader in WPSL, All-WPSL Pacific North League - First Team    

High School @ San Joaquin Memorial, Fresno CA:

2-time Team Captain (2006,2007), All- Time School Record for career goals (111), single-season goals (40), and points, 4-time Team Most Valuable Player, 2-time Fresno Bee All-Valley Player of the Year (2004,2006), 4-time Fresno Bee All-Valley First Team, 4-time All-League Most Valuable Player, 4-time All- League Offensive Player of the Year, 4-time All-League First Team, 4-time All-Scholar Athlete, Central Valley ESPY Runner Up for Female Athlete of the Year


Clovis Sidekicks (2010-2011), West Coast Wildkats (2012), Leading goal scorer and leader in points in WPSL (2010), All-WPSL Third Team (2010), All-WPSL Pacific First Team (2010), WPSL Team of the Week (May 24th, 2011)


Follow Anessa on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AnessaPatton


Danesha Adams joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome pro soccer star (Vittsjö GIK-Sweden) and former UCLA standout Danesha Adams. Danesha has also played professionally in Norway and the US for the Chicago Red Stars and Philadelphia Independence of the WPS.

Danesha had a storied career at UCLA, a four-year letterwinner from 2004-07, she helped the Bruins reach four straight NCAA College Cups. UCLA also won the Pac-10 Championship every year of her career, compiling a remarkable 81-15-4 record during her time in Westwood.

A three-time NSCAA/adidas All-American, Adams ranks No. 2 all-time at UCLA in career points (140) and goals (60). She also holds the school record for scoring during the NCAA Tournament with 41 points. She was twice named to the NCAA All-Tournament Team (2004 and 2005).

Danesha was the U.S. Soccer's Young Female Athlete of the Year in 2006. She earned her first cap with the Full U.S. Women's National Team against Chinese Taipei on Oct. 1, 2006, registering an assist in that match.

We're thrilled to have Danesha on board and look forward to working closely with her!

Follow Danesha on Twitter at https://twitter.com/daadams9

The Blueprint for Success Program partners with the leading training brand, SKLZ

Seneca Blue Basketball and the Blueprint for Success Program is excited to announce our partnership with SKLZ, the leading training brand ( www.sklz.com ). We are honored and thrilled to have SKLZ powering our skill development and performance training! We also look forward to advising SKLZ with the improvement and development of current and future products and program development! Be on the lookout for special pricing on SKLZ products, promotions and giveaways!

The Blueprint for Success Program announces new role as a President's Challenge Advocate

The Blueprint for Success Program is proud to announce it's new role is a President’s Challenge Advocate! The President’s Challenge is the premier program of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition and directly supports the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative.

As an advocate the Blueprint for Success program will incorporate PALA+ into our nutrition education and healthy lifestyle promotions. We will utilize our camps, showcases, seminars and college exposure showcases to promote PALA+ and highlight the importance of healthy lifestyles.

We are honored to be part of this great initiative!

For more info on the President's Challenge please visit www.presidentschallenge.org

Carly Piper Blog - "If At First You Don't Succeed"

Ashton Eaton joins the Blueprint for Success Program

Blueprint for Success joyfully welcomes one of the best athletes in the world, superstar decathlete, world record holder in the heptathlon Ashton Eaton to our Athlete Advisory Board. Ashton was a 3x NCAA Decathlon champion, 2x NCAA Decatathlon champion, 3x Pac-10 champion for the University of Oregon Ducks. He also was the 2010 USTFCCCA Outdoor and Indoor Field Athlete of the Year as well as the 2011 World Outdoor Championships silver medalist and 2012 World Indoor champion. Ashton is not only a world-class athlete but also a true role model and a person of tremendous character.

Please visit the news section for the full story/Ashton's full bio

Follow Ashton on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/AshtonJEaton

Brek Shea joins the Blueprint for Success Program

I'm thrilled & honored to welcome FC Dallas (MLS-Major League Soccer) & US National Team superstar Brek Shea to the Blueprint for Success program Athlete Advisory Board! 2011 was a huge year for Brek, he had a breakout year with the US National Team - playing 505 minutes in a total of 8 matches. He also was a finalist for the Volkswagen MLS MVP award, Brek was named to the MLS All-Star team and MLS Best XI. He led FC Dallas in goals with 11. Five of his goals were game-winners, which tied for the league lead. Brek is also an incredible artist and has used his artistic talent to create pieces to raise money for numerous charities. A beast both on and off of the field! We're blessed to have Brek involved.

Please visit the news section for the full story/Brek's full bio

Follow Brek on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/BrekShea

Brek's art - www.leftfootstudio.com

John Orozco joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success program is honored to welcome one of the top young gymnasts in the world John Orozco to our Athlete Advisory Board ! John is both charismatic & inspirational, he will be a tremendous role model and resource within the program!

Please visit the news section for the full story/John's full bio

Follow John on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/JohnW_Orozco

Great video feature http://vimeo.com/40909217

Temryss Lane joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success program is honored to welcome pro soccer player, model, coach and reporter ( Fox Soccer, MLS & more) Temryss Lane to Athlete Advisory Board. Temryss also is a Nike N7 ambassador & passionate advocate for the empowerment of native youth thru sports. We're blessed to have her!

Please visit the news section for the full story/Temryss's full bio

Follow Temryss on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/TemryssLane

Temryss's website - http://www.temrysslane.com/about/

Funmi Jimoh joins the Blueprint for Success Program

It's a privilege to welcome Rice University track legend and Olympic long jumper Funmi Jimoh to the Blueprint for Success program Athlete Advisory Board. Funmi made her first Olympic team only 1 year after finishing her stellar career at Rice. She also is a 3X USA Outdoor bronze medalist and 2X USA Indoor bronze medalist. Welcome to the team Funmi!

Please visit the news section for the full story/Funmi's full bio

Follow Funmi on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/fielddiva


The Blueprint for Success program welcomes Terrence Boyd

I'm honored to welcome Borussia Dortmund (Germany) & US Soccer Future Superstar Terrence Boyd to the Blueprint for Success Program Athlete Advisory Board. Many consider the ultra-talented Boyd an intregal part of the future of US soccer and that Terrence has everything it takes to be one of the faces of American soccer. Terrence holds dual citizenship in Germany and the US and will provide the Blueprint for Success program a unique and valuable perpective based on his experiences. It's great to have Terrence as part of our team!

Please visit the news section for the full story/Terrence's full bio

Follow Terrence on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/TBoyd91

Nick Toon joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome former University of Wisconsin standout wide receiver and soon-to-be NFL draft pick Nick Toon to our Athlete Advisory Board. Nick finished his career with the Badgers 3rd in school history with 2,447 career receiving yards and 171 career receptions and 5th at the UW with 18 career receiving touchdowns. Nick had monster NFL combine and further established himself as one of the top WR prospects in the upcoming NFL draft. Nick is the son of former New York Jets star WR and UW Hall of Famers Al Toon. We're honored to have Nick involved!

Please visit the news section for the full story/Nick's full bio

Follow Nick on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/Nick2oon

Jay DeMerit joins the Blueprint for Success Program

There are inspirational stories throughout the world of sports, but few match the journey of the newest member of our Athlete Advisory Board & Vancouver Whitecaps FC (MLS) captain - Jay DeMerit.

Jay was a 3-sport standout at Bay Port HS (WI) before a stellar career at the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) where he was NSCAA All-Midwest Region 1st Team as well as All-Horizon League 1st Team. a journey never experienced or heard of in the soccer world.

After college, Jay’s dream of playing pro soccer in Europe seemed unreachable. Sleeping in an attic, painting houses and eating beans and toast to survive, Jay took the most unlikely route to the top. After not making the professional leagues in the U.S., Jay left for Europe at the age of 21 without any professional experience – only a passport, $1500 and a backpack full of dreams. The film documents Jay’s journey from the bottom – playing in Sunday park leagues and lower level division London clubs earning 40 pounds a week – to playing in the English Premier League – to starting in the 2010 World Cup. The Jay DeMerit Story is a story of perseverance, hard work and relentless belief in a dream!

We are so thankful to have Jay as part of the program !

Please visit the news section for Jay's full bio

Check out Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story - http://jaydemeritstory.com/

Kari Miller joins the Blueprint for Success Program

It is an honor and pleasure to welcome a truly inspirational athlete to our Athlete Advisory Board - Kari Miller of the U.S. Paralympics Women’s Sitting Volleyball National Team. Kari is a military vet, a Paralympic silver medalist and has worked at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with wounded soldiers teaching them how to use sports in recovery as well as with providing guidance/support for the families of those soldiers. She hopes to develop a sports-based program for wounded soldiers throughout the country.

Kari is a special person, athlete, leader and ambassador. It's an honor to have her involved!

Please visit the news section for Kari's full profile

Great article from espnW on Kari - http://espn.go.com/espnw/athletes-life/7229718/kari-miller-goes-bosnia-backcourt

Ashley Bares joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program welcomes record breaking international soccer star & Wisconsin HS soccer's all-time scoring leader Ashley Bares to our Athlete Advisory Board.

Ashley completed her high school career with the Ozaukee (WI) Warriors’ soccer team in 2007 as Wisconsin’s all-time scoring leader. She tallied 224 career goals, eighth all-time nationally. She led the Warriors to to four straight WIAA state tournament appearances, including back-to-back state titles in 2005 and 2006. Bares also set the state tournament scoring record. 4x All-Conference selection, 3x All-State!

Ashley then went on to star at Marquette University where she was both team captain and 1st All Big East Conference as a senior!

Ashley now is playing soccer professionally for UMF Stjarnan in the top division Urvalsdedlid in Gardabaer, Iceland. In her first pro season, Ashley tallied 21 goals in 18 matches, earning the Golden Boot as the league’s leading scorer. She was also named most valuable player. Ashley was named the best foreign-born player in ALL of women’s international soccer!!

It's a great privilege to welcome Ashley to the program!


Please visit the news section for Ashley's full bio

Dom Dwyer joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is very excited to welcome Sporting Kansas City (MLS) forward Dom Dwyer to our Athlete Advisory Board. Dom was born in England, where he played his academy/semi-pro soccer. He then went on to be the NJCAA Player of Year while at Tyler CC (Texas). Dom finished his collegiate career at the University of South Florida where he led USF to the quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament and was named Big East Offensive Player of the Year and NSCAA 2nd Team All-American!

We're honored to Dom as part of the program!

Please visit the news section for Dom's full bio

Sarah Hagen joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program would like to welcome a young lady was a 4x All-American while shattering UW-Milwaukee soccer program and Horizon League scoring records. She finished her career ninth in NCAA Division I history with 93 goals and 17th with 212 points, and led the nation in goals per game (1.238), points per game (2.90) and game-winning goals (11) - Sarah Hagen.

Sarah also played for the US U-23 National Team, was a two-time All-Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) and is currently playing professional soccer for German club FC Bayern Munich.

She is a cancer survivor! At the age of 13 Sarah was diagnosed with dysgerminoma, a form of ovarian cancer. She battled through six months of treatment, including two major surgeries and three rounds of chemotherapy. Through her tremendous bravery, persistence, heart & drive (as well as the support from family, friends and coaches) she regained her form and became a dominant 3x All-State prep player, a storied record-setting college player & now a professional soccer player!

Please visit the news section for the full story/Sarah's full bio

The Blueprint for Success Program welcomes Lee Nguyen

I'm thrilled to announce that former Gatorade HS Player of Year, former Soccer Times/Soccer America College Freshman of the Year, international phenom and current star Midfielder of the New England Revolution (MLS) Lee Nguyen has joined our Athlete Advisory Board. Lee will be a valuable resource for the program, we are honored that he has chosen to support our mission and join our board!

Please visit the news section for the full story/Lee's full bio

Britney Henry joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome elite, world-class & Olympic hopeful hammer thrower Britney Henry to our Athlete Advisory Board! Britney is an extremely dedicated athlete that is currently using her incredible work ethic and persistence while training hard to make the US Team for the upcoming Olympics. Britney is a tremendous inspiration to all student-athletes. We're thrilled to have Britney as part of the program!

Please visit Britney's site - http://thebritneyhenryproject.blogspot.com/

Please visit the news section for the full story/Britney's full bio

Natasha Watley joins the Blueprint for Success Program

It's a great privilege to welcome softball ICON, 4x 1st Team NCAA All-American, Olympic Gold (and Silver) medalist and 2011 NPF Offensive Player of the Year (USSSA Pride) Natasha Watley to the Blueprint for Success Program. Natasha is the first African-American to play on the USA Softball team in the Olympics! Natasha is not only is an ultra-successful barrier breaker but also a committed philanthropist with the mission of bring the sport of softball to young girls in our nation's inner-cities. She is committed to the development of our youth and creating opportunities particularly for the underprivileged.

Please visit Natasha's site - www.natashawatley.com

Full story/Natasha's full bio available in the news section

Alisha Glass joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome to our Athlete Advisory Board - Alisha Glass! volleyball superstar, US Olympic Team setter and winner of 3 consecutive NCAA national championships at Penn State. Alisha is one of the most dominant student-athletes in the history of college athletics and we are so excited to have her involved in the program. She's a class act and great role model!

Please visit the news section for the full story/Alisha's full bio

Ashley Charters joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program Athlete Advisory Board is honored to welcome NCAA National Champion & 3-time All-American at the University of Washington, National Team Member & current NPF star for the USSSA Pride - Ashley Charters!

Ashley is coming off of an outstanding 2011 NPF season where she was among the league leaders in numerous categories. Ashley travels the world doing camps/clinics and is also the CEO of Glitterbandz. Ashley is an amazing ambassador of the game and role model. We are lucky to have her aboard!

Please visit the news section for the full story/Ashley's full bio

Glitterbandz website - www.myglitterbandz.com

Julia Victor joins the Blueprint for Success Program

Julia Victor has used the same incredible work ethic and love of the game of soccer that made her a standout soccer player at Marquette and turned them into a successful/rewarding career as a North American Soccer Sports Marketing Scout for NIKE.

Julia is a tremendous example of commitment, dedication and being passionate about what you love to do. It's an honor to have Julia involved. Her knowledge and experience from working with youth clubs, pro athletes and the USA National Team through her job at NIKE as well as through her stellar playing career will be extremely important to the Blueprint for Success program!

Please visit the news section for the full story/Julia's full bio

Natalie Sheary joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled to welcome 2008 ACC Freshman of the Year, 2009 ACC Player of the Year, 2011 ACC Women's Golf Scholar Athlete of the Year and 3-time All-American Natalie Sheary to our Athlete Advisory Board

Natalie, a Rising Golf Star & current member of the LPGA Futures Tour, will be a tremendous resource for the program and student-athletes. She is a true role model that is committed to helping young student-athletes achieve their goals!

Please visit the news section for the full story/Natalie's full bio

Natalie's website - www.nataliesheary.com

Matt Scott joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome truly inspirational athlete/barrier-breaker Matt Scott to our Athlete Advisory Board!

Matt Scott is an Internationally known, world class athlete that has quickly excelled to be one of the most talented, hard working, and exciting wheelchair basketball players in the world. His extreme love for the sport has pushed him to unbelievable achievements on and off the court including his nationally televised NIKE commercial “Just Do It!” that has undoubtedly inspired thousands of people worldwide, and has broken down many barriers for Paralympic athletes.

Check out the news section for the full story/Matt's bio

Matt's website - www.whoismattscott.com

The Blueprint for Success Program welcomes Trey Hardee

I'm thrilled to announce that Two-time World Outdoor gold medalist decathlete Trey Hardee has join the Blueprint for Success Program Athlete Advisory Board.

Trey's personal best of 8,790, which he set in Berlin in 2009, currently ranks behind just Dan O' Brien and Bryan Clay in the event in American history. It was also the highest decathlon score at a World Championships since 2001. Hardee joins O'Brien (1991, 1993, 1995), Tom Pappas (2003) and Clay (2005) as the only Americans ever to win the world decathlon title. As a senior at the University of Texas, Hardee was ranked second in the country after establishing a new NCAA record at the Texas Relays in 2006 of 8,465 points. Hardee also held the NCAA Indoor heptathlon record of 6,136 before it was beaten by Ashton Eaton in 2010. Hardee also owns the Mississippi State University school decathlon record of 8,041.

Sanya Richards-Ross joins the Blueprint for Success Program

I'm beyond honored to welcome U.S. track and field star Sanya Richards-Ross to the Blueprint for Success Program! Sanya is an incredible athlete, selfless philanthropist and true class act!!! She is a 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist (4 x 400 m relay) and Bronze Medalist (400 m). Sanya also has 5 World Champion Golds as well as 1 Silver. Recently earned a Gold and Silver at the 2012 World Indoor Championships. She has run more sub 50's than any other female in history! Sanya is currently training hard for the upcoming Olympics and we are soo excited to have her on our Athlete Advisory Board!

Please go to the news section for the full story/Sanya's full bio

Carly Piper joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome Carly Piper to our Athlete Advisory Board! Carly, a former University of Wisconsin swimmer, was recently inducted into the UW Athletic Hall of Fame. Carly is the only Olympic Gold Medalist in Wisconsin swimming history! It's truly a blessing to have Carly involved and we look forward to working closely with her on a number of projects!

Please visit the news section for the full story/Carly's full bio

Travis Diener joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program would like to welcome Travis Diener to our Athlete Advisory Board. Travis is a Fond du Lac native and member of one of the most storied basketball families in the state of Wisconsin. Travis played collegiately at Marquette University, and was a member of the Golden Eagles team that reached the NCAA Tournament Final Four in 2003. Diener was one of three future NBA players from that Golden Eagles team; the others were Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat) and Steve Novak (New York Knicks).

Following his college career at Marquette, he was a second-round draft choice (38th overall) of the Orlando Magic in the 2005 NBA Draft. Besides Orlando (2005-2007), Travis spent time with the Indiana Pacers (2007-2010) and the Portland Trail Blazers (2010). Travis is currently playing professional in Italy for Dinamo Sassari (Italian Lega A).

Travis is a tremendous addition to the program and we are honored to have him involved!

Joe Gyau joins the Blueprint for Success Program

Rising US Soccer superstar Joe Gyau has joined the Blueprint for Success Program Athlete Advisory Board. Joe was recently named to the U.S. U-23 Men's National Team Training Camp roster (a tremendous accomplishment)! Joe is one of the top young talents in the country and possesses an incredible blend of speed, power, and ability.

Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, Joe plays internationally for TSG Hoffenheim

At the age of 19, Joe will give the program a much needed point of view that will assist us greatly in providing the best services we can for student-athletes!

Tony Walls joins the Blueprint for Success Program

It's my pleasure to announce that fresh off of signing with the Chicago Fire of MLS (Major League Soccer), Wauwatosa native & UW-Green Bay product Tony Walls has joined the Blueprint for Success Program. Tony was the Horizon League Player of the Year as a senior!

View Tony's full bio in the news section

The Blueprint for Success Program welcomes Keaton Nankivil

Keaton Nankivil joins the Blueprint for Success Program. Keaton is a former standout basketball player at Madison Memorial HS, where was named Wisconsin's Mr. Basketball and Associated Press Player of the Year as a senior. Keaton then went on to have an outstanding collegiate career playing for the University of Wisconsin Badgers and Coach Bo Ryan. Keaton established himself as one of the best-shooting big men ever to play for the Badgers, he also was Academic All-Big Ten twice!

Keaton is now playing professionally for Ratiopharm Ulm in the German Bundesliga!

I've had the honor of training Keaton and spending some time with him. I've also seen him interact with younger players and he is simply outstanding. A great person with a big heart that loves giving back!

Visit the news section for Keaton's full bio

Taylor Mehlhaff joins the Blueprint for Success Program

Taylor Mehlhaff joins the Blueprint for Success Program! Taylor was a 2x All-Big 10 kicker for the University of Wisconsin Badgers. Currently an NFL free agent, was drafted by the New Orleans Saints, also spent time with the Minnesota Vikings. An outstanding mentor/instructor, Taylor runs his own kicking, punting, snapping instruction company (camps, private instruction, elite events). We are so excited to have Taylor involved and to work closely with him on events and programming!

Taylor's full bio in the news section

Taylor Mehlhaff Kicking website - www.tmkicking.com

The Blueprint for Success Program welcomes Chris Solinsky

USA Track & Field middle distance runner, NIKE athlete, Stevens Point Area High School grad and former University of Wisconsin Badger great Chris Solinsky has joined the Blueprint for Success Program. He won 8 state championships in high school (SPASH) and 5 NCAA D1 championships in college (2005 and 2006 indoor 3000 m, 2007 indoor 5000 m, 2006 and 2007 outdoor 5000 m).

Solinsky graduated from Wisconsin in December 2007 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in history and sociology.

We're honored to have Chris on our board and look forward to his guidance. Please go to the news section for the full story/Chris's bio!

Derek Stanley joins the Blueprint for Success Program

I'm proud to announce that Derek Stanley has joined the Blueprint for Success Program Athlete Advisory Board. Derek is one of the best all-around athletes to come out of this area. He was a 3-sport standout at Verona Area High School ( football, basketball and track), earning The Wisconsin State Journal named Stanley Wisconsin's high school football player of the year in 2002, after he amassed more than 2,000 yards rushing in his senior season at Verona Area High School.

Derek went on to star at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater on the football field and on the track. Earning All-American honors. Derek then was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the 7th round of the 2007 draft. He spent 3 years with the organization, playing 15 games total and returned 20 kicks for 509 yards, had 6 receptions for 119 (19.8 ave.)

We're thrilled to have Derek as part of the program!

Aaron Hohlbein joins the Blueprint for Success Program

I'm honored that the Blueprint for Success program's Men's Soccer Athlete Advisory Board can start with one of the best soccer players ever to come out of the state of Wisconsin - Middleton's own Aaron Hohlbein! Aaron has experienced success at every level - ODP, College (University of Wisconsin-Madison - 2x 1st Team All-Big 10, 3rd Team All-American as a senior), National Premier Soccer League (Madison 56ers), MLS (Kansas City Wizards), USSF D-2 Pro League (Miami FC), NASL (Fort Lauderdale Strikers). A tremendous athlete, quality person and a great resource for the program and young soccer players. As we expand into soccer we will lean on Aaron alot! We are blessed to have someone with his experience and knowledge involved!

Go to the news section for the full story/Aaron's bio

Francesca Enea joins the Blueprint for Success Program

When building my Athlete Advisory Board I look for athletes that are great role models, people of great character and people that want to not only promote their sport but also want to impact lives. So it's a blessing that Francesca Enea - OF for the USSSA Pride of the NPF (National Pro FastPitch) has joined the Blueprint for Success Program. Francesca played her college ball at the University of Florida where she holds seven records at Florida: single-season home runs (18), single-season RBIs (70), single-season sacrifice flies (6), single-season slugging percentage (.713; tied), career home runs (41), career RBIs (156) and career sacrifice flies (11). Francesca also holds the SEC career home run record with 61! An amazing athlete and person. Welcome Francesca!

Go to the news section for the full story/Francesca's bio

Check out Francesca's Blog entry on "What College Coaches Look For" - http://usssapride.com/?cat=124

The Blueprint for Success Program welcomes Leslie Osborne

It is a great privilege to announce that Leslie Osborne has joined Blueprint for Success Program. Hailing from Brookfield, Wisconsin (attended Catholic Memorial HS), Leslie has accomplished alot on the soccer field. She was the Wisconsin Gatorade Player of the Year and Wisconsin Player of the Year as a sophomore and senior at Catholic Memorial. In college (at Santa Clara) Leslie won a National Championship in 2001 (her freshmen year), was named the WCC Player and Defender of the Year 3 times and the All-WWC First-Team for the four consecutive years. Since then Leslie has been a huge part of the US National Team, earning 62 caps! Leslie is currently a member of the Boston Breakers of the WPS (Women's Pro Soccer) league. Leslie has coached both at the collegiate level (Santa Clara University) as well as club (Chicago Eclipse). She now runs my her soccer camps around the country. As we expand into soccer Leslie will be a tremendous resource for the program. We hope to provide Leslie an additional platform to reach young soccer players and share her passion for the game and vast knowledge!

Go to the news section for the full story/Leslie's bio 

Leslie's website - www.osbornesoccer.com

Meet Leslie Osborne video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H68e8FUBpBM&feature=channel

Andrea Duran joins the Blueprint for Success Program

I'm really excited to announce today that NIKE athlete, NPF (National Pro FastPitch) star and Olympic gold medalist Andrea Duran has joined the Blueprint for Success Program Athlete Advisory Board. Andrea is not only one of the true stars in the game of softball, she also is a tremendous ambassador of the game. She also is an advocate for healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition and the importance of physical activity (particularly among our youth). We are honored to have a role model like Andrea involved! She is a true inspiration to athletes of all sports, abilities and ages!

Go to the news section for the full story/Andrea's bio!

Check out Andrea's site - www.andreaduran28.com

Check out Andrea's Make Yourself An Athlete Video for NIKE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XVw1W2oiBU

Candice Wiggins joins the Blueprint for Success Program

I'm incredibly humbled to announce Candice Wiggins of the WNBA Champion Minnesota Lynx has joined the Blueprint for Success Program Athlete Advisory Board. Candice played her college ball at Stanford where she is the all-time leading scorer in Stanford women's basketball history and in the Pac-10 Conference women's basketball history! As a freshman Candice was both Pac-10 Freshman of the Year and Player of the Year (first time that happened). By the end of her career at Stanford Candice was a 4-time All American at Stanford. Only 7 people have been a four-time All-American in women's basketball. Candice exemplifies what a student-athlete should be, she is a woman of character, a philanthropist and a person of many causes & interests. It's a privilege to have Candice as part of the program!

Please visit the news section for the full story/Candice's bio

The Blueprint for Success Program welcomes Leah O'Brien-Amico

It is my pleasure and honor to announce that a true legend in the game of softball has joined the Blueprint for Success Athlete Advisory Board. Leah O-Brien-Amico is a 3x NCAA All-American, 3x NCAA National Champion and 3x Olympic Gold Medalist. Leah is not only an incredibly accomplished athlete but also a person of tremendous character and a true role model. We are blessed to have Leah as part of the program!

please visit the news section for the full story/Leah's bio

Leah's site - www.leah20.com

Donnel Thompson joins the Blueprint for Success Program

When I was at Madison West HS there was another athlete that I really admired. I admired his work ethic, his leadership skills and his passion for the game he loved (football) - that athlete was Donnel Thompson. I'm honored to announce that Donnel has joined the Blueprint for Success Program Athlete Advisory Board. He will be a tremendous resource as we expand into football and other additional sports. Donnel is a tremendous mentor who still goes back and provides guidance/advice for current Badger players as well as youth throughout the community. We are lucky to have Donnel involved!

Please the news section for the full story/Donnel's bio

The Blueprint for Success Program welcomes Lex Gillette

The Blueprint for Success program Athlete Advisory Board is blessed to bring aboard a truly inspiring and extraordinary athlete -Lex Gillette. Lex is a totally blind Paralympic track and field athlete that has experiences tremendous success on the track despite his disability. Lex is also a songer/songwriter and motivational speaker. Lex exemplifies the phrase, "No Need for Sight When You Have a Vision" while proving that NOTHING is impossible!

Go to the news section for the full story as well as Lex's bio and links to his website and Twitter

Ron Dayne joins the Blueprint for Success Program

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome Heisman Trophy winner, UW Badger & college football legend and record-holder Ron Dayne to our Athlete Advisory Board. We are thrilled to have Ron involved and know that he will have a huge impact on the program. We look forward to providing support for/assisting with the many causes that Ron is invested in as well!

please visit the news section for the full story/Ron's bio

Blueprint for Success welcomes Gwen Jorgensen

The Blueprint for Success Program is honored to welcome 2012 Olympic Team qualifier, triathlete, former Badger and Wisconsin native Gwen Jorgensen to our Athlete Advisory Board.

Gwen Jorgensen is a professional triathlete from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After swimming and running at the University of Wisconsin, Gwen qualified for the 2012 Olympics in only her 2nd year racing triathlons.

Career Highlights:

2012 U.S. Olympic Team Qualifier
2011 USA Triathlon Elite Race Series Champion
2011 Tiszaujvaros ITU World Cup Champion
2010 USAT Rookie of the Year
2010 USAT Elite Duathlete of the Year


Full story/full bio for Gwen in our news section


April Holmes joins the Blueprint for Success Program

As the Blueprint for Success program expands it's programming to all sports within the next year I'm looking to add people to our Athlete Advisory Board that can assist in that total program development and more importantly serve as role models to all student-athletes. It is my absolute privilege to welcome a true inspiration, a Paralympic Gold & Bronze medalist, a 14x world record holder & 18x US record holder, a tremendous role model, ambassador and woman of character - April Holmes!

Personal Profile:

Raised with a hard work ethic, which she has honed with a will of steel, April Holmes has redefined what it means to be disabled. Through faith, dedication, consistency and support, she has rewritten the record books, holding the IPC World Records in the 100, 200 and 400 meters.

April was involved in a train accident in 2001 that resulted in the loss of her left leg below the knee. While she lay in her hospital bed, a doctor told her about the Paralympic Games and a new goal was firmly implanted in her mind.

Since her career in Paralympic track & field began in 2002, Holmes has continued to succeed, improving each and every step of the way. Her latest feat includes completing her fifth consecutive undefeated season in the 100 meters, which earned her a gold medal at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing, China. Speed and quickness are her best friends as she continues to break her own world records every season. With a commanding lead over the growing field of competitors, Holmes continues to captivate track enthusiest with her grace and style.

Off the track, Holmes runs the April Holmes Foundation, Inc. a non-profit organization tasked with assisting people with physical and learning disabilities with scholarships and medical equipment. Having recently completed her MBA in Marketing, Holmes plans to use her education to improve the awareness of persons with disabilities. April is a well-sought after motivational speaker and enjoys opportunities to share her life and GOLD medal with others.

April's site - www.aprilholmes.com

April Holmes Story - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHSuJZdt3_U

Another must-see video of April - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4salxVkxLA

Blueprint for Success Program welcomes Pokey Chatman

Another blessing for the Blueprint for Success program, Chicago Sky general manager and head coach Pokey Chatman has joined our advisory board. Pokey is the former coach of the LSU Lady Tigers and Spartak Moscow's women's basketball team. Coach Chatman led LSU to 3 consecutive NCAA Final Four appearances.

As a player  the1991 Kodak All-American point guard played for Sue Gunter from 1987 to 1991, starting all but one game and setting the all-time steals (346) and assists (570) records at LSU. Her assist record was broken in the 2003–2004 season by Temeka Johnson. Chatman played in the NCAA Tournament four times and posted a record of 82-38 as a player. She was a three-time All-SEC selection and led the Lady Tigers to their first ever SEC Tournament title in 1991, where she was the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP).

Coach Chatman’s 47–3 coaching  record is the second best record through 50 games in women’s basketball history. Only Hall of Fame coach Leon Barmore, the former Louisiana Tech head coach, had a better record (48–2). Her overall college head coaching record was a whopping 105-19.

Coach Chatman has won numerous awards, including the Black Coaches Association’s Coach of the Year in 2004 and 2005; the 2005 USBWA National Coach of the Year,  the 2005 Russell/WBCA National Coach of the Year; the 2005 Naismith National Coach of the Year; the 2005 Victor Award Female Coach of the Year; the 2005 SEC Coach of the Year; and the 2005 Louisiana Coach of the Year.

In 2005, Chatman served as the assistant coach for the USA Women’s World University Games Team, which won the gold medal. Chatman also won a medal as a player on the 1990 USA Select Team. Chatman was inducted into the LSU Hall of Fame in 1998.

We are honored and thrilled to have Pokey as part of the program and are humbled that she supports & believes in our mission!


Alana Beard joins the Blueprint for Success Program

It is my pleasure to announce that 4x WNBA All-Star Alana Beard has joined the Blueprint for Success program advisory board. Regarded as one of the best women's college basketball players ever, Alana was the first woman to win the John R. Wooden, State Farm Wade Trophy and Naismith Player of the Year Awards... Duke’s first National Player of the Year and three-time ACC Player of the Year…First woman at Duke University to have their number raised to the rafters. During her four years at Duke, she set a school scoring record of 2,687 points. Beard is the first NCAA basketball player to amass over 2,600 points, 500 assist and 400 steals.

Alana  is committed to providing the young women of tomorrow the necessary resources critical to achieving success on or off court. We are thrilled to have Alana as part of the Blueprint for Success team!!


Nancy Lieberman joins the Blueprint for Success Program

I'm honored, humbled and blessed to announce that true American sports icon and Hall of Famer - Nancy Lieberman has joined the Blueprint for Success program as an advisor/consultant. Nancy's experience & incredible success as a player, coach, mentor, leader, motivational speaker, author and philanthropist will be tremendous assets to the Blueprint for Success program and thousands of student-athletes. We're thrilled to have Nancy on board!

Nancy, "Lady Magic," Lieberman is a true pioneer in women's sports. Her extensive resume includes: WNBA player, coach, general manager, broadcaster for ABC, NBC and ESPN, motivational speaker, author and the first female coach of a men's team under the NBA umbrella. Lieberman was also the first woman to play in a men's professional league. Currently, she serves as the assistant general manager for the Texas Legends, NBA Development League team and official minor league affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks.

Nancy Lieberman is a Basketball Hall of Famer, two-time Olympian, three-time All American, two-time collegiate national champion and a two-time National Player of the Year at Old Dominion University.

Rising through the rank of professional sports, Lieberman made significant contributions to basketball. Her distinguished career is one of monumental strength and motivation. In pursuit of becoming the greatest women's basketball player, she refused to accept anything less than the best. Her devotion to the sport and passion for the advancement of women athletes are a source of inspiration.


Partnership with Mission Athletecare (Mission Basketball) Announced

We're proud to announce the partnership between the Blueprint for Success program and Mission Athletecare (Mission Basketball). If you aren't already familiar with Mission's COURT GRIP or POWER GRIP you're missing out on tremendous traction & grip enhancements that can improve your athletic performance. Please support Mission by liking their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MissionBasketball , visiting their website at www.missionathletecare.com and following them on twitter @missionathlete

Ticha Penicheiro joins The Blueprint for Success Program

I'm honored to announce that WNBA superstar Ticha Penicheiro of the Los Angeles Sparks has joined Blueprint for Success as a program advisor/consultant. Ticha is the WNBA’s record holder for career assists (2,560) who also ranks second in steals (756) and games played (435)…A four-time All-Star from 1999-2002…Helped lead Sacramento to the 2005 WNBA title…Two-time First Team All-WNBA performer (1999, 2000) who earned a Second Team selection in 2001…Named to the league’s All-Decade Team in 2006 as well as the Top-15 Players of All-Time in 2011.

Ticha is a tremendous role model and truly believes in the program and it's mission. Having a player of Ticha's status support Blueprint for Success speaks volumes to the importance of the services we are offering student-athletes. It is a blessing to have her involved not only because she is my favorite women's basketball player EVER but more importantly because her experience and knowledge will be essential to the development/progression of the program.

Check out Ticha's website - www.tichapenicheiro.com


I'm honored and privileged to announce that the Blueprint for Success program has gained grassroots basketball LEGEND Rene Pulley as a program advisor/consultant. Rene  has been tabbed "the godfather of Twin Cities urban prep and pro-am basketball" but he is so much more than that!! Rene started his Howard Pulley Panthers program back in the mid 90s, building them into a Nike-sponsored national powerhouse while impacting thousands of lives through the game of basketball. He has committed his life to creating opportunities for student-athletes and to mentoring youth both on and off of the court. It is a true blessing to now have Rene as my mentor and to have his help with developing my programming based on his tremendous knowledge and experience!!



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Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Blueprint for Success and assisting us in our mission to become the most significant program EVER for student-athletes across all sports nationwide! Your support can help us change the culture and the trajectories of more than 15 million futures!


Blueprint for Success and ABA form a strategic partnership

Indianapolis. IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) www.abalive.com today announced that it has  formed a strategic partnership with Blueprint for Success, a multi-platform  comprehensive student-athlete development program designed to help millions of  student-athletes nationwide. "We are very pleased with this  relationship," stated ABA CEO Joe Newman.  "Blueprint for Success goals are  to impact the futures  of millions of  student-athletes in the US  between the ages of 12-23, working with 19,000 high schools as well as NCAA Div  1, 2, 3 and NAIA universities and colleges.  A great idea and we are proud  to be a part of it."


"Our mission is to implement Blueprint for Success into every Boys and  Girls Club, YMCA, middle school, high school and college in the US," stated  Seneca Blue, Founder and Director of Blueprint for Success.  "We will offer  services never provided for student-athletes in terms of development, education,  preparation, prevention, life skills and opportunities.  We are making this  a nationwide initiative and an innovative movement to impact student athletes  and effect their future success.  Having the support of the ABA is  important to us as and we are pleased and  proud to be a part of the ABA  family."


Blueprint for Success will be launching a major interactive website  shortlly. For now, you can get more information by visiting www.senecabluebasketball.com or www.facebook.com/BlueprintforSuccessProgram or emailing Seneca at blue24553@aol.com or visiting www.abalive.com.

Blueprint for Success partners with Welcome to College

Blueprint for Success proud to announce it's partnership with Welcome to College. Look for some exciting and innovative things to come from this collaboration this fall!


Welcome to College is a Web-based application that revolutionizes the college visit experience. It’s our mission and passion to help students and parents connect with the colleges and universities that are right for them. 


Follow Welcome to College on Twitter at  https://twitter.com/welcome2college


Visit the Welcome to College Website - http://www.welcometocollege.com

The Blueprint for Success Program partners with Beast Mode Soccer

The Blueprint for Success Program is beyond excited to announce it's partnership with Beast Mode Soccer and the man himself - elite player development trainer David Copeland-Smith. David is one of the best in the world and his innovation, passion and attention to details are second to none. He has worked with some of the top players in the world and is held in the highest regard as a teacher of the game!

We look forward to working closely with David and Beast Mode Soccer to host developmental camps, coaches clinics, combines and much more. We also look forward to sharing Beast Mode videos, development guides and blogs with you. David will be a tremendous resource and advisor within Blueprint for Success as we expand into soccer programming! Here's some info on Beast Mode Soccer and David:

Based in Los Angeles, California, Beast Mode Soccer was the brainchild of David Copeland-Smith. Having trained players for over 15 years, spanning three continents, and numerous teams, David believes that the key to creating great soccer teams, is creating great technical soccer players. It is with this approach that he created Beast Mode Soccer. 

Having began coaching at the age of 16, David strove to obtain as much knowledge as possible, and by the age of 30 he was a European UEFA 'A' Licensed coach, and an English FA Certified Soccer Fitness Instructor. 

Beast Mode Soccer provides the technical training that EVERY player needs, in a goal drive, mistake tolerant learning environment. Whether you play in the local AYSO league, or are currently playing at the Professional level, Beast Mode Soccer will you help you improve. 

David's results speak for themselves. He has helped to develop players who have gone on to play at the Collegiate, Semi-Professional, Professional and even the Full International stage!

Beast Mode Soccer is all about putting your soccer future firmly in your hands. All you have to do is want to work hard, and get better!

Follow Beast Mode Soccer on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BeastModeSoccer

Beast Mode Soccer - http://www.beastmodesoccer.com/index.html

Beast Mode Soccer YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/beastmodesoccer

The Blueprint for Success Program partners with SLAM Magazine and SLAMonline

The Blueprint for Success Program is thrilled and honored to announce it's partnership with SLAM Magazine and SLAMonline! Thank you so much for your support Ben Osborne!


Seneca Blue Basketball/Blueprint for Success Program

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Welcome to the new home of Seneca Blue Basketball and the Blueprint for Success program, the ONLY program of it's kind in the country. Our mission is to give student-athletes everything they need to be successful both on and off of the court. We not only want to create opportunities for student-athletes but more importantly prepare them for those opportunities when they come. We hope that this program continues to progress and grow in significance so that we can impact as many young lives as possible!

The site is a work in progress but we wanted to have it available as a resource while we continue to collect/add content.